The Mother of All Marketing [Infographic]

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Mother's Day is the perfect time to honor all of the moms, mumsies, and mamas in our lives. Many people plan on repaying mom for her unconditional love in a big way. The National Retail Federation expects U.S. adult consumers to spend approximately $20 billion on Mother's Day gifts this year—that's a lot of spa treatments and flowers.   

But sons and daughter aren't the only ones who appreciate mom. Brands value her, too. And what better way to show their appreciation than to run ads that capture moms' selflessness—and dad's credit card? According to SheSpeaks, a network that connects influencers to brands, 57% of moms surveyed say that Mother's Day ads resonate with them. Ads showing moms having fun with their kids are personal favorites among mothers—with 67% indicating interest in these types of spots. Other areas of interests include ads depicting mom getting away from it all (49%), receiving thanks from dad (40%), and using products that simplify her life (38%).

Sixty-four percent of moms think Mother's Day ads are “touching” and “heartfelt,” and 35% consider them “funny” or “fun.” Additionally, 28% of women surveyed say Mother's Day ads convey an understanding of moms' needs and desires. While these ads may pull on mothers' heartstrings, they're not pulling out family members' wallets. Just 34% of moms think these ads are effective at getting their children and spouses to buy them what they want. So, mom usually has to drop a few hints. Some moms are straightforward: According to SheSpeaks, 39% of moms offer Mother's Day gift ideas in-person. However, other mommies like to leave digital reminders. For instance, 12% of moms provide suggestions via Facebook posts and 10% send ideas via text. But if the ads and hints don't work, moms aren't afraid to shop for each other. When shopping for fellow moms, 61% of mothers head straight to the store and 35% visit a retailer's site or

Of course, there are still some ads that even a mother can't love. According to SheSpeaks 43% of moms surveyed say that Mother's Day ads don't resonate with them at all. These moms found Mother's Day ads to be “cheesy,” “sappy,” or even “annoying.” In addition, about one quarter of moms surveyed (23%) think Mother's Day ads are “pandering,” and 3% even say that they're offensive.


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