Digital Rights Management

How to control your online video usage

How to control your online video usage

Video is all over the place. It is great for the audience. It is great for marketers too, but it takes up computing space. Lots of it. This is a serious problem that will impact creative marketing and advertising departments in particular. Video is quickly supplanting everything else as the method used to spread whatever gospel needs to be spread online and beyond. However, these bigger digital files are causing bigger headaches all the way around.

Sony to convert e-book store to open format


In a move to make its electronic book store compatible with multiple devices and its Sony Reader e-reader devices open to multiple sources for content, Sony has announced plans to convert the Sony eBook Store to the open format EPub e-book standard by the end of the year and adopt Adobe Content Server 4 for copy protecting downloadable e-books. "Our intention is to lead by example," said Steve Haber, president of Sony's Digital Reading Business Division, in a statement.

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