Five quick ways to increase your e-mail newsletter's subscriber base

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You know what they say, on line and off line, the money is in your list. But with all the competition out there how can you increase your on line subscription base? Well, here are five tips on how to do just that. Though simple in execution they can give you a strong return if you take the time to do them.

First, give incentives . I call this the ethical shameless bribe. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Give people an incentive or freebie to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. It could be a free e-book, free report or free advertising. Make sure the freebie will attract your target audience. Remember: you can't give a recipe of meatloaf to a vegetarian, regardless if it's free.

Join ventures with a similar e-mail newsletter. I know this might help your competition but this strategy allows you to combine your subscriber bases together and publish one e-mail newsletter. You edit and publish each issue together. In this instance, you will both be promoting your e-mail newsletter, which will in turn help build your list. Another technique is to simple ask another e-mail newsletter owner with a similar subscriber base to mention your e-mail newsletter in theirs. I do this all the time. You then return the favor. On-line it's all about building the right relationships.

Also, allow archiving. You want your subscriber to feel as if your Web site is the go-to location for their information. So allow your subscribers to archive back issues of your e-mail newsletter on your Web site. Here's the upside: they may need content for their Web site. Then your articles will become a viral magnet to attract you and voil√°, new subscribers. Again, the people who visit your Web site, if they like your information, will subscribe to your e-mail newsletter.

Form an e-mail newsletter cartel. What you do is team up with 4 to 10 similar e-mail newsletter. All the publishers would agree to list each other's e-mail newsletter name and subscribing information in every issue. You could call this section "Other Free E-Mail Newsletters You Might Enjoy."

Ask subscribers sounds simple enough, right? Just ask and yee shall receive. In this case, you are asking subscribers to forward your e-mail newsletters to close friends, family, or associates. If they enjoy your e-mail newsletter, they will subscribe. Here your subscribers are endorsing your e-mail newsletter.

Test and see which technique works best for you. You simply put your efforts into the ones that give you the results you want.


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