800 Washington Avenue N, Suite 206 634 W Main St, Suite 201, Madison, WI 53703
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: (612) 605-7556
Fax: (612) 677-3257


We’re a full-service, global, data-driven communications agency staffed by brilliant, unabashed accountability freaks with highly diversified field training. AKQURACY’s mission is simple: decrypt data in order to understand customer behaviors so they can re-create them, affect them and sustain them. From there, AKQURACY’s marketing strategies are based on real customer behaviors. Email. Web sites. Mobile devices. Direct mail. Today's consumers expect a consistent, unified experience. This need for coordinated, multi-channel marketing makes communicating with them a complicated business. They provide turnkey, single-source marketing communications designed to create consistent engagement: one-to-one targeted messaging combined with flawless production and execution.

Chairman & CEO:
Scott Petinga
Tel: (612) 605-7556

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Better relationships. Better ROI.

Founded in 1985, and voted among the nation's top direct marketing agencies, Anderson Direct & Digital extends brands, grows businesses and delivers superior ROI through scientific customer insights, and by fully integrating direct mail, email, online, search, print, social, mobile marketing and more. We provide world-class agency and production services—all from our Southern California facility.

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Anderson Direct and Digital

Anderson Direct and Digital

Better relationships. Better ROI. Founded in 1985, and voted among the nation’s ...