News Byte: Thanksgetting and Black Friday Go Mobile

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It's not about Thanksgiving; it's about Thanksgetting.
It's not about Thanksgiving; it's about Thanksgetting.

The age-old Thanksgiving procession of dinner table to sofa has been diverted. Now, on Thanksgetting (as the shopping portion of the venerable holiday might well be branded), the new sequence is dinner table to tablet to sofa.

Overall online sales increased by 20% on Thanksgiving Day and purchases made via mobile devices accounted for 26% of online purchases, according to the  IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.  Mobile sales accounted for 22% of Web-based Black Friday sales, which increased by 19% over 2012.

Mobile's showing was truly a holiday spectacular. Its share of the total online take was up 43% over last year, and mobile devices accounted for more than 40% of website traffic on Turkey Day and Black Friday. Session lengths on cell phones and tablets were up between 4% and 5%.

When it comes to devices, smartphone users try, but tablet users buy. Smartphones drove 25% of all online traffic on Black Friday compared to tablets at 14%, but tablets drove 14% of Web sales, double that of smartphones. Tablet users also averaged 15% more per order than smartphone users, spending $132.75 versus $115.63.


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