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The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

Learn how businesses are automatically analyzing phone conversations, and how they are automating actions from the results.


The Digital Marketing Agency's GUIDE to Call Tracking

Your guide to call tracking use and implementation

Most digital marketing agencies use call tracking. It's the only way to close the loop on offline conversions from online marketing and prove ROI to clients.

This guide will take you into the trenches of call tracking implementation, and show you how digital agencies are making money by adding call tracking to their service offering and lowering attrition by providing ROI analytics.


Unlocking the Value of Phone Coversions:
Why Basic Call Tracking Fails the Local Marketer

Learn how businesses and agencies are driving local inbound calls and measuring marketing ROI.


How Media Buyers Find Successful Traffic Sources

Media Intelligence offers automated insights to help Media Buyers find successful traffic sources by monitoring and aggregating data into useful information that will help you:

1. Uncover the activities of competitors, peers, and other industry players
2. Get an overview of media strategies for a high level understanding of what works (and what doesn't)
3. Explore specific media initiatives to find the best sources for the right traffic
4. Duplicate (and improve on!) proven success and avoid the time and money involved in failure

eCommerce Explosion - 3 Segmentation Tactics to Ignite Conversion

Online merchants are under more pressure than ever to deliver targeted and optimized experiences to their customers. As a leader in eCommerce, we know segmentation is essential to improving conversion.

This eBook was developed to help merchants improve conversion through segmentation best practices.

Identifying Your Most Profitable Customers - An Introduction to Customer Segmentation

Successful customer segmentation starts with collecting and analyzing customer data. But there's more to customer segmentation than grouping customers demographically.

Learn how to correctly segment your customers with our latest eBook, Identifying Your Most Profitable Customers: An Introduction to Customer Segmentation

The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement

When merchants are able to engage customers on a personal level, they are more likely to buy and will recommend brands and products they like to their friends and family.

Download this free eBook to learn the rules (and tools) for successful customer engagement today!

Ten Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates

It is now more expensive than ever to acquire new customers and keep current customers happy. Even the most seasoned merchants will benefit from Magento's 'Increasing Conversion Rates' eBook. It provides ten simple rules to help you improve the conversion rate of your site today.

Five Strategies for Increasing Your Average Order Value

While traffic acquisition can be expensive, increasing the average order value (AOV) of your current customers doesn't have to be. It is all about personalizing the shopping experience, and our new eBook offers five simple and inexpensive strategies to help you do just that.

4 Simple Ways Retailers and e-Retailers can use Mobile to Increase Sales Today!

If you're spending more time, effort, and money trying in vain to get customers to open and respond to your emails, then it's time you look more closely into the power of personalized mobile customer engagement.

The unique properties of mobile engagement—faster opens and higher open percentages—combined with the power of a personalized offer engine improves message offer selection and targeting, delivers dramatically better response rates and much higher ROI!

Personalized mobile customer engagement can be used to improve promotions, customer service, and to reward loyalty more effectively.


Marketing Automation Simplified

More marketers are implementing marketing automation to maximize the value of their data, improve engagements, and effectively measure effectiveness. While automation technology also helps companies become more data-driven to improve accountability, it can be challenging to understand how to make the most of its functionality.

The Marketing Automation Simplified Guide offers an introduction to the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing, and breaks down the tips marketers need to automate and optimize data and targeting, email marketing, lead nurturing and scoring, content marketing, and sales / marketing alignment.

Modern Marketing Essentials How-To Guide: Targeting

Hopeful messaging is wasted messaging.

Clear targeting means more than just Who. It also demands a knowledge of How, When, and What. Read this quick guide on what you can do to ensure your web pages and white papers, social posts, and search optimization are primed and ready for any "road to discovery" your audience takes.

Get a clearer picture of who is involved in the buying process.

Modern Marketing Essentials How-To Guide: Engagement

How do you engage with your audience when they are otherwise engaged? Modern Marketing tactics not only enable you to understand a person's interests at most any time, but how they like to seek out the data they desire. Then you can serve up that content on the channel of choice. Pronto. Find out how to use multi-channel engagement strategies to reach prospects and customers wherever and whenever they seek out information.

Reading and Responding to Your Prospects' Buying Behavior in the Online World

B2B transactions are no longer driven by sales. At least not during the first half of the engagement process. Research shows that more than half of the product and solution information gathering has been done online before a prospect even talks to someone in sales.

