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Dems More Caffeinated and Socialized than Republicans

A look into voters' inboxes finds more emails from Starbucks and Facebook for Democrats than for Republicans.

Providers Shore Up Anti-Fraud Defenses

With as much as a third of RTB ads served up to bogus sites, software companies build up arms to battle the bots and the spammers.

Biggest spammers? Marketers.

Direct marketers draw nearly three quarters of all "report spam" complaints, says a new study. Even so, email ROI numbers remain high.

A Majority of Email Marketers Are Flying Blind

A survey of 300 email marketers uncovers a lack of customer segmentation and competitive intelligence.

Return Path acquires OtherInbox

Email deliverability firm Return Path acquired email technology company OtherInbox, the company said on Jan. 10. The acquisition closed in late December, said Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg, who declined to disclose terms.

Study: Email deliverability rates stagnate at 81%

Only 81% of emails sent during the first half of 2011 reached consumers' inboxes, according to a study released by email deliverability services firm Return Path on Sept. 20.

Mobile's share of email up 81% since October 2010: survey

The share of emails accessed via mobile devices increased by 81% from October 2010 to March 2011, according to a survey released by email marketing services firm Return Path on May 17. Sixteen percent of emails were accessed via mobile device in March 2011, up from 9.2% last October, according to the survey.

Experts say e-mail marketing won't die soon: DMCNY

E-mail marketing is far from dead, but marketers will have to adjust to social media, a range of mobile devices, prioritized inboxes and new security concerns, said Anita Absey, SVP of global sales and services at Return Path, on February 10.

Deliverability tougher in US than Europe: Return Path survey

E-mail deliverability varies by international region, with European marketers enjoying better chances of reaching consumers' inboxes, according to Return Path's biannual report on message deliverability.

E-mail basics meet new tricks

E-mail marketers blend established best practices with new options, such as social media and embedded video, to engage consumers.

Nonprofits less likely to use collected data in campaigns: Return Path study

Though three-quarters of nonprofits gather consumers' names and locations when they sign up for e-mail communications, that's often where consumer data collection ends for those groups, according to a Return Path study, released October 20. Nonprofits are half as likely as for-profit companies to collect information beyond name and geographic location from their e-mail subscribers — 20% vs. 42%.

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