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Advantage, Remote Sales Tax

A Circuit Court decision clears the way for Colorado to tax e-coms and catalogers. Could the DMA be headed back to the Supreme Court?

Data-Driven Marketing Economy Tops $200 Billion

Data business linked to marketing activities grew 35% and created 650,000 U.S. jobs between 2012 and 2014, DMA reports.

DMA: Despite Prez's Props, Data-Driven Economy Is Still at Risk

The trade association applauds Obama's commitment to digital marketing, but pleads for more safeguards from Washington.

There Is a Third World Lacking Third-Party Data

Third-party data usage is virtually non-existent in some parts of the world, says a GDMA study.

Digital Agencies Have Reason to Rejoice in the New Year

Marketers overcome by data challenges and omnichannel pressures say they'll up their investments in outside help.

Startup Hot Zone Contestants Announced by DMA

Fifteen will duke it out at the &THEN show for the title of Most Digital Disruptor.

Illinois Gov Derails Bill Restricting Collection of Marketing Information

Rauner issues an amendatory veto for a data breach notification bill that sought to limit collecting online search and purchase history.

80% of Marketers Will Increase Digital Budgets in the Year Ahead

Social media leads marketers' wish lists, but email still dominates their activities, according to the DMA's 2015 Fact Book.

And Then, DMA Did Something Completely Different

Actually, it's &THEN, and it's DMA's re-imagined annual show, debuting in October, starring Kevin Roberts and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Email Reborn as a Data-Driven Workhorse, Says DMA Report

Thanks to advanced data analytics, the well-worn vehicle takes on new sheen as a carrier of retargeting and re-engagement appeals.

DMA Wins Supreme Court Case in Unanimous Decision

The court's ruling in DMA v. Brohl is a "landmark victory" for business access to federal courts and privacy protection for consumers.

Longtime DMA Prez Bob DeLay Dies at 96

As head of the group for 26 years, he helped establish ZIP codes and met with three U.S. presidents.

DMA's Chris Oswald on Direct Marketers' Historic Day in the Supreme Court

The association's VP of state affairs takes us behind the scenes of DMA v. Brohl and tells how the case could impact every American's right to redress in federal court.

Day One on the DMA2014 Show Floor

Sprouting from the Direct Marketing Association convention today were retargeting refinements, rules for breach behavior, and, yes, some darn fine Brussels sprouts.

DMA 2014 Kicks Off Under New Management

Thomas Benton and Jane Berzan will preside over an event indicative of an association serving a wider array of industry segments.

Sensitive Health Information: Protected and Not For Sale

It's time for a data privacy checkup.

Several File Briefs in Support of DMA's Supreme Court Case

U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others side with the Direct Marketing Association in its tax jurisdiction case against Colorado.

DMA Files Brief in Supreme Court Case vs. Colorado

The nation's highest court will weigh in on whether or not marketers have the right to appeal state tax regulations in federal courts.

DMA Takes State Tax Case to Supreme Court

Direct Marketing Association v. Brohl could determine marketers' rights to access federal courts in sorting out state tax challenges.

Direct Marketers Deep-Six California Data Broker Bill

DMA feared passage of the bill would have caused national repercussions for data-driven marketers.

Amended Privacy Act Could Be a Boon to Consumer Trust

A majority of House members now support amendments to ECPA that would limit government access to customer data.

List Brokers Are Data Brokers, Says FTC

New laws to regulate consumer data called for by FTC do not include individual marketers, but do include brokers of mailing lists.

Linda Woolley Steps Down as DMA Chief

The Direct Marketing Association board of directors names Benton and Berzan as interim replacements in her roles as CEO and president, respectively.

Obama vs. the Patent Trolls

The White House shines a bright light on frivolous patent infringement suits, urging the introduction of rule changes and online help for unwitting defendants.

DATA Act Brokers a Debate

Sen. Jay Rockefeller releases a new bill to regulate data brokers, but data-driven marketing stakeholders—and maybe even the FTC—deem it unnecessary.

