News Byte: Mobile Multiplies Cyber Monday Money

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News Byte: Mobile Multiplies Cyber Monday Money
News Byte: Mobile Multiplies Cyber Monday Money

Website retailers continued to best previous Cyber Monday records yesterday, posting $2.29 billion in sales, according to Adobe. Fueling the increase were smartphone and tablet users who made 18.3% of purchases an 80% increase in mobile activity over 2012, the company reported.

Tablets were the preferred mode of purchase for mobile users, and iPads were far and away their favorite brand. The Apple products accounted for 10% of total Cyber Monday sales; Android versions logged just 1%.

The peak selling hour came between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., when $150 million of the total $419 million in mobile purchases was booked, according to Adobe, which based its reporting on 900 million-plus visits to some 2,000 retail sites. The company claims that 70% of online purchases made with the top 500 U.S. retailers are funneled through its Adobe Marketing Cloud.

IBM's Digital Analytic's Benchmark report for Cyber Monday reported that the online sales total represented a 20.6% increase over last year. It had mobile accounting for 17% of online sales, which it calculated as a 55% increase over 2012.


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