Elron Software, ePolicy Institute Publish E-Mail Policy Guide

Elron Software Inc., a provider of Web and e-mail filtering products and the ePolicy Institute, a think tank dedicated to e-mail and electronic workplace policies, have collaborated on the "E-Mail Policy Guide: A Formula For Safe and Secure E-Mail Usage."

The free 16-page publication is intended to help organizations establish rules for acceptable e-mail use. It explains why businesses need to develop e-mail policies, how to audit employee e-mail use and how to draft effective e-mail policies.

Nancy Flynn, founder and executive director of ePolicy Institute in Columbus, OH, is the author of the guide, which includes tips on how companies can avoid risky e-mail use, lawsuits, wrongful terminations and lost work time.

"When it comes to e-mail, what you don't know can hurt you," Flynn said. "The E-Mail Policy Guide helps organizations identify symptoms of misuse and abuse and take the steps necessary to prevent future occurrences."

The guide is available as a free PDF download from Elron Software's Web site at www.elronsoftware.com/pdf/emailpolicy.pdf.

The guide does not specifically cover e-mail marketing, but rather deals with how companies can maintain effective internal e-mail use policies.

Elron Software, based in Burlington, MA, is a private company whose investors include e-mail marketer Critical Path.

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