Number of New Online Advertisers Jumps

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The number of new companies advertising online has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, according to AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix company.

AdRelevance found that new companies advertising online grew by 157 percent from January to October. The number of new companies advertising online is growing at an average rate of 14 percent per month.

More than 1,000 companies per month have advertised online for the first time since March. In addition, 5,489 new advertisers came online in just the third quarter of this year -- there were 2,935 new advertisers in the first quarter and 3,879 in the second -- despite many dot-coms' falling stock prices.

"Despite a financially slower third quarter, it's interesting to note that far more advertisers came online for the first time in August than in any month prior," said Charlie Buchwalter, vice president of media research at AdRelevance.

In August, top new advertisers on the Web included with 70 million impressions; Documentum with 51 million; Archipelago Holdings with 37 million; and Access Media with 29 million impressions.

AdRelevance released the findings in conjunction with the launch of its Hot 100 online advertising measurement tool, which ranks the 100 newest online advertisers weekly, along with the media value of their ad buys.

AdRelevance also found that traditional companies are increasingly topping the new Web advertisers list. In January, they accounted for 41 percent of new advertisers on the Web, but in October, they reached 50 percent. Dot-com companies made up the other 50 percent of new advertisers.

Among the top new advertisers in October were Planet Project with more than 100 million impressions; Major League Soccer with 30 million; Norelco with 16 million; Sak's Fifth Avenue with 11 million; and Sam's Club with 11 million impressions.

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