News Byte: BrandAds Bumps Up Metrics for Online Video

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BrandAds' Ryan Pamplin
BrandAds' Ryan Pamplin

Earlier this week, the Media Ratings Council (MRC) lifted its advisory against using “viewable impressions” as a metric for charging for display ads, a move that bolstered the spirits of many a digital marketer. But Ryan Pamplin was not impressed. The cofounder and CRO of BrandAds, a provider of online video software, holds that MRC's move does nothing for pre-roll video.

“Viewability is not the issue; it's a symptom of the issue,” Pamplin says, noting that the problem is a host of “bad actors,” up to and including video ad networks, that sell impressions for unviewable ads. One case in point: pre-roll served up on small banner sizes upon which the ads are incapable of being fully seen or heard. “It's junk, and they're selling it and counting it as impressions,” Pamplin says.

That situation led to BrandAds's release this week of Bridge 2.0, an updated version of its video ad server that gives marketers the ability to track the video player sizes as well as specific domains where their ads are served on a dashboard. This allows for metrics that track traffic quality and viewability, and that can single out which media vendors and domains are wasting their budgets.

Pamplin claims that BrandAds's Bridge platform draws between a 15 and 20% response to single in-video survey questions, providing users with a broader sample than they get from subscription ratings services to create brand lift analyses by audience segment.

“Last year, for the first time, there was more video advertising consumed online than on TV,” Pamplin says. “What we do is provide a way to measure it.”


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