FKI Logistex launches redesigned site

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Material handling marketer FKI Logistex redesigned its Web site with marketing firm Koroberi Inc. The new site is available in seven languages and offers FKI Logistex customers product information and quick access to local sales and service representatives around the world.


The main focus of the redesign was to give the company more of a local presence, said Koroberi CEO Bruce Olive.


“They wanted to be perceived as a global company,” he said.


In addition to the new languages available, the new FKI Logistex site is designed to drive qualified lead generation by prompting visitors to connect one-on-one with the company for information gathering, he said.


“It pushes to get you to contact a local entity,” said Olive


The site is also “contrary” to many business-to-business sites in that it features less product information on the site itself and instead “aggressively” directs the user to one of those local sales representatives.


“They wanted to make the customer experience one where they would be encouraged to contact a sales engineer earlier rather than later in the process,” said Olive. “Instead of delivering everything on the site, it's cutting you off at a certain place and directing you to a salesperson.”


Olive said that strategy “appears to be working” as the company has already seen a higher number of sales leads since the site re-launch last week.


The languages the site is available in are French, Spanish, German, Danish, simplified Chinese, UK English and US English. The new Web site also includes a Global Locator tool for visitors to find and contact local FKI Logistex sales and service offices in their region.


Visitors to the site can access case studies, view product demonstration videos, and download the full suite of FKI Logistex brochures and request customized information about FKI Logistex solutions from local representatives, he said.


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