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Google is a public and profitable company focused on search services. Google operates Web sites at many international domains, with the most trafficked being The company also serves corporate clients, including advertisers, content publishers and site managers with cost-effective advertising and a wide range of revenue generating search services.

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How to Develop Customer Micro-moments: Analytics Corner

Here's how data and analytics can help spot potential micro-moments where a brand can be useful to customers

Brands: Compete on Experience

That's the takeaway from this year's Episerver Ascend. Brands must differentiate not through products and services, but through CX

Lesbians Who Tech Confronts Diversity, Female Leadership in Big Brands

On March 1, over 5000 queer women and their allies descended on Silicon Valley for the 5th annual Lesbians Who Tech conference in an effort to confront, challenge, and change the narrative

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Here are four adtech trends you need to know

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Play the online retail game, get free wings for shredding your ex, face up to social media challenges, and raise a glass for Snapchat influencers

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Is it a car? Is it a store? Is it a mobile ad? All of the above

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Fjord, the design and innovation consultancy, maps the key business and tech trends of 2018

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This just in: AI still important. Also, the first in a new series: "You need to know..."

G2 Crowd Releases Top MarTech Software Tools for 2018

Earlier today, G2 Crowd released its annual ranking of the World's Top 100 Software Companies for 2018 — a list based on user reviews earned over fiscal year 2017

Dreamers: Big Tech and Social Media Demand Action

Tech leaders are among 115 top executives signing letter to Congress demanding action on DACA

Alexa May Give Voice to Targeted Marketing

Amazon may roll out voice-powered ads on its Echo devices

Amazon Sets Sights On Advertising, Google

Reports suggest Amazon is exploring new ways to compete in the digital ad space

Cloudy With a Chance of Downtime

Microprocessor flaws mean downtime for the major clouds

Google Chrome Built-In Ad Blocker to Go Live on February 15th

Is Google building a better web for everybody?

How Serverless Tech Brings Marketing Tech Efficiency: Analytics Corner

Google is one of the big players showing how serverless tech can increase speed and efficiency in cloud services

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GDPR, bots, quantum computing: The future is approaching

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Google's dynamic approach to chatbot analytics

FCC Reveals Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality

The repeal of net neutrality could have a big impact on online marketing

Salesforce Says OK Google: Live from Dreamforce

Salesforce announces a major strategic partnership, activating Google 360 audiences outside Google for the first time — plus the Benioff keynote

How Machine Learning Can Build Brand Value

Advanced analytics, incorporating machine learning, is becoming an important route to growth

How to Use Data to Reach Hispanic Consumers

The growing importance of the Hispanic market means a need for nuanced segmentation, based on good analytics

Mainstreaming Mixed Reality

Microsoft, Apple, and Google are bringing mixed reality within reach of consumers, and marketers

How To Use Image Search To Enhance Marketing Strategy

ECommerce has triggered renewed interest in images. Marketers of consumer goods and services should look at providing ways for customers to share and interact with images, particularly in the social media environment

The Best Strategies for Voice Search

Amazon Echo and Google Home are leading a revolution in virtual assistants products. Here's how marketers can optimize content for discovery; and through Siri, Alexa, and Cortana as well

Google Feed is a Tempting Feast for Marketers

More personalization is in the cards with Google Feed

The Monday Stack: Two Days for Your Diary

Our weekly column about marketing tech and ops

Google Gives Marketers VR Building Blocks

Google's VR push goes beyond the YouTube initiative we reported last week

Alternative Design Facts v. Real Facts in Digital Marketing

Marketers see factoids and tidbits everyday about web design, but with app and chatbots adding nuanced engagement online, what web features are now outdated? Here's a few answers on what still works now

Google Optimize: A Closer Look

Understanding Google Optimize, an AI-powered targeting and testing tool which can raise the marketer's game

Chatting About Your First Chatbot

Planning your first marketing chatbot? Here are some tips

Google Chrome to Ride Shotgun on Unacceptable Ads

Experts agree ads should relevant and non-intrusive: But should Google be the enforcer?

The Monday Stack: AI Makes My Head Hurt

Our weekly column about marketing tech and ops

How Blending Outside Data With SEO Brings More Customers

Google has linked Search Console to Data Studio. The feature, on top of an AdWords MCC integration, opens new analysis opportunities to improve marketing. Here's how.

OK Google Goes Shopping

Marketing opportunities abound as Google launches voice-activated shopping

4 Practical Steps to Align Email Marketing with the IoT

Email is a tested, reliable marketing channel. And it can be made to work with the Internet of Things

How Machine Learning Will Change Analytics

New optimization test options from Adobe and Google are the start of an intriguing blend of machine learning and analytics. Learn how ML and A/B lead to meaningful discoveries that can improve customer experience

How To Read Analytics Clues for a Cross-Device Marketing Strategy

A few measurement tactics can highlight attribution in analytics for a customer's journey

Welcome to Social Commerce 2.0

Some recommendations on strategy for social selling today

Google Data Studio: A Closer Look for Marketers

Google's new data tool offers marketers more data mining options for better advanced analytics models.

The Pro-Clinton Google Search Conspiracy

Why would Google run high risks by tinkering with search suggestions to favor one candidate over another?

A Tale of Abandoned Inboxes

A personal reflection on emails: the unwanted, unread and abandoned

RNC: Big Tech's Unclear Message on Trump

Some big tech companies are giving the Republican National Convention a wide berth, but the message from others is mixed

Cartoon: Dear Google

If you want to find yourself, try Search

Google Wants My Phone Number

And I'm not giving it up. Does it want to date me, or just use me? I think the latter. What about you?

Google launches marketing cloud offensive

Casting Google Analytics 360 Suite as a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers, means Google is entering the marketing cloud wars

Google to Take on Adobe With Its Own Marketing Stack

Analytics 360 adds four new tools, including a DMP, to a cloud-based suite offering multichannel capabilities.

Google amps up mobile load speeds

Faster mobile page loads help marketers deliver a positive content experience

Google Obtains Patent for Self-Driving Delivery Van

It drives to an address and sends a mobile message to the recipient, who uses a PIN to extract his package from the vehicle.

Top 8 Smartphone Apps Are Owned by Facebook and Google

Facebook Messenger and Instagram break into the U.S. top 10; Apple holds the bottom two slots.

Are the robots coming to get us?

Marketing tech is ever more deeply involved in machine learning: but does it present an existential threat?

Left Brain, Right Brain, RankBrain

Google adds some right-side creativity to the left-side logic of its Hummingbird search algorithm. Marketers should be left humming a happy tune.

Infographic: the customer identity landscape, Q3 2015

Gigya's quarterly survey shows social login use climbing steadily

The Hub Podcast: Facebook stirs the eCommerce pot

Keith and Kim talk about Facebook's eCommerce moves and celebrity-generated content

Podcast: Twitter is having a moment

Keith and Kim look at Twitter's new Moments feature

It's About Time, Google!

This week's introduction of Customer Match by the Sultan of Search is long overdue, say marketing tech insiders.

Factual hunts customers with very big data

Factual's massive collection of location data is empowering targeted mobile ads

Infographic: A Look at Neuromarketing

Brand are really using neuromarketing techniques: here's how

Congressional Candidates Wasted $240 Million on TV in 2014

It's difficult for politicians to be direct about anything, but the smart ones will use direct methods to wring value from their marketing budgets in 2016.

Minding its Marketing Ps and Qs

Will the creation of the Alphabet holding company result in greater focus on the operations of Google search?

YouTube: One More Walled Garden

Removing the video channel's ad inventory from AdX is a bad move for all concerned, especially Google, insiders say.

Seizing the Moments Is Essential to Mobile Dominance

Platforms like Google and Facebook, not apps, will control mobile minutes and, in turn, the mobile universe, says a Forrester report.

Chromecast makes screen size a lottery

Just when you thought it was safe to design for small screens, Chromecast throws content onto the big screen again

Google+ activity under the microscope

90 percent of Google+ profiles are inactive

Infographic: responsive design for multiple devices

With Google switching its mobile search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly results, brands need to think about designing for multiple devices

What Google's mobile friendliness means for marketers

gShift reveals that most marketers are preparing for the coming mobile search changes, but many are not sure what the impact will be

Google's Mobile Algorithm Expected to Have Big Effect

More than half of marketers predict their search rankings will change when the mobile-friendly update launches next week.

