News Byte: ObservePoint Upgrades Tag Auditing Platform

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MyBuys enters the retargeting game.
MyBuys enters the retargeting game.

The old saw about having too much of a good thing applies to Web analytics, says ObservePoint Director of Marketing Matthew Miller, who relates that a query from a client led to today's introduction of added audit support for tagging. “The tagging had gotten too complex,” Miller says. “He came to us and said that the data he was getting from Omniture reports had to be wrong because they weren't lining up with other reports he was receiving from his agencies.”

Miller says that problems such as data inflation, in which double tagging of pages overstates metrics, and data leakage that puts proprietary information into the hands of third parties, moved ObservePoint to expand its analytics auditing software to encompass more than 50 online marketing technology tabs. The SaaS-based platform now supports RichRelevance, Adometry, MediaMatch, Criteo, AdRoll, and BlueKai, among others.

"Tags provide substantial value to site owners, but may create negative impacts if tags are mismanaged or there is a lack of awareness as to their function and ability to transfer data,” Miller says. In a recent study of the top 100 online retail sites, ObservePoint found that page metrics related to one third of their site activity metrics are inflated by at least 50%.

Poor analytics auditing can go so far as to harm a company's financial standing. As an example, Miller points to a large online retailer declaring in its 2011 annual report that visits to its website were down 1%, whereas there may not have been a decline at all. "The margin of error revealed in the study suggests that no company should cite unaudited web analytics data," Miller maintains.

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