Hardee's uses mobile for name contest

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Hardee's uses mobile for name contest
Hardee's uses mobile for name contest

Hardee's has joined restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonald's and Cold Stone Creamery with a new mobile marketing campaign designed to reach young adults.

The "Name our holes" campaign calls on consumers to come up with their own name for the new biscuits, which include the likes of B-Holes and Heavenly Balls.

The mobile campaign includes a WAP site and mobile banner ads on sites including Boost Mobile and WeatherBug. It ties into an online and social media campaign created by Los Angeles-based advertising agency Mendelsohn/Zien Advertising.

Consumers can enter their name for the new biscuit at NameOurHoles.com and the WAP site. YouTube commercials, mobile banner ads and a Facebook page promote the content. Customers' personal data are captured through the channel they enter.

The mobile component was created with mobile services firm JumpTap, after Hardee's won the free mobile campaign contest that the agency ran at Ad:tech San Francisco.

"Mobile advertising is not just an afterthought," said Paran Johar, CMO at JumpTap. "Hardee's did a great job of integrating the mobile banners to promote the overall campaign,"

Hardee's joins other fast food restaurants that have recently entered the mobile space. "The category represents a lot of opportunity for growth in the mobile space, given its young, on-the-go audience," said Johar.

Johar said that he is seeing fast food brands use text, the mobile Web and coupons but, he expects, these elements will all be tied to each other and tracked through to the POS system as mobile evolves. Then, at the POS system, the customer data will be captured on an individual level and updated to inform the next round of campaigns.

"As mobile evolves, we will see a more seamless integration of the mobile elements into the brand's CRM data," said Johar. "Brands will be able to track a customer's profile across the mobile experience." l

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