European threat to US data-driven marketing

While Europe contemplates a single digital market, European courts may limit US companies' access to, and use of, consumer data

Google, Intel enter smartwatch stakes

Goodle and Intel are teaming with watchmaker Tag Heuer to develop a competitor to the Apple Watch

The greatest brand of all

Sentiment analysis by Netscape claims to reveal 100 most loved brands

The Hub Podcast: On social networks old and emerging

Google + down, Meerkat up

On Google +'s winding road

Google + as we knew looks to be dead. But what was it and what should have it been?

Could Tweets on Google Boost SEO?

Blab thinks so, and introduces an upgrade to help marketers boost Twitter search rankings.

Google to Introduce Mobile Network

It will partner with established carriers on an MVNO that aims to merge cell and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly.

Half your digital ads are never seen, says Google

A not-so-encouraging report about digital advertising reach.

Did Lysol exploit an epidemic by buying the top Google search result for "Ebola"

A curious use of search engine marketing.

Google Inbox Clicks With Marketers

Email marketing experts see largely positives in the new mobile app that gives people greater control of and access to their inboxes.

More Bang From Bing?

If you think Microsoft's search engine is a nonentity, think again. It delivers higher revenue per visit to retailers than Google, or anyone else for that matter.

Atlas Hugged

Facebook's reworking of Microsoft's old ad platform provides marketers with cross-device tracking capabilities and metrics. Will Atlas lift the social network to Googalian heights?

Android Season Approaches

Google's traditional release window looms large—just in time to challenge Apple's impressive iPhone 6 release.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter CPG Chiefs Dish on Tactics

Have recipes for video content, be adventurous with mobile, and sprinkle liberally with hashtags, social executives like Google's Kristina Hahn recommend.

News Corp. Chief Brands Google an 'Unaccountable Bureaucracy'

Robert Thomson warns the EU that an antitrust deal with Google will lead to a decrease in competitive options for marketers and an increase in piracy.

Watch out Google! Facebook's ads are now going beyond its platform

Facebook's ad network launches this month to challenge Google's display dominance.

Why Facebook poses a far bigger threat to Google than Amazon

Facebook emerges as the real challenger to Google's ad dominance

Amazon challenges Google with new online ads product, but can it win?

Amazon enters the search engine advertising wars.

Marketers fume as Google removes the Exact Match feature for AdWords

Search marketers fume over a change made to Exact Match.

Gmail's Unsubscribe Button Unlikely to Affect Marketers

Marketers shouldn't worry too much about the new feature, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't pay attention.

YouTube acquires Directr, a video making app for small businesses

YouTube has a new tool for small time advertisers.

Google Shopping now features ratings for its product ads

Combines crowdsourced ratings with product displays.

Google acquires video advertising platform mDialog

Adds video advertising to its DoubleClick service.

Google's Satellite Connection

O3b Networks, whose cofounder heads Google's satellite venture, brings real-time connectivity to ships and drilling platforms in remote sea locations.

Proposed Gmail Changes Might Benefit Marketers

A new and simpler revise of the Gmail inbox surfaces, and experts like what they see: less text, more images, less distraction.

Google Expands Same-Day Delivery to NYC, LA

Free six-month memberships get the ball rolling on the coasts today. Retail partners include Costco, Target, and Walgreens.

News Byte: Google Glass Hits the Streets Today

Will connected specs catch on—at $1,500—with the general populace? Today we begin to find out.

Growing Up Gmail: 10 Years of Email Marketing Lessons

A look back on how Gmail changed the email marketing industry.

Infographic: How Google ranks a website

Understanding the algorithm.

News Byte: Mobile Search Advertising to Steal $1.4 Billion From Desktop

As goes Google, so goes the digital ad world. The company will see a 10-point swing in share to mobile search ads this years, says a new report.

News Byte: Google Introduces Consumer Ratings Annotations

The search engine giant introduces a new concept that reinforces old values.

Google Sells Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91B

The search engine giant calls it quits with the Android smartphone and Bluetooth accessories provider.

News Byte: Google Buys Into The Internet of Things

It spends $3.2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, maker of Web-connected household devices such as thermostats and smoke alarms.

News Byte: Google+ Launches Social Ad Format

Toyota Corolla, Cadbury, and Ritz are among the first brands to use +Post ads.

Epsilon: Gmail Tabs Are Bad News for Marketers

Gmail's click rate dipped for the first time in years, says a new study. Marketers need to focus on optimizing emails for mobile, where the Tabs format is not operational.

Google Settles Safari Privacy Suit for $17 Million

The settlement will be split by 37 states; Google promises not to override cookie blocking settings in the future without consumer consent.

News Byte: Google Chief Slams NSA for Peeping

Schmidt calls agency's tapping of data centers "outrageous," complains to White House.

News Byte: Oracle, Google Lead Obamacare Rescue Effort

Tech companies come to the rescue of, lending it computer programmers and engineers.

NSA Gets Hooks Into Google and Yahoo Data Centers

The agency scans accounts of millions of users daily, though neither they nor marketers are likely to care, experts say.

News Byte: PPS (Pay Per Share) on Google Now Tops $1,000

Share price rises to $1,007 on better-than-expected financial results buoyed by rise in pay-per-click business.

News Byte: Google Announces Q3 2013 Results

For Google, aggregated paid clicks increase, as average CPCs drop.

Gmail Tabs: For Better or For Worse

The debate continues on whether Gmail Tabs are good or bad for marketers.

Google AdWords Helps HomeAdvisor Build a New Brand

The home improvement site relies on Google AdWords for its rebranding efforts.

News Byte: Google Overhauls Search Engine

New search algorithm affects 90% of searches.

News Byte: Google May Be Giving Up on Cookies

Google is rumored to be releasing a new technology that will replace third-party cookies. How will this affect online tracking?

StrongView: Taking Advantage of Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

Scared of Gmail's tabbed inbox? Don't be. Here are six tips courtesy of StrongView on how you can take advantage of it.

Consumer Watchdog Barks Back at Google

Are Google's automated email scanning practices fair?

Gmail's New Inbox: The upside for marketers

Tabs may make marketing emails more accessible, not less.

Fighting for a PLAce in the Sun

Will Adlucent's BuyerPath for Product Ads software improve Google's PLAs?

FTC: Sponsored Search Results Need To Be Clearer

FTC and search engines aren't on the same page when it comes to paid search ads.

Email Pioneer Says the United States Postal Service Must Survive

USPS is an important national infrastructure that can and should endure, says Google Chief Innovation Officer Vint Cerf.

Ad:Tech: Google's Five Digital Advertising Trends

Susan Wojcicki, SVP of advertising at Google, outlined "five ideas shaping the future of digital advertising"

Google Privacy Chief Steps Down

Alma Whitten hands the reins of the company's privacy policy to team member Lawrence You.

The Peaks and Pitfalls of Marketing in 2012

A recap of the marketing highlights, and lowlights, from the past year

On the third day of shopping my true love gave to me, an online and mobile commerce spree

IBM, Google, and Adobe break down the trends from this weekend's shopping extravaganza

Google's making a list and checking it twice

Google unveils tools to help consumers navigate the "nonline" shopping space for the holidays and beyond.

Discovering the "nonline" land in the world of e-commerce

Google analyzes the middle ground between where online ends and offline begins.

Top brands are data masters

Creating a holistic customer experience through customer insight is a common trait of the world's 100 most valuable brands, according to Interbrand.

Breaking mobile out of the box

Google's mobile guru gives the Advertising Week crowd a primer on how to establish a positioning on the third screen.

Bing: the mean girl of the search engine world

In the world of search engine cliques, Google is queen bee wile Bing falls short as a wannabe.

Internet behemoths take on Capitol Hill

Shape policy or be ruled by it is the likely reasoning behind Facebook, Google, and other major online players joining The Internet Association

Google finally opts for a 'Do Not Track' option

Analysts speculate the reasoning behind Google's 'Do Not Track' addition to Chrome, and question whether legislation will ensue nonetheless.

Google adds 13 languages to voice search

Search giant Google has expanded the net of its mobile voice search capabilities by adding 13 new languages to the Voice Search service for Android phones.

Google acquires Frommer's

Having acquired Frommer's from John Wiley & Sons on Aug. 13, Google now plans to add the travel guide trademark to its previous Zagat acquisition in an effort to expand its Google+Local platform.

