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Knotice allows you to seamlessly manage your multi-channel mix, maximizing the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance. Knotice’s on-demand platform, Concentri®, integrates customer data across channels, uniting mobile, email, website and direct display within a profile-based environment. Manage multiple touchpoints from a single log-in. The system also features: advanced segmentation tools; dynamic content; easy mobile optimization; robust reporting tools (including mobile analytics), plus exceptional deliverability. Visit  

Senior Account Specialist:
Becky DeRosa
Tel: (330) 922-0855

News Byte: IgnitionOne Acquires Knotice

The cloud-based data company adds first-party data and email services to its repertoire.

How the Cookie Crumbles

Privacy is a topic that's on everyone's mind. But some say it has less to do with data management platforms and more to do with certain anxieties in the industry.

Study: 20% of emails opened on mobile devices

More than 20% of emails sent during the first six months of 2011 were opened on mobile devices, according to a study released by email service provider Knotice on Nov. 30.

Fender uses SMS for rebate redemption effort

Musical instrument manufacturer Fender is running a product promotion campaign allowing consumers who purchase select amplifiers to register for a free product rebate via SMS. The company is working with digital marketing firm Knotice on the promotion.

Telltale Games hires Knotice for email marketing

Video game publisher Telltale Games has hired digital marketing firm Knotice to provide email marketing services, the company said May 6. Telltale will use Knotice's software platform to track, target and segment email communications based on information from opted-in customers, such as on-site behavior and product interests.

Crocs hires Knotice for mobile marketing

Footwear retailer Crocs has selected digital marketing firm Knotice to run its mobile marketing programs. The hire, announced January 19, comes as Crocs is expanding its agency roster to raise public awareness of the design of its core shoe products.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in micro-targeting via traditional and digital channels. Our mission is to help companies, non-profits, and universities alike find new prospects and better understand their existing contacts. We are on the preferred vendor list for a handful of Fortune 500 companies with three of the ten largest companies in the world turning to us for marketing insights. To put it simply, we're young (at least at heart), ambitious, and sometimes impulsive-but always hungry for new ideas.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in ...