To succeed in this new business climate, smart businesses are adapting and realizing that the next frontier is to read and respond to the "Digital Body Language" of their prospects. This new body language is revealed through online activities such as website visits, white paper downloads, and email responses.

Find out more about Digital Body Language.

Are you Taking Advantage of the Hidden Sales Cycle?

It's not a secret: Your prospects are learning about your products without your help.

The hidden sales cycle has emerged over the past decade as the world has moved online. Before, the only way customers and prospects could get information about your products and services was by talking to you. Today, talking to you is the last thing they do. By the time they finally get in touch, most of them will have made their decisions. Now more than ever, you must have a strategy in place to engage prospects anytime.

Why Marketing Automation? An IT Professional's Guide

Have sales and marketing come knocking at your door already? If not, they soon will be. Marketing automation systems are not a passing fad; they are providing measurable and impressive ROI across the enterprise. Learn more about the right IT tools to engage customers online and keep them engaged until they buy.

Managing a Smooth Marketing Automation Software Implementation

Tips and tricks from the experts: How to ensure a smooth marketing automation software implementation.

This guide will give you the top seven steps you must take before implementing any marketing automation software solution. From team formation and alignment to system integration and training, this is a must read for the concerned project manager or IT professional.

Beyond Lead Flow: Enabling Sales Through Marketing Automation

It's more than just leads. Amplify existing CRM systems with new technologies.New enhancements to customer relationship management (CRM) systems are driving revolutionary changes in Marketing's relationship to Sales. As such, lead flow and lead criteria are only the first of many factors that marketers can take into account to enable their sales teams. In fact, there are five key areas in which marketers can employ marketing automation to deepen their relationship with colleagues on the front lines. Read this insightful white paper to find out more.

How to Sell Marketing Automation to Executives

Get your leadership as fired-up over marketing automation as you are. Marketing automation is helping organizations get more done faster, reach the right prospects more efficiently, and improve conversion rates, revenue, and sales/marketing alignment. The trick is to convince the powers that be of all that goodness. This guide can help you get inside the heads of your CEO, head of Finance, and head of IT to craft a persuasive argument in the language they understand.

Grande Guide to Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing can seem overwhelming - especially with everyone yelling for it, but few understanding what it's all about.

The key to success is starting small and building a foundation.

Read this helpful guide to discover common mistakes and dependable answers for lead nurturing (hint: it's more than just a follow-up email). Brought to you by the Modern Marketing experts, Oracle Eloqua..

Grande Guide to Lead Scoring

Did you know that accurate lead scoring can result in a 192% higher average lead qualification rate? Unfortunately, the task of effectively assigning weights to each inquiry can seem daunting.

Use this guide to learn the basics of lead scoring so you can enable your marketing and sales teams to identify where each prospect is in the buying process. The faster close rates will seem...well, magical.

Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing

Who doesn't create content?

The challenge is knowing which assets are actually worth offering to prospects and customers. Far beyond simply providing links to downloadable product data sheets, content marketing is the art of creating, curating, and distributing valuable, business-relevant information; all with the goal of helping buyers make the most informed decisions (while forming unbreakable loyalties to you).

This definitive guide shows you how to tap the wild success of B2C content marketing in your B2B world. Brought to you by the Modern Marketing experts, Oracle Eloqua.

Managing the Social Media Mix White Paper

This white paper provides a step-by-step guide for determining your strategy—and the proper mix of marketing channels—in social media.

Get Started with Social relationship management

Use this infographic to introduce yourself to Social Relationship Management (SRM). With this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to engage with social fans, develop and monetize those relationships, and deliver ROI over the long term.

Facebook Graph Search POV

This whitepaper digs in on Graph Search, Facebook's new feature or "third foundational pillar". We explain everything you need to know about Graph Search's features and how to put it to work for you, either as an individual user or a business. This whitepaper also explores why the success of this new feature is important to helping Facebook meet its revenue goals and continue to grow.

Instagram Guide

Who are the top 10 brands on Instagram, and what are their secrets to success with visuals—image and Video—in this white-hot platform?

What might 12,000 likes per second mean for YOUR brand? In this PowerPoint-styled tutorial, Oracle Social Cloud (#OracleSocial) offers up break-through examples of how brands are leveraging the editing and embedding capabilities of Instagram to engage loyalists and potential customers. Lessons from perennial innovators like Nike, MTV, Starbucks, Burberry, Red Bull, Ben & Jerry's, Whole Foods and Ford, as well as upstarts like Lu Lu Lemon and Free People, SHOW rather than tell you how embedding + 15-seconds of video and eye-catching, engaging images can rock your marketing world.