Motorola terminates 4,000 employees

Motorola Mobility will terminate 4,000 employees and close or consolidate approximately one-third of its branches.

Google revenues increase 35% year-over-year

Google reported $12.21 billion in revenue during Q2 2012, a 35% increase over Q2 2011. The increase without Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings would have been 21%.

Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO

Former Google executive Marissa Mayer has been named president and CEO of Yahoo.

Kellogg Company: 'We don't care about clicks'

Clicks are irrelevant to the Kellogg Company's digital marketing goals of driving sales and building brand awareness, says Bob Arnold, the company's associate director of global digital strategy.

Google launches Google Trusted Stores program for U.S. businesses

Google has launched a program to increase sales for merchants and help e-commerce shoppers in the U.S. feel more confident in their purchases.

Former Motorola Mobilily CMO joins Blue Calypso as CEO

Blue Calypso, a digital marketing start-up firm based in Texas has appointed Bill Ogle as chairman and CEO.

Google revamps its integrated ad platform

Google unveiled on June 5 what it called the "biggest ever overhaul" of its DoubleClick ad platform, a tool that aims to enable marketers and agencies to more easily manage their ad campaigns across a variety of channels.

Google quantifies display advertising trends

Google is endeavoring to put a quantitative spin on certain beliefs currently held within the display advertising industry.

Yahoo! searches for market share with Axis

Yahoo has released Axis, a new cross-platform browser extension that allows users to continue searches from one device to another.

Google places "big bet" on mobile computing with Motorola Mobility acquisition

Google closed a $12.9 billion deal to acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings.

How will Google's Knowledge Graph affect SEM?

Google launched on May 16 its Knowledge Graph, which allows users to search for things, people and places that "Google knows about" and "instantly get information that is relevant to your query," according to a blog post by Amit Singhal, SVP of engineering at Google.

YouTube rolls out Google AdWords for video

Google subsidiary YouTube rolled out to the general public Google AdWords for video, a self-service and pay-per-view video ad platform, said Lane Shackleton, product manager at YouTube.

Google revamps audience measuring analytics

Google introduced the Brand Activate Initiative, designed to promote an alternative way of measuring the audience for online media by implementing metrics similar to those used in television, said Neal Mohan, Google's VP of display advertising, at Ad Age Digital Conference in New York.

Despite Google's growth, CPC revenue drops

Although Google reported net income of $2.89 billion for the first quarter (Q1) of 2012, an increase from $1.80 billion for the same period last year, its cost-per-click (CPC) revenue decreased 12% in Q1 and 6% in Q4 2011 quarter-over-quarter.

MMA appoints Google executive to board

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has appointed Google's VP of display advertising Neal Mohan to its global board of directors, said John Bianchi, MMA's communications director.

Google enhances AdWords

Google introduced two capabilities and enhanced an existing feature to its AdWords Product, said Richard Holden, a Google product management director. The optimized AdWords provides more precision via advanced targeting by zip code, enables advertisers to create a single ad for multiple locations and improves on the existing Advanced Location Targeting feature.

Google nabs TxVia for its mobile wallet offering

I know this is silly, but the term "mobile wallet" sounds odd to my ear. Aren't all wallets mobile in that you can carry them around with you in your pocket or purse?

Google launches customer survey tool

Google launched its first consumer survey tool designed to help companies conduct low-cost, online research, said Andrea Faville, the company's manager of global communications and public affairs.

Report: Consumers more likely to engage with mobile ads

Consumers are significantly more likely to click through a search ad on a smartphone or tablet than they would on a desktop computer, said Matt Lawson, VP of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software, a provider of paid search management services. Consequently, Marin Software's study "State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US 2012" anticipates 25% of Google's US paid search clicks will come from smartphones and tablets by December 2012.

Google launches social media reports tool

Google Analytics launched Social Reports, a set of five reports that apply key business-related metrics to branded social media sites and marketing campaigns. Social Reports tracks more than 400 international social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Hyves in the Netherlands, VKontakte in Russia and Mixi in Japan, to help marketers measure the value of their social media efforts, said Phil Mui, group product manager at Google Analytics.

Pinkberry to accept Google Wallet at 69 retail locations

The frozen yogurt franchise Pinkberry will accept payments and process coupons through Google Wallet, an NFC-powered Android app for smartphones, at 69 of its retail locations, said a Google Commerce blog post.

White House unveils "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights"

The Obama administration released its "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights" for web consumers on Feb. 23, aimed at giving people more control over how their personal information is collected and used online.

Google revenue up 29%, marketing spend increases 62%

Google generated $37.9 billion in revenue during 2011, a 29% increase compared with the previous year. Revenue from advertising also increased 29% year-over-year to total $36.5 billion, contributing 96% of Google's overall revenue. The company increased its spending on sales and marketing by 62% compared with the previous year to $4.5 billion.

Twitter hires ex-Google ad sales exec

Twitter hired Rob Goulding as its national inside sales manager, Twitter spokesperson Matt Graves confirmed on Jan. 18. The hire took effect yesterday.

Google testing search ads featuring email opt-ins

Google is testing an ad unit that would allow consumers to opt in to email newsletters within the ad, according to reports.

Google buys restaurant recommendation firm

Google acquired personalized recommendation company Clever Sense, the company said on Dec. 13. A Google spokesperson declined to disclose terms of the acquisition.

Google, Visit Florida partner on digital travel marketing co-op

Google and Visit Florida, the state's official tourism marketing organization, have partnered on a digital marketing cooperative program that spans display, video and mobile, the companies said on Dec. 12.

Q&A: Clara Shih, CEO and cofounder, Hearsay Social

Clara Shih, CEO and cofounder of social marketing firm Hearsay Social and author of The Facebook Era, discusses data and privacy on Facebook and what could come of Amazon integrating with the social media behemoth.

No plans to put ads in Google+, says Google executive

Google has no plans to run ads within its Google+ social network, said Christian Oestlien, head of social advertising products at Google, during a keynote address at the ad:tech New York conference on Nov. 9.

Google Offers adds 14 deal providers

Google expanded its daily deals product Google Offers on Oct. 26 to include offers from 14 deal providers, such as Gilt City, Tippr and Mamapedia. The company also added a form that enables consumers to personalize Offers according to their interests.

Google revenue up 33% in Q3

Google reported $9.72 billion in revenue for the third quarter of 2011, a 33% increase compared with Q3 2010. Google's advertising revenue generated 96% of total revenue during the third quarter.

Groupon COO departs for Google

Groupon COO Margo Georgiadis has left to join Google as president of Americas, the daily deals site said on Sept. 23.

The impact of Google's Zagat acquisition on search marketing

The acquisition will affect search marketing in a number of ways, such as fueling Google with more content to distribute to people performing local and mobile searches.

AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo to share display ad inventory

AOL, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo have agreed to share unsold display ad inventory, according to numerous news reports.

Google relaunches product search: 2011

Google relaunched its product search page on Sept. 14, said Stephanie Tilenius, VP of commerce and payments at the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. It will also soon debut Google+ business pages, she said, although she did not reveal a specific date.

Google + offers new challenges, opportunities for marketers

Google + is more than just a new social network and a chink in Facebook's armor—it's a critical piece of the Google puzzle. Google won't stop until it gets it right, and when that happens, I think we'll see a significant shift in our digital universe, which will have a defining impact on the landscape for marketers, brands, start-ups, consumers and the creative services industry.

Google adds restaurant reviews giant Zagat to menu

Google acquired restaurant reviews company Zagat on September 8. The Zagat team will continue to work at its New York office and retain its brand, products and services.

Google acquires loyalty company Zave Networks

Google has bought digital coupon and loyalty program provider Zave Networks. Zave's employees will join Google's Commerce team, said a Google spokesperson via email.

Google+ partners with Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews on +1 referrals

Google has partnered with social commerce companies Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews to help brands implement the "+1" recommendation button.

Google pays $500M to settle federal charges

Google has forfeited $500 million to settle US Justice Department charges that it helped Canadian pharmacies target US consumers through its AdWords product. The ads resulted in the "unlawful importation" of prescription drugs, according to the Justice Department.

Google digitizes retailers' catalogs with iPad app

Google has launched an app for Apple's iPad tablet that enables retailers to digitize print catalogs and embed rich-media content, such as videos. Catalogs from retailers including Macy's, Pottery Barn and Sephora are available through the Google Catalogs app at launch.

Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5B

Google has agreed to acquire mobile device manufacturer Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The acquisition is expected to close early next year.

Google acquires deals aggregator The Dealmap

Google has acquired deals aggregator The Dealmap, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company said Aug. 2.

Marketers wait their turn for Google+

Google has long lagged behind Facebook and Twitter as a social media destination. Google excluded nearly all brands from 
participating at launch, leaving experts to speculate about the platform's marketing potential.

Google has an identity crisis, shortens itself

Google launched its URL shortcut Which would you rather say: Gee-Dot-Coh or Google?

Google revenue up 32% in Q2

Google reported $9 billion in second-quarter revenue on July 14, a 32% increase compared with Q2 2010. The company's revenue from advertising grew 33% year-over-year to $8.7 billion in the second quarter, accounting for 97% of total revenue.

Google to be audience-advertiser matchmaker

Advertisers will soon be able to Google their target audiences, if the search giant's reported plans come to fruition.

Heineken signs ad barter deal with Google for consumer data

Heineken N.V. has signed a deal with Google to run Heineken ads on YouTube and mobile display ads in exchange for consumer data. The brewing company is discussing a similar partnership with Facebook, the company said on June 30. Marnie Kontovraki, brand PR press officer at Heineken N.V., said that the companies reached the agreement in March.

Google expands behavioral ads to all AdWords accounts

Last week Google said that it is rolling out the ability for all AdWords advertisers to run behaviorally targeted ads. Google spokesperson Andrea Faville said via email that the ads will be served "based on [consumers'] browsing history, not search history."

Google confirms FTC subpoena, investigation

The Federal Trade Commission notified Google on June 23 that it is investigating the company's search and advertising business, Google said in a regulatory filing the following day.

Google execs to be subpoenaed: WSJ

The Federal Trade Commission is set to subpoena Google to ensure either Eric Schmidt or Larry Page, the company's two top executives, appears before a commission investigating whether the company has abused its position in the search marketing space, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Google close to $400M Admeld buy

Google is close to acquiring display advertising company Admeld for $400 million, according to numerous news reports. Admeld produces a real-time bidding platform that helps online publishers sell display ads.

Display ad spending to hit $200B, says Google VP

Display advertising spending will rise from $25 billion in 2010 to $200 billion "in a few short years," Neal Mohan, VP of product management at Google, told attendees of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's "The Future of Display" event on June 9 in New York.

Google ad sales exec departs to join Media6Degrees

Google advertising sales executive Penry Price will leave the company to become president of behavioral advertising firm Media6Degrees as of June 15, both companies said June 6.

Google buys PostRank for social analytics

Google acquired social analytics company PostRank, a firm that measures social media engagement for online advertisers and publishers, on June 3.

Twitter buys keyword management firm AdGrok

Twitter has acquired keyword bid management platform AdGrok, the companies said May 31. AdGrok employees have joined Twitter's revenue engineering team, with plans to discontinue AdGrok's Google AdWords management product on June 30.

PayPal sues Google, former execs over Wallet

PayPal filed a civil suit against Google and two Google executives on May 26 over the latter company's newly revealed mobile payment product. The suit alleges that Google, and two former PayPal executives now working at the Mountain View, Calif.-based company, misappropriated trade secrets and breached their contracts to develop the Google Wallet mobile application.

Google unveils mobile payments, daily deals

Google will roll out a mobile payment system and national daily deals service this summer that will let consumers make purchases and redeem offers from their mobile phones at participating merchant locations, the company said at a May 26 event in New York.

Android dominates April mobile ad impression share, but iOS leads in revenue: study

Mobile devices running Google's Android operating system generated 53% of mobile ad impressions in April, according to a report released by mobile advertising network Millennial Media this week. The company's latest "mobile mix" report found that ads served on Apple iOS devices and RIM's BlackBerry OS devices trailed Google's in impressions at 28% and 16%, respectively.

Behavioral marketing has benefits, McCaskill tells Senate colleagues

Behavioral marketing provides value to consumers, said US Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) during a Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing on May 19. McCaskill's opinion contrasted with those of her upper chamber colleagues, who spent much of the mobile privacy hearing discussing location tracking.

Google teams with Digitas on mobile research

Google has partnered with digital agency Digitas to produce mobile marketing analysis and consumer research, the companies said May 16.

Picture Gmail rollin'...out images to ads

Google is getting ready to add images to ads running in Gmail, according to The New York Times' Randall Stross. The reporter gleaned that information from Alex Gawley, Google's senior product manager who heads Gmail, for an article looking at Google's in-mail ads.

Google designates $500M for Justice Department investigation

Google has designated $500 million of its first-quarter earnings for potential charges stemming from a US Department of Justice investigation into its advertising business, according to company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rockefeller to introduce Do Not Track bill in Senate

US Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) will introduce a Do Not Track bill next week that would require companies to abide the choice of consumers who opt out of online behavioral tracking.

Google adds to social strategy with +1

Google began to roll out its latest social tool, +1, in late March in an effort to enable consumers to see what search results their friends and family members recommend. The company also signaled that it intends to incorporate social media information from networks such as Twitter to further 
influence +1 results.

Apple says it's not tracking customers' locations

Apple said April 27 that it has never tracked iPhone users' locations and dismissed the possibility of doing so in the future. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company said that although it does not monitor devices' locations, it does so in relation to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers "which may be located more than 100 miles away from your iPhone." The company said the monitoring is "anonymous and encrypted" and used to calculate a device's location through GPS systems.

Privacy is consumers' top mobile app concern: survey

Privacy is consumers' top concern when using mobile applications, according to a survey by online security firm TRUSTe released April 27. Nearly four in 10 consumers (38%) identified privacy as their top concern, and more than half (56%) said the issue is one of their foremost concerns, according to the online survey of 1,000 consumers conducted in February by research company Harris Interactive.

Google revenue up 27% in Q1

Google reported $8.6 billion in first-quarter revenue on April 14, a 27% increase compared with Q1 2010. Advertising generated 97% of the company's revenue in the quarter, with ads on Google sites accounting for 69% of total revenue.

Apple's Safari browser boasts anti-tracking tool

Apple will include a feature in an upcoming version of its Safari Web browser that will allow consumers to ask websites not to track their online behavior, according to published reports. The tool will reportedly be included in a developer release of the operating system Apple will debut this summer.

Google adds check-in deals to location-based service

Google said it has added so called "check-in deals" nationally to its location-based service. Companies participating in the service at launch include American Eagle Outfitters, Quizno's, Macy's and RadioShack. The new feature enables brands to offer consumers discounts and samples.

Google is everywhere, but that's also a challenge for the search giant

It's hard to imagine life without Google at this point. (Remember AltaVista?) Between its Web search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps products, the company is nearly ubiquitous for people who use a computer every day.

Google settles FTC privacy charge

Google settled Federal Trade Commission charges on March 30 that it violated consumers' privacy, as well as its own policies, when it launched social network Google Buzz in February 2010. The FTC had charged Google with violating the Federal Trade Commission Act by using Gmail customers' information for Google Buzz without their consent, according to the FTC.

Google gives retailers more control through Commerce Search update

Google updated its Commerce Search platform, which is used by retailers on their own e-commerce websites, on March 29 to include interactive features such as instant results and in-store product availability. The update also gives retailers more control over which products are promoted in search results.

Judge throws cold water on Google book project, possible new ad revenue stream

Google ran into a major hurdle yesterday in its ambitious quest to bring all the world's books to the Internet. A US district court judge in New York ruled that the technology giant would gain the ability to "exploit" books without the permission of copyright owners, essentially ripping up the company's agreement with authors. The decision will also limit Google's ability to sell advertising alongside the books' content.

Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer 9, featuring privacy enhancements

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9, which allows consumers to block websites' ability to collect data without their knowledge or consent, on March 15. Consumers can also enable a "tracking protection list," which catalogs websites that will be prevented from monitoring the user's online behavior.

Are marketers who play by rules falling behind?

Webmasters have been looking for ways to artificially manipulate organic rankings since the inception of search engines.

Deal in 'black hat' tactics and risk Google's wrath

Although it was JCPenney who recently made headlines for its involvement in "black hat" SEO, it is certainly not the only company to use these methods to drive website traffic

Cost-conscious small businesses turn to social, search marketing: survey

A growing number of local businesses, facing tight marketing budgets, are turning to search engine marketing and Facebook to promote themselves, according to a survey from MerchantCircle, a social networking site for local business owners.