DMA Names Two New Senior Staff Members

Two new SVPs join the association—Jane Berzan in charge of programs and Cliff Johnson to direct membership and marketing.

Mailers Appeal Exigent Rate Hike

Action asks U.S. Court of Appeals to strike down 4.3% increase. An appeal to extend the limits of the exigency is expected from USPS any day.

News Byte: DMA Appoints Oswald VP of State Affairs

The veteran of Reed Elsevier and the National Rifle Association is tapped to handle policy matters in the states.

House Passes Innovation Act, Whacks Patent Trolls

Goodlatte bill is a setback to "non-practicing entities" that file frivolous lawsuits and a win for the direct marketing industry.

Fast Facts: December 2013

Some quick info hits to keep you up-to-date, including the percentage of shoppers who don't expect to receive a reminder email after they abandon a shopping cart.

Data-Driven Marketing is a $156 Billion Economy

New research from DMA puts a number on expenditures for customer information. The data-driven economy's two largest contributors: e-commerce and postal production.

DMA and ACMA Statements on Exigency Filing

Excerpts from trade associations' official reactions to the Postal Board's exigency filing.

5 Tips from the DMA/Neopost Effective Guide to Direct Mail Campaigns

How to create awesome direct mail campaigns, courtesy of Neopost and the DMA.

DMA Releases 2013 Annual Compliance Report

The report presents the outcomes of DMA investigations names companies in violation of its Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices.

5 Ways Marketers Can Govern Big Data

Strategic marketers need to build strategic data governance capabilities within their organizations. Here's how

W3C Rejects Marketers' Privacy Plan; Marketers Unfazed

The W3C's Tracking Protection Working Group rejects a compromise proposal from the Digital Advertising Alliance, which vows to forge ahead.

Is Social Media Just Waiting to Become the New Email?

A panel of experts agrees (and a new study confirms): Marketers need to take a chill pill when it comes to defining the commercial role of social media.

Data-Driven Marketing Is Ready to Rev Into High Gear

Companies put the pedal to the metal for spending on new data solutions and staffers, says a DMA report

Opposition Goes into High Gear as Senate Passes Marketplace Fairness Act

Catalogers descend on Capitol Hill today to ask House for a workable law that doesn't doom small businesses.

Regulations on Consumer Data and Privacy Must Be Modernized

Data regulations must be flexible, focused on collection, and allow for context, say studies from The World Economic Forum.

DMA: Fairness Act Unfair

The association cries foul over an amendment in the U.S. budget bill to endorse a law requiring e-coms and catalog sellers pay out-of-state taxes.

FTC Commish Declares Comity with Marketers

Julie Brill asks DMA members to join her in pursuing common goals regarding privacy concerns.She also announces updated disclosure guidelines to account for mobile.

Big Data's Big Payoff: Bigger Conversion Rates

Most marketers have yet to set down strategies for tapping seemingly endless streams of data, a new survey says. They're sure about what they want from it, though, and that's more business.

With Woolley as CEO, DMA Focuses on Data Marketing

Linda Woolley has been appointed president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association, continuing the organization's agenda to support and advance data-driven marketing practices.

Postmaster Raps Congress for Failure to Pass Bill

Hanging from a cliff, the 112th Congress ignored USPS boss Patrick Donahoe's pleas for postal reform. Now he's setting an agenda for the 113th.

FTC orders "data brokers" to disclose operations information

Nine companies must provide the agency with details on the consumer data they collect, where they get it, and what they do with it.

Live from DMA2012: DMA launches institute to challenge regulation of consumer data

The Data-Driven Marketing Institute will advocate against data-regulating legislation and provide education for consumers.

Coalition forms to support online merchants in tax battle

The DMA, ACMA, ERA, and NetChoice have banded together to form the True Simplication of Taxation (TruST) Coalition.

Epsilon: Open rates for triggered emails soar

Epsilon and the DMA's Email Experience Council release Q1 2012 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks report.

Larry Kimmel resigns as DMA CEO, joins hawkeye

Larry Kimmel has resigned as CEO of the DMA to join multichannel marketing agency hawkeye, said DMA chairman of the board Matt Blumberg.

