Google Offers adds 14 deal providers

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Google expanded its daily deals product Google Offers on Oct. 26 to include offers from 14 deal providers, such as Gilt City, Tippr and Mamapedia. The company also added a form that enables consumers to personalize Offers according to their interests.

The expansion of deal providers results in consumers receiving up to five offers in their daily Google Offers email, said Nitin Mangtani, group product manager at Google Offers. Previously, consumers received only one offer per email.

“We used to only have one single deal in every market [in which] we were live, and it was essentially coming directly through Google's sales team,” said Mangtani.

Offers presented within emails and on the Google Offers page display the deal provider.

The expansion is limited to consumers in San Francisco and Oakland/East Bay. Google doesn't have a specific timeline of when it will go live to Offers users in other regions, said Mangtani.

Google is sharing data such as sales and refunds with each deal's respective provider, and it is the provider's choice to relay that information with a deal's merchant, said Mangtani.

Consumers can use the personalization quiz to specify whether they are interested in receiving deals related to categories such as sporting events, grocery shopping or pet services. Consumers can also define geographic regions in which they work, live or spend their free time.

Consumers are not able to customize which deal providers serve as sources of deals. Mangtani said the personalization quiz is better suited to relevantly filter deals for consumers because it does so by interest category.

The personalization quiz is live for all Offers users. Mangtani said Google has been “slowly rolling out” the personalization quiz to consumers over the last few weeks.

Google is handling customer service for all deals sold through Offers regardless of the deal provider, said Mangtani.

Google said in August that it had acquired daily deals aggregator The Dealmap, and Mangtani said The Dealmap team worked on the expansion of Offers.

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