When SEM goes wrong

The New York Times article on search engine marketing this past weekend showed that JCPenney was getting so much traffic even Google knew something was up.

Most purchases, half of transactions to be mobile by 2015: Google

Two-thirds of all purchases and half of transactions will occur on mobile devices by 2015, Google executives said February 4. Consumer coupons will also transition from their current rate of 80% push to 80% opt-in four years from now, said David Shapiro, Google's director of small business marketing.

Google, Microsoft fight it out

Does Microsoft's Bing search engine copy results from Google? Does it matter? The two tech-sector giants have been going at it — at least as much as two companies can through their blogs and Twitter accounts — over this topic for much of the week.

Mozilla, Google launch anti-tracking browser tools

Mozilla and Google said January 24 that they will provide options in their respective Firefox and Chrome Web browsers to block the tracking of consumers' online behavior. Mozilla will let consumers opt out of tracking and behavioral advertising in Firefox 4, while Google will add an extension to Chrome.

Google to launch Groupon-like daily deals service

Google is creating a US-only daily deals service and competitor to Groupon called Google Offers. Google reportedly tried to buy Groupon with a multibillion-dollar offer last month, but was rejected by the deals website.

Google ad revenues up 26% in Q4; Page to replace Schmidt as CEO

Google said January 20 that it earned $8.2 billion in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2010, a 26% increase compared with Q4 2009. The company's ad revenue jumped 23.4% for full-year 2010 to $28.2 billion. Mountain View, CA-based Google also said Eric Schmidt will step down as CEO to become executive chairman. He will be replaced by cofounder Larry Page on April 4.

Mobile sets agenda

Mobile advertising, once nascent, has grown into an increasingly important, but fractured marketplace.

Sites unite for local search offering to offset Google dominance

A number of local-oriented companies are using tools developed by technology company Yext Inc. to improve small business listings on their sites, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Google Hotpot launches first local marketing campaign

Google Hotpot, a local recommendation engine, launched a b-to-b direct marketing campaign in Portland, OR on December 9. The goal of the effort is to educate businesses about the benefits of using Google Places to gain exposure, increase online ratings and reviews, and boost traffic.

Google eBookstore could create ad-supported book publishing model: experts

Google's just launched eBookstore, which made available approximately 3 million digital books from more than 4,000 publishers, will be a boon for the nascent e-tablet market, according to industry experts. It could also usher in ad-supported book publishing.

Google steps into fashion e-commerce with

Industry experts predicted that Google's just-launched e-commerce site,, will give consumers intriguing personalization options and marketers new targeting opportunities. Google launched the site November 17.

It pays - literally - to work for Google

It looks like Google's impressive mobile and online display advertising revenues are paying off for the company's employees. Google management reportedly told staff in an internal e-mail this week that it's giving them a 10% raise and a $1,000 bonus.

Google eyes TV future

Advertisers may be salivating over the targeting promise of Google TV, but it is still unclear how and when search engine marketing and advertising will move from the computer to Google TV.

Google seeing success in mobile advertising

Google's third-quarter earnings easily beat expectations, and its CEO noted that the company is starting to see the fruits of its mobile advertising investments.

Google reports 23% Q3 year-over-year revenue increase

Google reported a 23% year-over-year increase in revenue to $7.3 billion in the third quarter.

Digital marketers turn to offline channels to stimulate sales of Web-based brands

While no one argues the importance of good digital marketing programs, some marketers have turned to more traditional forms of direct marketing to cut through the online clutter.

Google Instant will force marketers to use shorter terms, say experts

Google Instant, launched September 8 with the intention of quickening the search process for consumers, will force marketers to create shorter searchable terms on the Web, said industry experts.

AOL, Google expand search partnership to mobile, YouTube

Google and AOL said September 2 that they have renewed their search partnership for five more years and expanded it to include mobile search and YouTube.

Gmail enhancements will force marketers to target effectively

E-mail marketing industry experts shrugged off Google's debut of the "Priority Inbox" enhancement in Gmail this week, saying it may even help them target consumers more effectively. The feature prioritizes e-mail messages for consumers.

Google acquires

Google has acquired e-commerce and visual search website Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

OMG and Google partner for display

Omnicom Media Group has partnered with Google to buy display ads for clients through the search giant's ad exchange, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Retailers should go multichannel, use better search results, says Google rep

A Google analyst recommended that retailers use a multichannel approach and maps in paid search at the Digital Marketing Days conference in New York on June 15.

FTC ends investigation into Google-AdMob deal

The Federal Trade Commission closed its investigation into Google's acquisition of AdMob May 21, finding the buy "is unlikely to harm competition in the emerging market for mobile advertising networks."

Google to abandon Nexus One e-commerce sales

Google will pull its Nexus One smartphone from e-commerce channels in favor of widening its in-store retail distribution. The search giant announced the change May 14 on its blog.

Internet ad revenue jumps 7.5% in Q1: IAB

US Internet advertising revenues hit $5.9 billion in the first quarter of 2010, a 7.5% year-over-year increase and an all-time high for the period, according to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

WPP chief Sorrell wants thorough examination of Google-AdMob deal

Google's $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob should be given a "rigorous" examination by federal regulators, WPP Group boss Martin Sorrell said May 10.

Google to enter the e-book business this summer

Google said May 5 that it will begin selling e-books this summer, increasing the company's footprint in the e-commerce sector. Through Google Editions, consumers will be able to purchase e-books through Google's book-search service.

Privacy groups want FTC to investigate advertisers' use of digital data

Consumer advocacy groups the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), US PIRG and the World Privacy Forum filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on April 8, asking it to investigate consumer privacy threats from data-targeting auctions and online exchange marketplaces.

Google launches Remarketing tool

Google rolled out its Remarketing feature, which allows marketers using AdWords to target consumers with whom they have previously interacted, on March 24. The feature can be used for text ads, rich media ads, display ads and video ads. The tool has been tested in beta since March 2009.

Does Google Buzz offer marketers value?

Like most Google products, the introduction of Gmail's social network Google Buzz is getting mixed reviews. Does it offer any opportunities for marketers? Two experts debate

Google hires eBay veteran Tilenius as commerce VP

Google has hired eBay veteran Stephanie Tilenius to serve as VP of commerce, a newly created position.

Microsoft, Yahoo apply search partnership after US, European approval

Microsoft and Yahoo are preparing to implement their search partnership, which gained approval from the US Department of Justice and the European Commission on February 18.

Privacy group files FTC complaint about Google Buzz

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a consumer privacy advocacy group, has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about Google Buzz.

Google alters Buzz after privacy complaints

Google has been forced to make a series of changes to its social networking service Google Buzz after it was slammed for breaching the privacy of Internet users by exposing their personal details to the world. Based around Gmail, Google launched Buzz on February 9 in an effort to carve out a slice of the social networking space and take on rivals Facebook and Twitter.

Google inks deal to acquire

Google has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Aardvark, a company that runs the social searching site Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Inbox Insider: Gmail going social poses challenges for marketers

'The Wall Street Journal' reported this week that Google will add more social media elements to Gmail. This raises questions for marketers, many of whom have worked to integrate social technology with e-mail in recent months.

Google took to the stage in last night's game

Google came out of its Internet shell to do a TV ad during the Super Bowl for the very first time.

Three things you didn't know Google Analytics could do

If you only use Google Analytics to track your website's traffic and measure the impact of your pay-per-click ad campaigns, you may be missing out on some great features that will help increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts. Here are three incredibly useful features of Google Analytics that you ought to know about:

Google, Apple battle for mobile dominance

Apple recently acquired Quattro Wireless, a mobile Web advertising firm — a space in which Google is the dominant player. Google, meanwhile, is selling its new smartphone, the Nexus One, on its Web site.

Search sites increase use of bargains, mobile this holiday shopping season

To take advantage of consumers' desire for bargains this holiday season, search-focused sites are beefing up their price-comparison engines with enhancements such as better images, more reviews and easier-to-find coupons. has debuted a search format that helps consumers more quickly find coupons, while has launched a coupon deals feature. Google Product Search, meanwhile, has updated its capabilities.