Data: With great power comes even greater responsibility

Marketers must leverage data in service of the consumer and protect their information like never before.

DMA will not host All for One Summit this summer

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) will not be hosting its All for One Summit this year due to changing interests within the direct marking community, said David Evans, the DMA's Senior VP of Content and Experience.

Ninety-five percent of email subscribers sign up for discounts: Email Evolution Conference

Ninety-five percent of consumers sign up for commercial emails in order to receive discounts, said Ryan Phelan, VP of strategic services at email marketing company, BlueHornet. One-third of consumers unsubscribe from commercial emails because the promotions lack relevancy and one-third unsubscribe because of the over-frequency with which the emails are sent, he said, citing a BlueHornet study of approximately 1000 consumers.

DMA hires information delivery specialist

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) appointed David Evans to the newly created position of SVP, content and experience. The position was created to better package and deliver information to the marketing community, said DMA CEO Lawrence Kimmel.

Fifteen percent of marketers to cut Q4 spending

Nearly 15% of marketers cut expenditures during the third quarter of 2011 and the same number plan to cut expenditures during Q4, according to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Nov. 17 "Quarterly Business Review."

DMA show agenda short on specifics

Wikipedia defines "information design" as "the skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness. Where data is complex or unstructured, a visual representation can express its meaning."

FTC, COPPA and PII, oh my

The Federal Trade Commission's proposed revisions to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act could open the door to broader online advertising implications.

Direct marketing spending to hit $163 billion in 2011: DMA 2011

Marketers will spend $163 billion on direct marketing in 2011, a 5.6% increase compared with last year, according to a report released by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) on Oct. 2.

Twitter is a listening platform for brands: DMA 2011

Marketers should view Twitter as a tool to survey consumers' interests and engage meaningful interactions, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone told attendees of the Direct Marketing Association's 2011 Conference & Exhibition on Oct. 3.

Xerox CMO at DMA 2011: Marketing must be relevant, personalized

Brands must offer engaging, personalized and relevant marketing experiences to compete in today's marketplace, said Christa Carone, CMO of Xerox Corp.

DMA to open Silicon Valley marketing center

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) will open a Silicon Valley office on September 12 to interact with current and prospective members on the West Coast. Alexandra Morehouse, former CMO of AAA, will oversee the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Center for Accountable Marketing (CAM), reporting to DMA CEO Lawrence Kimmel.

Email volume drops but click, open rates flat: study

Despite a decrease in email volume in the second quarter, email campaign open and click rates were relatively flat, according to a study released by marketing services firm Epsilon on August 30.

Domino's Pizza boosts sales with direct campaign: DMA All For One

Domino's Pizza improved same-store sales growth by 9.9% in 2010 compared with 0.5% in 2009 with the launch of the pizza delivery company's "Oh Yes We Did" marketing campaign, said Russell Weiner, CMO of Domino's. The brand also received top honors in a consumer survey detailing the US's best-tasting pizza, Weiner said.

E-Trade doesn't 'agonize over' measuring social ROI: DMA All for One

Despite using social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube to broaden the reach of its "Talking Baby" campaign, E-Trade is not worried about measuring the channels' ROI, said Nicholas Utton, EVP and CMO of the company, on June 20.

Marketers' Q1 email volume skyrockets

Marketers increased their average email volume by 39% in the first quarter, compared with the prior year, according to a study from email marketing company Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council (EEC). The organizations based the study on 7.1 billion emails sent by about 140 North American Epsilon clients.

Fewer than half of marketers see revenue increase in early 2011: DMA report

Forty-one percent of marketers said they saw higher revenue in the first quarter of 2011 than Q4 2010, down 5% compared with the previous quarter, according to the Direct Marketing Association's quarterly business review for Q1 2011.

Hearst, DMA launch second analytics challenge

Hearst Magazines and the Direct Marketing Association will launch the second annual "Hearst Challenge" on June 1. The media company will give a $25,000 prize to the entrant who can best build a model to predict whether a consumer will open or click through an email promotion.

