Elyse Dupre

Elyse Dupre

Special Features Editor

Elyse Dupré is special features editor at Direct Marketing News and covers ever-evolving trends in the marketing world. She joined Direct Marketing News in August 2012 after graduating from Boston University with a B.S. in journalism and a B.A. in psychology.

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Initial Reactions to #Brexit from Agencies, Marketers, and Brands

Those in the industry shared their thoughts with the press and via social media.

The Advancement of Ad Blockers

The Advancement of Ad Blockers

69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker this year, according to eMarketer.

Lexus's Bracket Challenge Scores Engagement and Brand Favorability

The luxury automotive brand experiences big wins by relying on content, data, and technology.

Which U.S. Cities Are Ignoring Your Ads?

Which U.S. Cities Are Ignoring Your Ads?

A study by AdRoll and Priceonomics breaks down which cities and states are most and least likely to click.

TestingMom.com Gets a Crash Course in Segmentation

The online education platform increases open rates, delivery rates, and conversion by switching ESPs and experimenting with targeted emails.

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