TiVo and Google partner to measure Google TV Ads

TiVo has teamed up with Google to measure the audience reach of Google TV Ads. Terms of the deal, announced November 24, were not disclosed. This agreement will let Google TV Ads gather DVR-viewing data from TiVo's subscribers.

Google to acquire Teracent

Google, in the midst of a buying spree, has acquired display ad network company Teracent. Terms of the deal, announced November 23, were not disclosed. The search giant announced the acquisition of Gizmo5, a company that makes software for Internet-based calling on mobile phones and computers, and the buy of mobile display ad network AdMob this month.

UK-based Markco Media promotes in time for holiday e-commerce

Markco Media, a UK-based media and advertising company, will launch a paid search marketing campaign on November 19 to promote, the US counterpart to Previously the site was only promoted through organic search engine marketing.

Google: Retailers optimistic about holiday e-commerce

More than half (53%) of retailers' 2009 holiday advertising budgets are staying at the same level as last year, while 41% of retailers are seeing their ad spending allowances increase, according to analysis by Google and OTX, a consumer research and consulting firm.

YouTube tests skippable ad units

As Google looks for ways to monetize YouTube, the video-sharing Web site is testing an in-stream ad unit that lets viewers skip through an ad with the goal of making online video advertising more relevant. The concept of the ad unit is that while users are given the tools to skip the ads they don't want to see, when they do in fact watch them, they will do so with more engagement.

Google buys AdMob for $750 million

Google has agreed to acquire AdMob, a mobile display ad network, in an all-stock deal valued at $750 million. Susan Wojcicki, VP for product management, and Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering, said on Google's company blog on November 9 that "this acquisition will enhance Google's existing expertise and technology in mobile advertising, while also giving advertisers and publishers more choice."

Here a Google, There a Google, Everywhere a Google Google

Google doodles are Google's versions of the home page logo that celebrate events and anniversaries. Google today began featuring Sesame Street's beloved characters as a special doodle series in the run up to Sesame Street's 40th anniversary on November 10th. Big Bird was featured today on the Google homepage. Conveying his height, we only see Big Bird from the waist down; his legs form the L in Google.

Digital Insider: Social search will change the way brands use search

Now that Microsoft's and Google's partnerships with Facebook and Twitter are official, search is on its way to becoming the new kind of search engine that Bing promised at its launch.

Google debuts Campaign Insights display ad measurement tool

Google debuted a tool that measures the impact of brand awareness on online display ad campaigns this month. Called Campaign Insights, the platform compares two groups of Internet users, those who have been exposed to the ad and those who have not. It then measures the difference in searches and site visits of the two groups to identify the impact of the ad.

Digital Insider: Five Questions for Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips, former director of search analytics at Google, has recently stepped into a new role as President and CEO of Media6Degrees, a venture-backed start up. Two weeks into his new position, Phillips shared his thoughts on how next generation advertising will leverage the best of search, display and the social graph.

SpotMixer powers video in AdWords

Google AdWords users have a new option for creating in-stream video advertising now that SpotMixer's self-serve video ad creation platform has been integrated within AdWords' In-Stream Video Ads. The new deal, officially being announced today, enables AdWords users to create 15- or 30-second in-stream video ads using SpotMixer's do-it-yourself ad creation tool.

Yahoo debuts new versions of mail, messenger and search products

Yahoo announced on August 24 it has updated its Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger products, and it is testing a new search results page. The new search results page is designed to be consistent with the Yahoo homepage design and also features so-called intelligent search results that take prior searches into account when delivering results.

Five questions for a digital insider: Barbara Coll, CEO, Inc.

Barbara Coll, CEO of, sat down with DMNews at the 2009 Search Engine Strategies Conference to discuss the latest trends in search marketing. In our five questions, Coll covers why you can't do search in a vacuum and the reason search needs to be a strategy rather than a tactic.

Verdict on Microsoft campaign: Bing-O

Bing, the new search engine — sorry, decision engine — from Microsoft, launched in June with a slate of TV spots, print and online ads. Consider for a moment the challenge the creative team faced. Google has become literally synonymous with search, having beat out the other contenders, including Microsoft's own Live Search, simply by being better. So it was far from obvious that the world was looking for a new search engine.

Google gets a "caffeine" rush

Google is always up to new tricks and this week's goes well with coffee. The online giant has released a test version of a new search indexing engine, called Caffeine.

Sizing up the search marketing regulation debate

Last month, TechCrunch published an anonymous post, "The time has come to regulate search engine marketing and SEO." The author made an appeal to the government to regulate both Google and the search engine marketing industry. Statements and accusations flew back and forth in the comments section of the post, as well as across the Web. Now that the dust has settled a bit, contributing editor Sara Holoubek reached out to a few industry leaders to separate fact from fiction, with the end goal of informing direct marketers how best to interpret the key points.

Microsoft and Yahoo to partner for search and ad sales

In a move to better compete with search leader Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have finally come to an agreement to work together by inking a multi-year deal to partner around search and advertising.

Google partners with Visible World for addressable TV ads

Google announced it has formed a partnership with Visible World, an addressable TV ad technology company. The new relationship will give Google TV advertisers the ability to dynamically create several versions of a TV ad, targeted to specific segments, using Visible World's automated platform.

Digital Insider: Is Microsoft really making an impact against Google?

The launch of Bing in June was Microsoft's latest volley in the battle for market share against Google. But it is working? According to a new report from search optimization firm SearchIgnite, not yet. Bing has had little impact on Microsoft's share of U.S. paid search advertising in the second quarter of 2009, the study found. In fact, Microsoft's search has remained at 6% of the ad pie, where is has been for years, according to the report.

Google cost per click declines

Google announced its second quarter 2009 earnings on July 16, with $5.52 billion in revenues, a 3% increase compared with the same period in 2008. However, its average cost per click, which includes clicks related to ads served on Google sites and its AdSense partner sites, decreased 13%.

Unconventional wisdom for PPC campaigns

When I attend conferences and chat with peers, there's consensus regarding best techniques for pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management. After all, if conventional wisdom is most sound, why not repeat it? Instead, I have four unorthodox concepts to share.

Industry reacts to self-reg proposals on BT

The industry took a significant step in the behavioral targeting and privacy debate by releasing seven best practices principles for behavioral targeting on July 2.

Inside search: Finding the C-suite

CEOs and other high-ranking executives are some of the most active Internet search users at large companies, according to a study released last week by Google. The survey, done in conjunction with Forbes Insights, gathered responses from 354 executives at US companies with annual sales of more than $1 billion. Of the senior executives interviewed for the survey, 92% said that searching online was a valuable source of business information, and more than half said they preferred to do the searching themselves, rather than delegating the work to others.

How you and your company can survive universal search

Of 1.2 billion recent Google search queries, roughly 220 million contained a universal returned result. Listen up, folks: The onset of universal search makes dominating the first page of search results more competitive. What you lack could be the thing that hurts your ranking and visibility on the landscape.

As they evolve, e-books and their readers are potential bestsellers

E-books still represent a small percentage of overall online book sales. But this could soon change, thanks to several recent and upcoming developments in this category. In a new report, How Big Is the Reader Opportunity, Forrester Research forecasts that the US market for e-readers will rise from 1 million to 2 million users in 2009.

Google joins the growing e-book club

The e-book market is heating up with two recent developments. Google Inc. recently announced plans to launch a program that will allow consumers to purchase access to digital versions of books via any Web-enabled computer, e-reader or mobile phone. And, around the same time, Prime View International (PVI) signed a definitive agreement to acquire E Ink Corp., which manufactures many of the e-reader displays used today, for $215 million.

MMA adds execs from Nielsen, Vibes Media and others to its Board

The Mobile Marketing Association announced its 2009 North American Board of Directors today. New to the board this year are: The Nielsen Co.'s Julia Resnick, VP of mobile media solutions; Millennial Media president/CEO Paul Palmieri; Sprint-Nextel's Lisa-Anne Uhrmacher, GM of mobile advertising; Verizon's Richard Williams, executive director, digital media operations; Vibes Media president Jack Philbin; and Yahoo's David Katz, VP of mobile advertising and publisher services.

IAB releases first official click measurement guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the release today of the first official click measurement guidelines, which are meant to help the online advertising industry combat click fraud. The guidelines were agreed upon by key industry leaders to help ensure that advertisers only pay for legitimate clicks.

