Firm Debuts Search Results You Can Share

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San Francisco search technology firm Jeteye Inc. has developed a new kind of platform letting users not just create the type of search packages they prefer but also with unlimited space to create them.

Launching today, the platform ties into the social networking aspect of search that engines are trying to get into by encouraging its users to share the search packages they create.

The platform was designed to provide a more intuitive search for users, according to CEO David Hayden, who co-founded the Magellan search engine that was later taken over by Excite.

"Searching the Web has always lacked the power of intuition," Hayden said. "We have built an industry-compatible platform that marries computing algorithms and human thought."

Via this platform, Jeteye users create Jetpaks, or packages of search results from search engines, blogs, user comments and digital media files such as MP3s and images.

Users can continually add to, edit and share the packages with friends, who can also add to and edit the packages before passing them on.

Consumers can create Jetpaks for free after submitting their e-mail addresses. They can choose to remain anonymous or not. The packages can be shared with other users via e-mail and posted on Jeteye's Web site.

Jetpaks that receive the highest ratings from the Jeteye community are placed at the top of their appropriate keyword search results on the site.

A test of the Jetpaks showed the sharing feature of the packages was particularly attractive to people under 25, who "love the concept of sharing, the ability to self-publish and to self-promote," Hayden said.

Jetpaks also feature a viral marketing opportunity for advertisers. Ads, which are included when the topic is relevant to the user, remain embedded in Jetpaks' original package design as it is e-mailed from user to user.

"Sponsorships are available for the bundled, content-specific packages, which may also include sponsored links inside the Jetpak," a statement from Jeteye said.

One advertiser application could be the promotion a particular band. The Jetpak could contain images of the band, links to fan Web sites, streaming media and album reviews.

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