News Byte: Teradata Upgrades Campaign Management Solution

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Teradata expands campaign management options.
Teradata expands campaign management options.

Teradata today announced that its Customer Interaction Manager for digital marketers would be available globally on the cloud and measurably enhance personalized communicatons on a real-time basis.

Embedded predictive analytics and open access to data in any place or situation will enable marketers to better understand customer behavior and react with the most relevant messaging in the most effective channels, according to a news release issued by the company.

Subscribers to the campaign management solution will now be able to access data on multiple databases including Teradata and Oracle, and activate embedded predictive analytics that will enable them, Teradata says, "to do what they used to rely on data scientists to do." The new version of Customer Interaction Manager also features mobile-enabled dashboards for marketers on-the-go, expanded data visualization, and integrated digital messaging.

"This can be leveraged by both enterprise and mid-market companies,” says Teradata's Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager, Campaign Management/IMM. “As a key component in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, it's the gateway to integrating enterprise customer data and using Teradata's Big Data Discovery platform."


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