Marketers boost spending, gain optimism: DMA report

Marketers modestly increased spending on various media in the fourth quarter of 2010, according to the Direct Marketing Association's quarterly business review. A majority of marketers also told the industry group they are optimistic about the near term.

IAB launches data collection council

The Interactive Advertising Bureau expanded its data use and control task force into a permanent "data council" on February 28. The group will address the collection and use of consumer data and related issues. IAB will launch initiatives through the group to educate marketers and agencies about data gathering, and to clarify what kinds of data can be collected through media buying.

Most purchases, half of transactions to be mobile by 2015: Google

Two-thirds of all purchases and half of transactions will occur on mobile devices by 2015, Google executives said February 4. Consumer coupons will also transition from their current rate of 80% push to 80% opt-in four years from now, said David Shapiro, Google's director of small business marketing.

DMA begins enforcement of industry self-regulation initiative

The Direct Marketing Association said January 31 that it will begin to enforce its online data collection self-regulatory program immediately. The announcement comes as various private companies are launching online consumer privacy initiatives.

Judge blocks Colorado e-commerce tax law

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a Colorado law that required out-of-state online retailers to notify the state of residents' purchases in order to collect sales tax from individual shoppers. The law also required multichannel retailers to notify consumers what tax they owed the state.

Online ad self-regulation group endorses 'Trusted Ads' platform

Online advertising self-regulation group the Digital Advertising Alliance endorsed TRUSTe's "Trusted Ads" platform on January 20, prior to the service's rollout. It is the group's third approval of an online ad platform. Online security firm TRUSTe, which launched a pilot program last year, said it will roll out the ad platform after the DAA endorsement.

Gallup: Two-thirds of consumers would back 'Do-Not-Track'

More than two-thirds of consumers oppose online behavioral tracking and targeted advertising based on it, according to a Gallup/USAToday poll conducted earlier this month. Consumers were surveyed about the subject days after the Federal Trade Commission recommended a "Do-Not-Track" policy that would allow Web browsers to opt out of all online tracking by third-parties.

National Hockey League leveraged customer data to gain 1.2M Facebook followers: NCDM 2010

The National Hockey League has enhanced its marketing initiatives by using customer data in the past three years. The sports organization's more sophisticated use of consumer data to enhance programming experiences has made a difference, according to Perry Cooper, SVP of direct and digital marketing and fan analytics at the NHL, in his December 15 keynote at the NCDM 2010 Conference in Miami.

Marketers preparing for more complicated data landscape: NCDM 2010

Direct marketing industry leaders urged marketers to improve their data collection and analytics processes during a December 14 panel discussion at the NCDM 2010 Conference in Miami.

E-mail open, click rates flat, report finds: Epsilon

Consumers are opening e-mail messages at a steady rate, but transactional or service e-mails are getting more attention, according to a third-quarter report from marketing services provider Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association.

DMA: Marketers increase Q3 spending, see revenue gains

Marketers reported spending increases last quarter, according to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Quarterly Business Review. It was the first time in more than a year they've done so.

FTC moves ahead with 'Do-Not-Track'

The Federal Trade Commission called for the implementation of a universal "Do-Not-Track" option that would allow consumers to opt out of all third-party online tracking and behavioral targeted advertising. The FTC chided the marketing industry for having "fallen short" in self-regulation.

DMA chief calls for public education about industry practices: DMA2010

Lawrence Kimmel, CEO of the Direct Marketing Association, praised the industry for being ahead of the curve and unveiled its new website October 11 at the DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition.

Study: CDs, DVDs boost direct mail

Putting a disc into a direct mail piece is an effective way to entice consumers to open it, according to research sponsored by industry group DiscMail Direct and the Direct Marketing Association. The study, released in full at this week's DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, found that 91% of respondents said they would rather open a mailer that contains a DVD or CD.

Ad industry launches behavioral tracking self-regulation initiative

The advertising and direct marketing communities and the Council of Better Business Bureaus formally unveiled their long-awaited behavioral self-regulation initiative on October 4, describing it as a "large and major effort" to offer consumers more transparency about marketers' behavioral tracking.

