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The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

Learn how businesses are automatically analyzing phone conversations, and how they are automating actions from the results.


The Digital Marketing Agency's GUIDE to Call Tracking

Your guide to call tracking use and implementation

Most digital marketing agencies use call tracking. It's the only way to close the loop on offline conversions from online marketing and prove ROI to clients.

This guide will take you into the trenches of call tracking implementation, and show you how digital agencies are making money by adding call tracking to their service offering and lowering attrition by providing ROI analytics.


Unlocking the Value of Phone Coversions:
Why Basic Call Tracking Fails the Local Marketer

Learn how businesses and agencies are driving local inbound calls and measuring marketing ROI.


How Media Buyers Find Successful Traffic Sources

Media Intelligence offers automated insights to help Media Buyers find successful traffic sources by monitoring and aggregating data into useful information that will help you:

1. Uncover the activities of competitors, peers, and other industry players
2. Get an overview of media strategies for a high level understanding of what works (and what doesn't)
3. Explore specific media initiatives to find the best sources for the right traffic
4. Duplicate (and improve on!) proven success and avoid the time and money involved in failure

4 Simple Ways Retailers and e-Retailers can use Mobile to Increase Sales Today!

If you're spending more time, effort, and money trying in vain to get customers to open and respond to your emails, then it's time you look more closely into the power of personalized mobile customer engagement.

The unique properties of mobile engagement—faster opens and higher open percentages—combined with the power of a personalized offer engine improves message offer selection and targeting, delivers dramatically better response rates and much higher ROI!

Personalized mobile customer engagement can be used to improve promotions, customer service, and to reward loyalty more effectively.

Discover a few of the ways you can leverage mobile customer engagement by downloading this quick-hit guide titled, "4 Simple Ways Retailer & e-Retailer can use Mobile to Increase Sales today!"


The Authoritative Guide to Call Tracking and Local SEO

Does call tracking harm local SEO? You bet...if it's not done right. If implemented correctly, call tracking is the local marketer's best friend. Current opinions have raged on both sides; this white paper explains the issues and offers a solution.


45 Cool Analytics We Can Extract From Phone Calls

Download Here


Mobile Conversion Driven Design

Smartphone traffic now accounts for nearly 20% of all retail traffic but traditionally converts at a fraction of retailers' desktop traffic. Mobile commerce now has the real potential to affect retailers' revenues and competitiveness with the new fickle mobile consumer.

Now the onus is on mobile teams to continually improve upon their mobile website to increase conversions and narrow the gap between mobile and desktop performance.

This white paper discusses:

1. How the increase in e-commerce revenues could be masking lost mobile revenues
2. The astonishing differences in mobile conversions between competitors
3. The constant threat from Amazon's mobile experience
4. Principals of Conversion Driven Design

Five Exceptional Examples of Agile Email Marketing

Spring is finally here, and with it comes a brand new edition of The Inkredible Five, featuring some of the most inspiring examples of agile email marketing yet!

- 7 For All Mankind's gorgeous and immersive "Dreaming in Blue" campaign
- The Wall Street Journal's magic email that always displayed the latest news
- Lilly Pulitzer's "Lunch at Lilly" campaign that made purchasing online or over the phone easier than ever

Get your copy today to see how these top brands and others combined their ingenuity with Movable Ink's technology to create memorable and engaging email experiences that stood out in the inbox.

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US Consumer Device Preference Report Q1 2014

Movable Ink's "US Consumer Device Preference Report" provides deep insight into consumers' adoption and use of smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and how they engage with email when using their preferred devices.

Our Q1 2014 report is packed with new data:
- The latest in the battle between Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile platforms
- Email engagement metrics across desktops, smartphones, and tablets
- A state-by-state analysis of smartphone adoption
- NEW! An exclusive look at how device usage varies based on time of day

Download the free report today to access all of our research and analysis.

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14 Critical Metrics We Extracted from Phone Calls in Q1

Download here