Is Your Loyalty On Par?

Are you doing enough to keep your customers enamored with your brand? It's time to think differently when it comes to customer loyalty.

Grad and hold your customers today!

Cross-Channel Attribution: Myth or Reality?

Don't let your marketing dollars go to waste.

Discover the source of your marketing success by perfecting your attribution skills. The latest DMN eBook will allow you to do just that.

Read more about it here!

Direct Mail Data: A Critical Piece of Today's Omnichannel Marketing Jigsaw Puzzle

Chances are your omnichannel efforts have a missing puzzle piece. Marketers often forget to use direct mail data to complete the view of their campaign.

Check it out now before you miss out on these five valuable opportunities for using direct mail to complete your omnichannel marketing efforts!

Avoid Email Campaign Chaos

Keeping email campaigns fresh can be a challenge. This eBook is overflowing with insight and advice that can help make you an email marketing all-star.

Avoid campaign chaos and create more effective email marketing than ever before. Start here!

Be a Marketing Maestro

Do you have what it takes to lead successfully in today's fast-changing marketing environment?

Hear from 12 industry experts who share what they consider as the most important skill or trait that marketing leaders are required to succeed today.

5 Ways to Transform Data Into a Revenue-Generating Asset

You want to improve customer relationships, drive world-class service, and ensure greater share of wallet. Don't think your data can do this? It can.

Discover the five simple ways to translate your data into revenue here.

A Mélange of Content Marketing Advice

Is your content putting your customers to sleep?

With these tips and tricks, you can drive sales by reinvigorating your content marketing strategies. It's time to wake up and catch your customer's attention with this eBook!

Make Multichannel Lead Gen a Reality

Multichannel customers are changing the game. Now is the time to reevaluate your demand-gen strategy to see whether it's as effective as it could be.

Whether your approach to lead generation needs a little TLC or a complete refresh, this eBook can help.

Why Accurate, Reliable Customer Data Is a Marketing Imperative

Take a virtual seat at our roundtable discussion on data quality.

Check out the conversation from our Lunch & Learn event at the 2015 Marketing&Tech Innovation Summit, complete with insight and advice on how to maintain data quality and leverage data to improve marketing results.

Is your marketing cost effective or costly?

Make the most of your marketing strategy.

Direct mail may be highly effective, but it also can be costly. Learn how to harness data, streamline processes, and integrate channels to lower the printing, mailing, and delivery costs of direct mail marketing.

Use Data to Build, Not Bust, Customer Trust

Customer data is a blessing and a curse.

This eBook tackles just that: how marketers can maintain healthy customer relationships by handling customer data respectfully yet using it fruitfully.

When Marketing & Tech Align, Magic Happens

Read about how such companies as Citi, Dell, and Kimberly-Clark are out-innovating the competition by putting powerful technologies behind their marketing efforts. PLUS: The 2015 Marketing&Tech Award winners reveal their success strategies.

The Truth About Direct Mail

Direct mail is more like a crocodile than a dinosaur: it's adaptive and has staying power. In fact, despite popular belief, direct mail continues to thrive. Discover the truth about direct mail here!

What To Expect From Programmatic in 2015

Is 2015 the year of programmatic marketing?

Marketers are increasingly relying on this type of digital marketing—and while it can be daunting to keep up with, companies that don't invest in it may get left behind.

Social Marketing Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

If you're savvy about how you approach social, then your brand could become the popular one. Use cutting-edge social marketing to leapfrog the competition with these expert tips!

Driving Mobile Marketing Forward

Is your mobile marketing on the fast track to success?

Learn how to navigate the shifting landscape of mobile marketing here!

Break Free Of The Shackles Of Segmentation

Five steps marketers can take to shake loose from old thinking about segments and adopt new thinking of marketing in context to individual customers.

Find out how with this eBook!

5 Paths to a Profitable Customer Journey

Understanding the role of the phone call in the customer journey and its value as a touchpoint is fundamental to creating a cohesive omnichannel strategy.

Explore 5 paths to omnichannel success and learn how to connect data across multiple channels.

Marketing Automation eBook

It's time to get the most from your marketing automation.

With the right technology to support it, a false favorite marketing strategy becomes a sure winner.

The Predictions on the 2015 Marketing Landscape

What will influence marketing in 2015?

25 pundits predict the next big thing on the marketing horizon.

The Most Important Customer Data Point

You've hit the jackpot.

You have reams of information about your customers—but how do you determine the most important data?

Our experts reveal how to determine which customer data to focus on now. Read all about it in this eBook!

What's new in Content Marketing?

Stay au courant on content marketing

Fact: 93% of B2B marketers and 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs—and nearly three quarters of all marketers increased their content marketing production last year.

Find out what the buzz is about here.

