Google Adds Revenue Sharing for Bloggers

Google's AdSense API beta, launched last week, gives AdSense publishers and other content providers such as bloggers a way to generate more revenue.

Web developers, Web hosting sites and blogs can sign up publishers to AdSense and receive a share of the revenue, Google said. APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that Web developers can integrate into their sites.

Along with revenue sharing, AdSense API users get $100 each time a publisher they signed up earns $100 in less than 180 days.

"There is always a benefit to putting content on the Web," Google spokesman Brandon McCormick told DM News. "This would be a way to monetize it."

"This means that developers who currently charge for services can now use the AdSense API to offset some of the costs of your services -- maybe even making it possible to offer your services free of charge," according to a statement on Google's AdSense blog., a social networking and review site in San Francisco, is one of the first to use the API, telling its members they can make money when they contribute content. Members can create AdSense accounts and earn cash for the content they create, through the site's "RateItAll Economy" program.

Members can receive money when they use RateItAll's Weblister tool to create their own ratings list, create a user profile or refer new members to the community. RateItAll plans to expand the program to let members earn cash for writing reviews.

Google said that, the blogging site it owns, tested the program and that "thousands" of bloggers added AdSense ads to their blogs.

Google's AdSense program is taking applications from Web developers and hosts with sites that receive at least 100,000 daily page views.

In related news, search marketing firm Reprise Media, New York, said last week that its new technology uses APIs from several search engines. The new version of its PROSuite, its main search campaign development and management program, leverages APIs with Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, MSN AdCenter, Ask Sponsored Listings and Miva.

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