Infographic: Send Out-of-this-World Emails

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All marketers want their emails to be out of this world. But far too often, these emails are sucked into the black hole known as the spam folder and never see the light of day. Houston, we have a problem. If marketers want their email marketing to be truly cosmic, they have to stop letting their obsession with open rates and click-throughs eclipse customer insight and focus on customers' needs.

According to Epsilon's “Customer Insights Survey,” adult shoppers deem price (38%), quality (19%), and discounts or offers (8%) as some of the most important factors when deciding to purchase a product. So it's only natural that marketers' emails address these three primary desires. In fact, respondents say that an email having a coupon (80%), containing information about something new (61%), or being customized to their interests (58%) are very or somewhat important.

But before blasting off, marketers must find the right balance between delivering star-quality value and being a nuisance. Among respondents who receive retail emails, 53% say they receive too many, while 44% say they receive just the right amount. According to the survey, 38% of respondents receive emails from less than five retailers or stores, while 37% receive emails from about five to 10. But are customers actually opening these emails or are they shooting them off to oblivion? Although 40% of adults who receive retail emails say they sometimes open them, 34% say they open store emails almost every time they receive them.


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