Is direct mail dying? Not this year

A number of agency executives have told me in recent months that they worry the direct marketing industry as a whole is too often associated only with direct mail. It's fair to say that some see the medium as not representative of the tech-savvy strides being made through the industry.

However, one area where direct mail isn't out of vogue is the political arena. A few quick Google News searches reveal that Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican, is sending direct mail pieces into Iowa, where caucuses will play an important role in determining his party's next presidential candidate. Direct mail featuring President Barack Obama played a key role in Colorado's Democratic senatorial primary, as well. Another report revealed that a Florida state senate candidate spent nearly $16,000 on direct mail well before the November general elections.

Reports of direct mail's demise are greatly exaggerated - and never more so than during an election year.

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