Google+ Update

From "hangouts" to "communities," Google + has a lot to offer to brands looking to engage audiences and refine their strategies on this social platform.

The Google + Update, by Oracle Social Cloud (#OracleSocial), includes an overview of new features and functionality, user demographics, industry trends, and a review of best practices that will help increase the likelihood of user engagement and aid in a brand's success in this channel.

48% of digital marketing executives say they focus 'relentlessly' on building customer insights, yet few are executing those strategies in meaningful ways

Social media provides a wealth of data that can tell you a lot about your brand and your consumers - providing you can effectively act upon that data. According to Digiday, "48% of digital marketing executives say they focus 'relentlessly' on building customer insights, yet few are executing those strategies in meaningful ways."

The Value of Social Data

Social media provides a wealth of data that can tell you a lot about your brand and your consumers - providing you can effectively act upon that data. According to Digiday, "48% of digital marketing executives say they focus 'relentlessly' on building customer insights, yet few are executing those strategies in meaningful ways."

This white paper offers a brief overview of how organizations can best use social data by implementing a framework to integrate social data with other enterprise and public or curated data. This framework provides a platform for uncovering new insights that can be fed into business intelligence and customer experience management systems in near real-time to help marketing, sales, service, and commerce teams accelerate decision-making and create long-term, profitable customer relationships.

Super Bowl XLVIII: The Social Story

This year the Super Bowl and all the surrounding activity just didn't live up to the hype. The game was a blowout, the commercials were not as strong as previous years, and the broadcast was disappointing.

Despite that brands found ways to engage on social channels and extend the reach of their hefty investment. Social messaging became even more paramount in this context when advertisers were reminded that they have no control over the game or audience engagement.

This analysis will highlight some of the ways brands used social channels to magnify their investment, driving awareness before the game, and continuing engagement throughout the broadcast. It will also showcase how brands that didn't drop $4M on an ad buy could still build buzz and participate in the big game conversation. Learn from brands such as Budweiser, T-Mobile, and Esurance and how they took advantage of social engagement.

Measuring Social Media and the Enterprise/Social ROI

This white paper sets out to make the case that ROI determination can be approached in a unified, structured and straightforward way. It also lays out a framework for expanding the definition of ROI and increasing organizational maturity for measurement and monetization. Finally, it dispels some of the myths around ROI and seeks to show the relationship between social KPIs organizations may be collecting today and how to align them with broader organizational and business-oriented goals and objectives.

Forbes Insights and Turn - The Promise of Privacy

Forbes Insights and Turn - The Promise of Privacy | Respecting consumers' limits while realizing the marketing benefits of Big Data. In this study, you'll learn what privacy means to marketers and consumers and how navigating these perspectives can help you get more out of your marketing while maintaining customer trust.

Total Economic Impact Report

Forrester Calculates the ROI of Turn

Global Digital Audience Report, January to March 2013

Download this report to learn about the Digital Elite, the world's most valuable audience

Digital Audience Report, April to June 2013

Every marketer knows that global mobile use and mobile advertising are on an upswing. What's become increasingly clear is that other channels are also changing. Download this report to learn more about where and when to find the Digital Elite.

Digital Audience Report, July to September

Global marketers now have an unprecedented opportunity to reach across channels to engage in meaningful conversations with customers moving from device to device, shifting formats and media. Download this report to learn about how the rise of the cross-channel brand.

The Authoritative Guide to Call Tracking and Local SEO

Does call tracking harm local SEO? You bet...if it's not done right. If implemented correctly, call tracking is the local marketer's best friend. Current opinions have raged on both sides; this white paper explains the issues and offers a solution.


45 Cool Analytics We Can Extract From Phone Calls

Download Here


Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal

Just how "modern" is your marketing?

A recent survey of your 500 of your marketing peers revealed something startling: less than 1 in 6 felt they were fully-integrating Modern Marketing concepts. How do you compare? (If outbound campaigns are the first things on your tool list, you may end up last in the competitive race.) This special report from the experts at BtoB Research Services explores where online marketing technology is going and, more importantly, how far along your peers feel they are in adoption and ROI.