DMA: Marketers begin to spend again

Direct marketers are beginning to invest again after weathering the recession by cutting costs, according to figures from the Direct Marketing Association. Digital media investment is leading the way, according to the organization.

DMA to launch higher education unit

The Direct Marketing Association will launch a new arm next month to promote marketing efforts at colleges and universities, and to set standards.

DMA e-mail group creates educational YouTube channel

The Direct Marketing Association's E-mail Experience Council has created a YouTube channel to promote the benefits of e-mail marketing.

DMA names former Grey Direct chief Kimmel CEO

The Direct Marketing Association named Lawrence Kimmel its next CEO, effective August 2, after a six-month-long search. The former chairman and CEO of Grey Direct Global Network will replace Robert Allen, who has led the industry group on an interim basis since February.

Industry groups celebrate lack of FTC expansion in financial reform compromise

House and Senate members approved a compromise version of financial reform legislation that does not significantly expand the Federal Trade Commission's powers on June 25. Marketing industry groups lobbied against any FTC power expansion.

Marketing e-mails see open rate of nearly 20%, says DMA survey

Marketing e-mails using a house list are seeing an average open rate of nearly 20%, a click-through rate of 6.64% and a conversation rate of 1.73%, according to a survey released June 15 by the Direct Marketing Association.

DMA elects Dapper board chairman

Steven Dapper, chairman and founder of integrated agency Hawkeye, was elected chairman of the board of the Direct Marketing Association on May 11.

DMA, ACMA challenge Colorado e-commerce tax

Two major industry organizations, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Catalog Mailers Association, are fighting a recently enacted Colorado e-commerce tax.

Raitt to step down as DMA chair next month

Eugene Raitt, the Direct Marketing Association's chairman of the board, will resign his position on May 10. Raitt, who was elected board chairman last October, cited a work commitment in stepping down, said Sue Geramian, the group's SVP and chief communications officer.

Industry groups demand no FTC power expansion in financial reform bill

Forty-one US trade organizations and business groups, including the Direct Marketing Association, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the National Retail Federation, sent a letter to Senate leaders on April 22, urging them not to expand the Federal Trade Commission's powers as part of financial reform.

Direct mail loses ground to digital post-recovery

Direct marketers are beginning to see green shoots of economic recovery, but the media mix continues to shift and experts predict direct mail will never regain its dominance.

DMA, American Catalog Mailers Association pledge team effort on postal issues

Trade groups the Direct Marketing Association and the American Catalog Mailers Association pledged to work together on postal issues on March 11.

Majority of DMers to increase budgets this year: DMA study

Slightly more than half of direct marketing professionals plan to increase their marketing spend this year, according to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) latest Quarterly Business Review.

DMA names Allen interim president, CEO

The Direct Marketing Association named Robert Allen, former president and CEO of the Vermont Country Store, its interim president and CEO effective February 5. He will fill the role while the trade group searches for a permanent replacement for John Greco, who resigned as president and CEO last month.

Marketing groups create logo for ethical online data collection sites, ads

A coalition of marketing organizations has created an icon that they, and their corporate partners, will use to distinguish marketers that practice ethical online behavioral advertising.

DMA matches FTC guidelines on endorsements, blogger payments

The Direct Marketing Association has revised its ethics guidelines to align them with the Federal Trade Commission's recently altered Guides for Testimonials and Endorsements. Both sets of rules affect the marketing of product or service results, as well as blogger and celebrity endorsements.

Greco steps down as DMA CEO; group starts search for replacement

John Greco resigned from his post as president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association on January 19 after more than five years in the position. The organization convened a search committee to find his replacement the same day.

DMA members pitch in for Haiti earthquake relief

The Direct Marketing Association and the DMA Nonprofit Federation have stepped up in the aftermath of this week's devastating earthquake in Haiti to help potential donors pinpoint relief organizations. The DMANF compiled a list of DMA nonprofit member organizations involved in relief efforts, along with their contact information, and posted it online at New organizations will be added on an ongoing basis.