Still "early days" for Twitter Search

The news that Twitter Search - which is currently simply a search box that trolls Twitter feeds in real-time - will also soon start crawling and indexing the links that Tweets link to, was covered closely last week by many news outlets, with plenty of questions as to whether this function could someday pose a threat to Google and other mainstream search engines.

Inside the social graph

Social media, social networks and now the social graph. The language might sound modern, yet the concept is timeless. Brad Fitzpatrick, a Google engineer and a respected thinker on the subject, describes the social graph as "the global mapping of everybody and how they're related." Fortunately for marketers, technology not only enables connections between people, but between people and brands.

Obama taps Google's Schmidt for advisory council

Google CEO Eric Schmidt's ongoing relationship with President Obama has just gotten an official stamp. According to the White House, Schmidt has been named as a member of the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, a group which will advise the president and vice president on a variety of science, technology and innovation areas.

Volvo promotes 2010 XC60 with YouTube takeover

Coinciding with the New York Auto Show last week, Volvo, Euro RSCG New York and Media Contacts launched an interactive homepage takeover of The initiative also marked the debut of an expandable banner ad, which promoted Volvo's 2010 XC60 by highlighting its "City Safety" feature, which stops the vehicle at low speeds to avoid collisions.

Google reports modest Q1

Google reported a 6% increase in first quarter earnings over the same period last year and a 3% decrease compared to the fourth quarter of 2008. Google released its first quarter earnings today during a conference call with investors.

Report: T-Mobile developing more devices featuring Google's Android

T-Mobile is planning to launch a number of communications devices utilizing Google's Android operating system, an open source software for mobile devices.

New D&B unit targets display ads based on search results

Database company D&B is launching a new media property it says will allow mar­keters to reach consumers searching for businesses, business services and prod­ucts when they are looking to buy. With the newly created unit, D&B Digital, marketers can reach business decision-makers as they are looking to purchase a product or service, said Mark Walters, VP of D&B Digital.

Facebook beats Google in steering niche traffic

Brands have long known that social networks can be a driver of traffic for their sites, but new stats from Hitwise say for some Web sites, Facebook can drive more users than Google. These sites include, celebrity gossip blog and mom-centric social net­work

Google's Tim Armstrong named CEO of AOL

Tim Armstrong, SVP of Google, has been named chairman and CEO of AOL. Randy Falco, who currently holds the title, as well as AOL's COO Ron Grant, will leave the company after a transition period. The announcement was made by chairman and CEO of AOL's parent company Time Warner Inc., Jeff Bewkes. Armstrong will start at AOL on April 7.

More words in average search query: Hitwise

Longer search queries are becoming more popular year over year according to a report put out by Hitwise. Though the majority of searches are one, two and three word queries, these length terms are down 3%, 5% and 1%, respectfully. But queries with four to eight words and over are all up year over year in growth ranging from 3% to 20%.

Copyrights settlement for Google Book Search may create new ad opportunities

As part of last year's class-action settle­ment with groups of authors and publishers, Google has launched a worldwide print legal notice campaign targeting owners of book copyrights. Per the settlement, Google had to inform copyright holders in a way that was considered by the courts to be "reason­able and practicable," which basically means buying a print ad in every country.

New Yahoo tool aims to boost its market share

In the first major change to its search technology since Carol Bartz took the helm as CEO last month, Yahoo is offering advertis­ers the ability to run images and video alongside text in paid search results. The program, called Rich Ads in Search, is currently being offered to brands by invitation only and is set to roll out in the next few months.

How would consolidation affect search?

Recently, Google backed away from a shared advertising agreement with Yahoo, which itselfis eyed by Microsoft. Our experts debate how consolidating engines affects search marketing

Google reports successful Q4

Google reported an 18% increase in fourth quarter earnings over the same period last year. The search giant released its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2008 earnings this afternoon during a conference call with investors. The leader in search market share reported revenues of $5.7 billion for the quarter, which ended December 31, compared to $4.83 billion for the same period last year.

Google to cut Print Ads service

In the latest in Google cuts, the search leader will shutter its Print Ads service on February 28. More than 800 US newspapers, including The New York Times and Chicago Sun-Times, use the service, which launched in November 2006.

Ex-Google exec joins

Coupons Inc., owner of the online coupons provider, has appointed former Google executive Steve Horowitz as chief technology officer.

Google shutters Catalog Search, five other products

Google has stopped its Catalog Search, which allowed those surfing the Web to access thousands of retailers' catalogs online, citing decreased usage.

Study: Google Checkout use slowing

The adoption of Google Checkout by online retailers is stalling, according to a study by interactive agency Rosetta.

Paid search ad gap shrinks between Yahoo, Microsoft in Q4: AdGooroo

Microsoft Live Search saw a boost in its first-page advertiser growth rate in third quarter 2008, according to search analytics firm AdGooroo's latest report. Google remains the giant with an advertiser growth of 58% over the third quarter. Microsoft Live Search came in second with a growth rate of 42.3%. Yahoo followed with 8.8%.

Survey: Americans watching more videos

Americans watched 12.7 billion videos in November 2008, up 34% over a year ago, according to a ComScore survey released this week.

Google, Apple, Microsoft sued for thumbnail preview images

Cygnus Systems Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Google, Apple and Microsoft alleging that the three companies violated a patent, issued in March 2008 and owned by Cygnus, for thumbnail images.

YouTube trumps Yahoo, Microsoft in November search queries: comScore

ComScore has released its November search engine rankings, and Google remains on top of the core search market share with 63.5% (up 0.4% from October). But perhaps more interesting is the fact that Google-owned YouTube garnered 2.79 billion searches.

Yahoo sets new consumer data retention policy

This week Yahoo released a new policy on data retention. Under the policy, the number two search engine will anonymize its users log data within 90 days.

MySpaceID, MySpace Toolbar launch

MySpace has released its response to the recently launched Facebook Connect: MySpaceID. The social networking giant is partnering with Google to allow its 127 million users to use their MySpace log in information to gain access to other areas of the Web.

Google, Yahoo still top, says Nielsen

Nielsen Online has released its October US search market share rankings. Google remains on top with 61.2% of the total number of queries, which is around 7.8 billion. Yahoo unsurprisingly remains in second with 16.9%.

Trademark bidding: Sneaky or smart PPC strategy?

Trademark bidding is a debated search strategy in which one company bids on its competitors' name or trademarked terms in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Google search "Ford F-150," and ads for Toyota Tundra appear in addition to Ford.

Google, P&G swapping employees

Google and Procter & Gamble (P&G) have been swapping employees since earlier this year in an effort to foster creativity and establish a mutual relationship. Since January, about 24 employees from Google and P&G have been sitting in on each other's business meetings while brainstorming and offering outsider opinions and ideas.

Healthcare much alive for Google

Pharmaceutical companies have been slow to fully embrace digital market­ing, but healthcare-related digital strategies are poised to gain momentum in 2009, according to Mary Ann Belliveau, manag­ing director, health vertical, at Google.

Advertisers shouldn't fear tuning back in to linear television

Despite what some believe, television content is anything but dead. Earlier this year, Nielsen reported that even in today's digitized world, the average American consumer watches more linear television per week than ever. What is up for debate, however, is the future of linear television advertising.

Measurement, analytics tools must keep up with media

As the latest in a series of steps that has changed the use of video and long-form footage online, Google opened YouTube up to search ads last week, allowing advertisers to tie their com­mercials to specific words entered into YouTube's search box.

FCC makes 'white spaces' available for broadband

Citing the potential to improve wire­less broadband access for consumers, the Federal Communications Commission voted last week to make the unused TV spectrum, commonly referred to as "white spaces," available to the public. The move relates to the FCC's mandate that television stations switch from broad­casting in analog to digital by February, meaning a large swatch of airwaves would be opened up for potential uses.

Google pulls out of proposed Yahoo agreement

Google has pulled out of its proposed advertising services agreement with Yahoo, which would have enabled Yahoo to use Google-provided ads on its Web sites and partner sites.

Kenshoo Search integrates Google Analytics

SEM technology provider Kenshoo Ltd. has integrated its end-to-end search marketing platform, Kenshoo Search, with the latest version of Google Analytics software. Marketers using Kenshoo will now be able to access all of their cross channel search data in Google Analytics for increased visibility, reporting and analysis.

Ad Club panel offers perspectives on search

Search experts discussed search engine recommendations and the value of pay-per-click ads at a panel discussion today on "Smart Choices in Search Advertising."