10 Ways to Resolve Channel Conflict

Discover the game plan that works best for eliminating channel conflict in your marketing team

The difference between success and failure in marketing is alignment among the teams. 

Learn how to improve collaboration and avoid channel conflict with this eBook!

Email Marketing: Get Past Holiday Email Fatigue

Get Past Holiday Email Fatigue

According to The Radicati Group, nearly 2 billion emails are sent every day. Both B2B and B2C marketers struggle with getting their customer's attention, especially during the holidays.

How can you reinvigorate your email marketing strategy after the hectic holiday season?

Don't fret. The answers to have a cheerful holiday and keep your email relevant are right here.

Insight On Analytics and Segmentation

Don't let the competition get you down!

Give your marketing campaigns that extra punch with the power of analytics.

Get coached on how to use analytics to transform your data into useful information that will get you closer to customers and knock out the competition.

Find the insight that you need here!

Customer Experiences Should Be Marketers' Top Priority

Give your customers the "wow" factor that will keep them coming back.

The customer experience and a marketer's success go hand in hand—every customer wants to feel special. Learn how to leave that lasting impression with a customer to keep them satisfied, connected with your brand, and likely to repurchase and recommend.

In this eBook, customer experience is the focus and sheds a spotlight on the strategies you can use to make your customers feel like celebrities.

Gain that competitive edge with this eBook today.

One Tough Question: Marketing Measurement eBook

Find out how to use marketing metrics to your advantage—and how to overcome the common challenge of measuring marketing performance and results.

Inside this eBook, marketing experts take on that one tough question: How can marketers better understand what actually was and wasn't effective to determine how to optimize their spend?

Download this eBook today to help you gain a true understanding of how marketing measurement can work for you.

Social Media Success Takes Risk, Not Mastery

Success in social media requires experimentation, not perfection.

Social media has become a tasty ingredient in marketers' multichannel cookbook; but it remains one that must be blended carefully into the marketing recipe to spice things up just right. This eBook provides the insight you need to cook up a social media strategy that best suits the tastes of your company and customers.

Don't wait to stir the pot in social media. A dash of risk can deliver extraordinary reward. Find out how with this eBook.

One Tough Question: Customer Loyalty

What is one thing marketers could do better to increase customer loyalty?

If gaining and maintaining customer loyalty feels too much like the quest for the Holy Grail, it may be time to think differently about your loyalty stratgies. Eleven industry experts provide guidance in doing so by tackling one tough question: What is one thing marketers could do better to increase customer loyalty?

In addition, 1-800-Got-Junk? and System Pavers share the strategies they use to successfully bolster loyalty among their customers.

So, download this eBook today to help you achieve that oft-elusive goal of long-term customer loyalty.

Are B2B and B2C Marketing Really All That Different?

B2B and B2C are more similar than you'd expect.

Although both use a unique set of strategies, marketers from either side can benefit from many of the tactics the other uses.

This eBook unlocks the strategies behind B2B and B2C marketing success, with help from marketing experts in both areas. Here you will find out how to apply both types of marketing tactics to your own company.

Omnichannel Retail Is Finally Taking Shape

Inside this eBook is the secret to retail marketers' success. (Hint: It's all about the customer.)

Explore why knowing your customer is essential to retail marketing. And then read strategies on how taking a customer-centric approach can help retailers succeed despite customers' ever-changing expectations and preferences.

Discover how omnichannel retail strategies are working for companies such as CVS and Rack Room Shoes and learn how you can enhance your marketing approach, too. Check it out now!

Is your marketing cost effective or costly?

Make the most of your marketing strategy.

Direct mail may be highly effective, but it also can be costly. Learn how to harness data, streamline processes, and integrate channels to lower the printing, mailing, and delivery costs of direct mail marketing.

Inside, you will find:

1. Tips from Novitex President Tim Healy on how to make the most of your direct mail
2. Do's and don'ts for cross-channel direct mail campaigns
3. How to take advantage of strong consumer and marketer relationships

7 Ways to Make the Most of Marketing Technology

Are you searching for the resources to spruce up your marketing technology?

With this eBook, marketers can overcome common hurdles that affect their success. These classic tools will help your organization stay relevant and focused, while maximizing your marketing budget. Imagine your company having the ability to seamlessly reach across channels and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Affordable marketing technology solutions are at your fingertips with this eBook.

What’s Blocking Omnichannel Marketing Success? Sometimes Marketers Themselves.

Is your marketing strategy stuck in a rut?

Are you struggling to break out of the traditional marketing framework and want to learn more about the up-and-coming omnichannel trend? With this eBook, marketers are given the tools to improve the customer experience and streamline their brand image.

This eBook is packed with helpful advice from 15 marketing professionals on how to modernize your marketing approach. Embrace true omnichannel marketing and see results.

