Entry Information

Entries for the 2017 Awards are now closed. The below information will be updated for the 2018 Awards later in the year.

Who Can Enter

Entries are open to any organization within or outside the U.S. that uses marketing to attract, convert, and retain business customers, consumers (inclusive of donors, members, subscribers, etc.), or both.
Campaign Awards
Brands and organizations are invited to enter themselves. External partners, agencies and vendors may submit on behalf of clients. The winner in each category will be the brand or organization that the campaign supports. 

Marketing Tech Company Awards
Vendors can submit themselves.

Personality Awards
Individuals may self-nominate, or be nominated by their external partners, agencies or vendors.

Marketing Team Awards
Teams may nominate themselves, or be nominated by external partner, agency or vendor.


DMN reserves the right to publish details of the entries on our website and in other related material. However, if certain details must be kept confidential, please indicate this clearly on the entry, including exactly what information is not to be publicly disclosed. Please be specific about what information cannot be disclosed—do not simply mark the entire entry confidential. In addition there will be a section on the entry form where confidential information can be provided to the jurors.

Entry Fees

$279 per entry (includes late penalty fee).

For the campaign awards you may choose to submit the same exact campaign/entry into a subsequent category for an additional fee of $179 per submission. For example, if you submit any one entry into three categories, the fee would be: $279 + $229 + $229 = $737.

Eligibility Period

Campaign Awards
The strategy or initiative submitted must have been launched or updated in 2015 or 2016.

Marketing Tech Company Awards

A platform must have been launched or updated in 2015 or 2016.

Personality Awards & Marketing Team Awards

No restrictions.