DM News moves to new address

Dear Reader,

DM News, the leading magazine for direct and interactive marketers, has moved to 114 West 26th St., New York, NY 10001. The move is effective May 31.

Please note the changes in contact details.


Editor in Chief: Mickey Alam Khan (646) 638-6184,

Managing Editor: Cara Wood (646) 638-6185,  

Deputy Editor: Melissa Campanelli (646) 638-6192,  

Senior Editor: Chantal Tode (802) 257-1295,

Associate Editors: Giselle Abramovich (646) 638-6183, ;

Dianna Dilworth (646) 638-6182,

Copy Editor/Web Editor: Victoria E. Everett (646) 638-6190,

Copy Editor: Daniel McMahon (646) 638-6193,

Web Editor: Kevin McKeefery (646) 638-6194,  

Editorial Assistant: Lauren Bell (646) 638-6191,

Contributing Editor: Sara Holoubek,  

Editorial Director: Julia Hood (646) 638-6031,


Art Director: Gina Capone (646) 638-6189,

Graphic Designer: Robert Falcone (646) 638-6186,  

Production Manager: Pedro Reyes (646) 638-6126,

Design Director: Irasema Rivera (646) 638-6005,  

Vice President of Production and Manufacturing: Louise Morrin (646) 638-6064,


Associate Publisher/Vice President, Sales: Robert DiGioia (646) 638-6171,

District Managers: John Roegner (646) 638-6172, ; Jodi Solomon (646) 638-6174,

Classified & Source Directory Account Manager: Ralph Claudio (646) 638-6175,

Circulation Director: Ronald S. Moyer (609) 601-1298

Group Sales Director: Steven Sottile (646) 638-6017,


President/Publishing Director: Lisa Kirk (646) 638-6010,

Chairman/CEO: William Pecover (646) 638-6001,

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Telephone (845) 268-3156 or fax (845) 267-3503.

SWITCHBOARD: 646-638-6000

MAILING ADDRESS: DM News, 114 West 26th St., New York, NY 10001


Do please stay in touch with your contacts on DM News. Also, please update your records with the new telephone numbers and mailing and e-mail addresses.

We look forward to hearing from you and apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,

The team at DM News

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