What’s Better Than Big Data? (answer: smart data)

Finding the tools to make your business stand out.

By tailoring your data to your business, marketers can increase efficiency and keep customers satisfied. This eBook is an all-encompassing, how-to guide on how to make your data work for YOU.

With the right strategy in place, marketers can easily sift through Big Data and ultimately, watch their business grow. This educational eBook shows you how to do just that.

6 Steps to Better Marketing Data

To deliver better marketing you need better marketing data. Here's how to ensure it.

Personalization is digital marketing's hottest topic. With customers now bombarded by marketing messages, creating a relevant, customized dialogue between brand and customer (at scale) is key to marketing success.

The fuel that drives engine of personalization is data, and the better the data, the better the results. But with so much data on offer, how can marketers ensure that their data is authoritative, real time, and verified—the three essentials required to ensure accurate personalized marketing? Download this eBook today to find out.

Mobile Marketing By the Numbers

The future is calling—and it's using a smart device.

By 2020 there will be 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things. Yes,  some of those devices will be fridges  and air conditioners—but considering there are only about seven billion people on the planet, it's clear that if marketers  want to talk to their customers, they're  going to have to develop a smart mobile  strategy that goes beyond banner ads.

Inside is a collection of articles meant to catalyze you into action. Consumers are hyper-connected and transitioning to mobile at unprecedented speed; your marketing strategy needs to keep up.

Agency Business Report 2014

Like a gathering storm, the confluence of customers' changeable behaviors, data velocity, and emergent technology has some marketers running for cover.

In many cases agencies today are positioning themselves to buoy up these besieged marketers and help them to navigate through this tempestuous time of change.

In doing so, many marketing agencies are quickly evolving to meet their clients' fast-changing needs.

With that in mind we asked 15 agency executives: What's the biggest change in the role of the marketing agency today, and what should client-side marketers expect as a result? Here, they share their opinions.

18 Leaders Who Put the Femme in Phenomenal

Risk takers. Storytellers. Leaders. Meet the Direct Marketing News 2014 Marketing Hall of Femme honorees.

The Direct Marketing News Marketing Hall of Femme icelebrates the most influential women in marketing, but it's also much more than that. The most recent 18 honorees—including marketing chiefs from top brands such as Best Western, Dell, Denny's, The Home Depot, and the NHL—are exemplars of the sentiment that hard work, grit, and solid leadership reap rewards.

To commemorate the day, Direct Marketing News has produced a 29-page eBook with glossy photos, inspirational quotes, video interviews, honoree profiles, and live coverage.

Glass ceiling—what glass ceiling?

Lead Follow-Up Shouldn't Be A Hobby

Lead management today isn't just about driving leads; it's about driving revenue. So, marketers need a comprehensive lead nurturing and follow-up strategy to ensure that all qualified leads make their way through the pipeline to conversion.

With the right strategy in place, marketers can transform lead follow-up to a finely honed machine that lets no lead go cold. You'll learn the seven elements of an effective lead follow-up strategy:

1. Encourage collaboration between sales and marketing
2. Map the buyer's journey
3. Automate follow-up processes with innovative technology
4. Tie integrated media buying to the sales process
5. Ensure a timely response to buyer interest
6. Create and deliver compelling content
7. Appeal to the right decision-maker

10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing

Marketing in its optimal state is a science, honed using data to be relevant, targeted, and of course, direct—and that never goes out of style.

Download 10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing for marketing life lessons to keep you centered, including:

6 critical considerations for timing optimization

Why "test, test, and test again" is a marketing mantra to live by

3 ways to use data to engage and acquire new customers

How to transform advocates into brand evangelists

Sponsored by Publicis Hawkeye

Why Marketing-Tech Collaboration? Because You Have To.

The 2014 Direct Marketing News Marketing&Tech Partnership Summit was designed to foster deeper collaboration between marketers and their technology colleagues improve marketing performance and business results.

What follows are the stories told by and about the presenters. While they may have varied perspectives, they all agree that collaboration is essential.

Read on to learn how to achieve it in your organization.

Diary of a CMO: Martyn Etherington, Mitel

In 2013: A Transformative Year for Mitel, CMO Martyn Etherington guides the company's adoption of a customer centric-approach to marketing.

Etherington measured his 2013 in 12 diary entries, roughly 18,000 words, and dozens of telephone and email exchanges with his writing collaborator. As the entries illustrate, Etherington measured much more than that. He and his team tracked several carefully selected performance metrics, which they used to transform (and correct when necessary, Etherington would assert) Mitel's marketing from an "inside-out" endeavor to an "outside-in" effort that places customers at the center of the enterprise.

Read a month-by-month diary of Etherington and Mitel's journey, and get an inside view of how he turns his passion for customer centricity into business value.

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