10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing

Marketing in its optimal state is a science, honed using data to be relevant, targeted, and of course, direct—and that never goes out of style.

Download 10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing for marketing life lessons to keep you centered, including:

6 critical considerations for timing optimization

Why "test, test, and test again" is a marketing mantra to live by

3 ways to use data to engage and acquire new customers

How to transform advocates into brand evangelists

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Why Marketing-Tech Collaboration? Because You Have To.

The 2014 Direct Marketing News Marketing&Tech Partnership Summit was designed to foster deeper collaboration between marketers and their technology colleagues improve marketing performance and business results.

What follows are the stories told by and about the presenters. While they may have varied perspectives, they all agree that collaboration is essential.

Read on to learn how to achieve it in your organization.

eCommerce Explosion - 3 Segmentation Tactics to Ignite Conversion

Online merchants are under more pressure than ever to deliver targeted and optimized experiences to their customers. As a leader in eCommerce, we know segmentation is essential to improving conversion. This eBook was developed to help merchants improve conversion through segmentation best practices.

Get key insights on how to:

Create more targeted messaging to increase conversions

Encourage visitors to self-segment on your site for a better experience

Assigning a dedicated production manager

Help drive sales through a more targeted segmentation strategy

Presenting relevant content and promotions to individual buyers can translate into more sales and larger orders on your site. Download the complimentary eBook now and start increasing your conversions today

Identifying Your Most Profitable Customers - An Introduction to Customer Segmentation

Successful customer segmentation starts with collecting and analyzing customer data. But there's more to customer segmentation than grouping customers demographically.

Our latest eBook, Identifying Your Most Profitable Customers:
An Introduction to Customer Segmentation outlines the steps and strategies to:

Understand your customer-related business costs

Identify your best (and worst) customers

Collect data from external sources

Create effective customer profiles

Choose the right segmentation strategies for your business

Diary of a CMO: Martyn Etherington, Mitel

In 2013: A Transformative Year for Mitel, CMO Martyn Etherington guides the company's adoption of a customer centric-approach to marketing.

Etherington measured his 2013 in 12 diary entries, roughly 18,000 words, and dozens of telephone and email exchanges with his writing collaborator. As the entries illustrate, Etherington measured much more than that. He and his team tracked several carefully selected performance metrics, which they used to transform (and correct when necessary, Etherington would assert) Mitel's marketing from an "inside-out" endeavor to an "outside-in" effort that places customers at the center of the enterprise.

Read a month-by-month diary of Etherington and Mitel's journey, and get an inside view of how he turns his passion for customer centricity into business value.

The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement

In the past, customer engagement meant attracting customers with great deals and then moving them as quickly as possible to checkout. Now customer engagement means using social media, personalized shopping experiences, and targeted interactions to build lasting customer relationships.

When merchants are able to engage customers on a personal level, they are more likely to buy. Highly engaged customers tend to be more loyal, and will recommend brands and products they like to their friends and family.

This eBook provides key insights on:

Tips and strategies you can use to create brand loyalty

How you can start effectively engaging technology-empowered customers

Ways to drive repeat sales through personalized customer interactions

Help drive sales through a more targeted segmentation strategy

Download this free eBook to learn the rules (and tools) for successful customer engagement today!

Ten Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates

It is now more expensive than ever to acquire new customers and keep current customers happy. Even the most seasoned merchants should continually learn new techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Magento's eBook on Increasing Conversion Rates provides ten easy to follow rules to help you improve the conversion rate of your site today.

With this eBook, you'll be able to:

Merchandize your site for conversion and higher average order value

Minimize shopping cart abandonment

Connect with your customers for more repeat business

Site optimization is an ongoing process, but these ten tips will give you a great place to start, or you can use them as a checklist to help you decide where to focus your optimization attention and resources.

Five Strategies for Increasing Your Average Order Value

While traffic acquisition is complex and often expensive, increasing the average order value (AOV) of the customers who are already shopping on your site is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to increase revenue and cash flow. Increasing AOV is all about streamlining and personalizing the shopping experience, and our new eBook offers five simple and inexpensive strategies to help you do just that.

Along with creating more revenue, increasing your AOV can also help you:

Reduce marketing costs by optimizing inexpensive, but effective, strategies

Get deeper insight into your customers and plan revenue goals

Strengthen your business against unforeseen dips in traffic