Google, WPP create research grant program

Online giant Google and media conglomerate WPP have created a grant program to support research into how online media influence consumer behavior, attitudes and decision making.

Google to pay $125 million in Book Search lawsuit

Google will pay $125 million in a settlement agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) on behalf of authors and publishers worldwide. The lawsuit challenged Google's plan to show clips of content from copyrighted books without explicit consent from copyright owners.

Without (fast) Internet access, we are nothing

This week, Verizon delivered some good news: Not only did the firm add 1.5 million new wireless subscribers in the third quarter, net income was up 31%. While landline and DSL customers decreased, the launch of FIOS, the company's fast Web, phone and television bundle, is meeting its targets. In short, if there is one thing that consumers won't sacrifice during a downturn, it is fast home and mobile digital communication. Fall fashion, the home renovation or even the new flat screen can wait. Without Internet access, we are nothing.

Yahoo layoffs spark concerns

Yahoo's announcement that it will cut 10% of its work force − at least 1,500 employees − following a poor third quarter performance has prompted an increase speculation regarding the proposed Yahoo-Google ad partnership.

There's more to search than just Google

It's no secret that the words "search" and "Google" have become synonymous in many peoples' minds. Frankly, I find this is a bit disturbing. Sure, Google has the biggest audience, and yes, its interface is arguably the most streamlined and intuitive. But just because Google maintains a significantly larger market share and might be a bit easier for users than the other engines does not mean it's the best at everything — which is why I'm interested in what everyone else is doing better than Google.

Google has profitable Q3

Google this afternoon released its Q3 earnings during a conference call with investors. This quarter, which ended September 30, the leader in search market share made $1.35 billion or $4.24 per share. This represents a 26% increase from this point last year when the company made $1.07 billion, or $3.38 per share.

This is not your father's search engine marketing

In 1999, I entered the SEO/SEM industry. The amount of changes since then has been staggering. The largest search engine today, Google, wasn't even on the map.

YouTube gets click-to-buy feature

Google this week introduced a click-to-buy feature on its subsidiary YouTube, where users watching a video with a music track can click to buy the song from Apple's iTunes and

At SMX East, Google's Armstrong discusses ad prices

As the proposed Google-Yahoo partnership moves ahead, Tim Armstrong, Google's president of advertising and commerce for North America, continued to stress that the search giant would not dictate its ad prices.

What is the ideal role for local search?

As mobile communications increase, marketers may still hesitate to make local search a large part of their strategy. Our experts discuss the pros and cons of investing in local search.

Using search data to drive annual budget planning

For some people, autumn conjures up thoughts of pumpkins, fall foliage and tweed suits. For marketers, it signals a 2-3 month stretch of excel spreadsheets, vendor reviews and endless negotiation. Yes, we are in the thick of planning season, and this year an uncertain economy will leave its mark on all line-items, search included.

Mobile and digital insight from OMMA keynote

Today's keynote address at the OMMA Conference and Expo came from Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired magazine and Josh Quittner, editor at large of Time Inc. They discussed challenges facing publishers and advertisers in the mobile space, Google-phobia and the proliferation of social networks.

Google buys Korean blogging company

Google has bought Tatter and Company (TNC), a Korean blogging software firm. The move will likely increase the search giant's market share and presence in Asia. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Online video for directories, RSS feeds and Google Universal Search

Using online video for online directory listings; how Google Universal Search affects online marketing campaigns; and using RSS feeds to complement my other marketing efforts.

Don't eschew keyword selection in favor of inbound links

With the major engines putting more and more focus on the number and quality of inbound links to a given site, search engine optimization (SEO) managers have turned largely to building more links to a site to help it rank as high as possible. However, if this is all that your SEO efforts focus on, you're missing out on a much bigger piece of the puzzle.

From Google Pages to Google Sites

Two and a half years after its beta launch, Google Page Creator is being phased out and replaced by the more robust Google Sites product. All current Google Pages will be moved to a Google Site by the end of the year, and no new Page Creator accounts are being accepted.

Inbox Insider: Google's good name attracts spammers

Spammers are known to take advantage of a legitimate company's good reputation. EBay, PayPal and MySpace have all had their social tools misused by scammers — in eBay's case, spam e-mails contain deals that seem too good to be true; while on MySpace, scammers have made false accounts to send spam messages to other members.

Yahoo opens up about Google ad services agreement

Yahoo has released more information about its non-exclusive ad services agreement with Google, in a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing dated August 8.

Using search to measure the impact of offline media for geo-targeted campaigns

Because search captures demand generated by other media, it can help you determine the impact of your offline marketing efforts. But what if your campaign is geo-targeted — can search still help you measure its impact? In a word, yes.

Regional update: SMX Sao Paulo wrapup

It must be fascinating to see the world through Google's eyes. At least, this is what I thought when Susan Humphries flew in from Mountain View, CA, to give a keynote at SMX Sao Paulo, the first major search engine marketing conference held in Brazil.

Push toward transparency may have consequences for PPC

In an effort to be more transparent to users, Google last week released a feature that shows users how their search results are customized.

Ex-Google employees launch new search engine Cuil

With the goal of proving searchers with richer Internet depth, a new search engine, Cuil launched today. The engine has indexed more than 120 billion Web pages, which the company claims is "three times as many as Google."

Can we please kill the Google killer talk?

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside, a new Google killer has been reported to be on the loose. Monday morning, start-up search engine was launched, accompanied by a rapid fire of cheerleading, speculation and, ultimately, ridicule. Search experts around the globe threw five to 10 queries at the engine before declaring Cuil a failure.

Google reports Q2 results

Google reported $5.37 billion in revenue for its second quarter ended on June 30. "Traffic and revenue have held up well despite uncertain economic conditions," said Eric Schmidt, Google CEO and board chairman, during a July 17 conference call.

Google sued for alleged improper advertising

Boston-based attorney Hal K. Levitte has brought a case against Google for allegedly charging him improperly for advertising on "low-quality" parked domain and error page Web sites.

IncrediMail enters into agreement with Google

E-mail icon services firm IncrediMail has signed an agreement to use Google as the default search engine on its consumer homepage service. The program let IncrediMail users perform Google searches and in turn compensates IncrediMail when IncrediMail users click on sponsored links.

Google AdWords offers TV ad distribution

Google today through a partnership with SpotMixer, an online tool which allows small to midsize businesses to create TV ads, is now allowing users to distribute TV ads. On SpotMixer's site, business owners can create ads from scratch or with existing media elements from radio or online video ads. They can then use SpotMixer's templates to add text, music and other elements to the commercials.

Adobe partners with Google, Yahoo for improved flash search

Adobe Systems has partnered with Google and Yahoo to improve search results for content within Flash-based rich Internet applications and dynamic content. To achieve this goal, Adobe has provided both search engines with optimized Adobe Flash Player technology in order to improve the indexing of the Flash file format.

The virtuous (or vicious) Google data machine

Ten years ago this September, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were about to set up offices in a garage. Their Web site,, delivered results for 10,000 searches a day. By 1999, that figure had jumped to 3 million. Today, Google processes hundreds of millions of searches each and every day. If this is a staggering number, consider that behind each and every search query is a set of consumer data, and it is access to this data that puts Google into a league of its own.

Google debuts Ad Planner

Google has released a new media-planning tool called Ad Planner that connects advertisers with publishers. Wayne Lin, business product manager at Google, spoke of the tool's benefits at the ARF's Audience Measurement 3.0 today in New York.

Yahoo debuts new domain name in e-mail

Yahoo is taking on Google's Gmail by introducing its own e-mail addresses. It has introduced the availability of two new e-mail domains that will give users the chance to register for the e-mail address or Yahoo ID of their choice at or

Yahoo, Google match-up may cause shift in search world

Yahoo and Google have entered into a non-exclusive ad services agreement which will give Yahoo the ability to use Google's AdSense for Search and AdSense for content advertising programs in the US and Canada.

Google Trends updated

The latest version of Google Trends, which allows users to see how popular specific search terms are across the Internet, has been met with tempered enthusiasm by search marketers.

Google Site Search Launches

Google Site Search, a rebranded and updated version of the company's Custom Search Business Edition, launched this week. Hosted by Google, the updated, advertising-free product allows businesses to add customized search functionality to their Web sites.

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