Inbox Insider: MySpace forges partnerships to become more spam-free

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Back in 2006 MySpace was the social network. Facebook and Twitter have come to usurp this ranking. And sadly for MySpace, this may be because it got too big. Its huge rise in popularity led it to becoming the victim of a lot of spammers. Since consumers don't want spam, they moved along, and while Facebook and Twitter are not exempt, in general, it easier to avoid malware on these sites.

Since it was (and still is) and great site to check out bands and find out about films, spammers have quickly caught on and began using fake MySpace profile to send malware.

MySpace reacted by creating more user empowered interface and letting users help out when it came to identifying spam. You can now tag suspicious users as spam and block them from posting on your wall.

This week MySpace has extended its fight against spam with new e-mail deliverability partnerships. In a move to cut back on spam and let legitimate marketers get through. The social network has teamed up with both Goodmail Systems and ReturnPath, two of the leaders in the deliverability space.

MySpace is using Goodmail's CertifiedEmail technology to help identify trusted senders so that marketers can use MySpace as a means to communicate with consumers. They are also using ReturnPath's Blacklist technology to help eliminate spam and phishing scams.


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