Apple's takeover ad for the iPod touch shows why it is on the cutting edge

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Apple's takeover ad for the iPod touch shows why it is on the cutting edge
Apple's takeover ad for the iPod touch shows why it is on the cutting edge

Apple advertisements always seem to grab my attention and impress me, and this one was no exception.

The way that this ad takes over the entire page and manipulates all of its con­tent is nothing if not remarkable. While the back-end coordination to synchronize the movements of the ad with the on-page assets is worthy of admiration on its own, the marketing strategies behind it are not too shabby either. This ad falls directly in line with the bleeding-edge branding that Apple has managed to establish for itself. Reinforcing its image as an industry pioneer, this execution proves that Apple can continue to run campaigns that other companies cannot duplicate. The novelty and unexpected motion of the navigation and banner ad cannot be ignored; and with the first tilt of the iPod, users are hooked.

One component of a multiplatform campaign, the creative elements used here — images and music — are identical to the corresponding TV ads placed by Apple. The use of the same content threads the campaign together, but Apple still manages to keep each execution unique and fresh to the platform on which it is displayed.

Each component of this campaign also capitalizes on its mode of distribution. The on-page movement — outside of being completely startling — sharply contrasts with the static Web page; this moment would not be as effective if viewed on TV and certainly could not be executed in a print format. All the while, Apple maintains a sense of consistency while keeping each component interest­ing. This is a sizeable feat, and somehow Apple makes it look easy and obvious.

With the tagline, “The Funniest iPod Ever,” Apple follows the rule we all learned in elementary school: It is better to show, not tell. Without any voiceover, cumbersome text or list of features, users know what this new iPod can do and that owning one would be a great deal of fun.

The advertisement would not have the same impact if the featured images on the iPod were of rotating album covers or a playlist — the more common uses of an iPod. By using the images it does, Apple creates a stronger marketing message to support their tagline and set the new iPod product apart from its predecessors — and all of this was accomplished in just 30 seconds.

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