Yahoo Revamps Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo's beta upgrade of its Yahoo Mail, announced this week, likely will help it compete with free e-mail providers such as MSN Hotmail and Google Gmail, which has been growing in popularity.

The ISP's modification of its e-mail system changes not only the appearance of Yahoo Mail, but also the way it functions. The beta version of the updated Yahoo Mail, which will be released to a limited number of users this summer, will function like a desktop client application, such as Microsoft Outlook.

"The new version ... works just like a desktop client application, by providing a faster experience with enhanced functionality," according to a Yahoo statement.

The update will let users drag and drop messages into separate folders, preview e-mail messages, view multiple e-mails at once, automatically check and deliver new e-mail and allow for quick searches of e-mail headers, the body of the e-mail and attachments.

Yahoo is also likely trying to compete with other ISPs that have released a gaggle of desktop search products this year allowing for easier searching of all e-mail messages and all computer desktop files.

Google introduced Desktop Search this spring, letting users who download the program conduct a full text search of their e-mail, files on their computer, Web bookmarks, chats, their Web page history and other features.

MSN launched its Desktop application in January, and Yahoo also recently began a similar service.

While Yahoo gave no timeline for the rollout of the Mail update, it said the upgrade would be made available to all Yahoo Mail users after it has completed beta testing.

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