Lazarus inducted into DMA Hall of Fame

Shelly Lazarus, chairwoman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, became the latest industry luminary to be inducted into the Direct Marketing Association's Hall of Fame. Lazarus was honored by the association on October 20 at its annual conference in San Diego. It is the second time the group has honored Lazarus. DMA named her Woman of the Year in 2002.

DM revenues to gain bigger share of ad spend this year: DMA09

Direct marketing's share of total US advertising spending will reach 54.3% for 2009, increasing by 1.6% over last year's total, according to statistics released by the Direct Marketing Association for its DMA09 conference. Direct marketing ad spend will increase 2.7% next year, reaching $153.3 billion in total, according to the group's predictions.

Martha Stewart touts value of multichannel: DMA09 keynote

Martha Stewart delivered a single message to a crowd of about 600 at the Direct Marketing Association's annual conference in San Diego on October 19: It's good to be everywhere.

DMA names officers; Pike retains board spot

The Direct Marketing Association this week named Eugene Raitt, SVP for accident and health and CMO for Asia at Allied World Assurance Company, its 2010 board chairman. The group made the announcement at its annual business meeting in San Diego.

DMA faces scrutiny from board member Pike

At a time when the largest direct marketing association is facing fiscal challenges and member scrutiny, Direct Marketing Association board member and Executive Committee member Gerry Pike has launched a Web site questioning the group's governance. alleges that "DMA's relevancy is fading, its membership falling and its events failing as budget-buster dues and conference fees are sending long-time DMA members heading for the exits." Pike has also mailed DMA voting members asking for their support.

DMA poised to shift focus to interactive

The Direct Marketing Association is considering repositioning its entire organization around interactive marketing, including a name change, industry sources told DMNews. This reflects increasing industry focus on digital marketing. Some industry sources said the pivot is critical to the group's survival.

Direct Marketing Educational Foundation expands talent placement program

The nonprofit Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) has broadened its Next Generation Leaders program to two additional markets. Now in its third year, the program is placing associates in Dallas and Los Angeles, while continuing to do so in New York.

Former DMA EVP to lead Pitney Bowes' production mail equipment unit

Pitney Bowes will announce September 10 that it has named Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan president of its document messaging technologies unit, according to industry sources. The unit markets Pitney's production mail equipment and software to large-volume direct marketing mailers, particularly in the financial services and insurance industries.

Lakshmi-Ratan out at DMA

Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan, the Direct Marketing Association's EVP and COO, will resign effective September 18, DMNews has learned. Lakshmi-Ratan, who will join an unnamed DMA member company, was promoted to the COO post in June 2006.

DMA introduces certification program

The Direct Marketing Association has introduced a new program certifying that marketing professionals have reached a certain level of knowledge in the core aspects of direct marketing, following the successful completion of a series of courses offered by the DMA and a diagnostic test. The DMA says it put together the program because "there is a need to have a standard level of education that is recognized" by the industry, said Jodie Sangster, VP of global development, at the DMA. She added that the organization has been approached by both employers and employees interested in something like this.

Echo awards judging features firsts in green marketing, award organization

The first round of judging for the 2009 International Echo Awards, a body of awards from the Direct Marketing Association that celebrate creative, strategy and results across direct marketing media, began May 19. This is the first year Echos has had a vice chair from the client side. Another first this year is the Green Marketer Award.

New credit card rules could challenge DMers

Credit card legislation signed by President Barack Obama Friday is expected to seriously impact the credit card industry and consumers' relationships with credit, and as a result, marketing from the industry is likely to change in message as well as volume.

Get it right: Expert advice on your e-mail copy length

E-mail marketing routinely garners the highest ROI and remains the most frequently used online marketing tactic, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). However, e-mail success hinges on proactive planning and that includes figuring out the right copy length.

DMA takes stand against FCC claim in mobile porting

The Direct Marketing Association has filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission regarding the Petition for Expedited Clarification and Declaratory Ruling, filed by Paul D.S. Edwards, president/CEO, of the Consumer Information Center Inc. The DMA's comments address how the "porting" of a customer's telephone numbers from landlines to mobile affects the ability of marketers to contact those customers.

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