Informational Sites Must Justify ROI

Companies that run informational business-to-business sites face increased urgency to quantify their return on investment, according to an informal poll by ForeSee Results this month.

ForeSee Results, an Ann Arbor, MI-based predictive customer satisfaction measurement firm that also measures the effect of Web sites on users, conducted the poll among its BTB clients. Informational sites affect audiences in ways many site owners had not anticipated, poll results show.

Those who run informational sites report that though they have raw data such as traffic volume and page views, they lack insights on critical dimensions of site performance. ForeSee Results said there were three commonly cited issues that could be viewed as a checklist to measure success of current initiatives: quantify the site's value to your organization; determine whether basic brochure-ware sites are accomplishing their objectives; and get guidance on how to allocate site development resources.

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