DoubleClick: Internet Shoppers Linger on Fewer Pages

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Online shoppers accessed fewer Web pages in the third quarter during each visit, but spent more time evaluating the content on each page visited, according to new research from DoubleClick Inc.

Data from DoubleClick's SiteAdvance Web analytics product revealed that the average number of seconds spent at each page increased by one-third to 43.49 seconds versus 32.47 seconds during the second quarter.

Online shoppers bought less frequently, but purchased items of greater value, as visitors carted products one-third less frequently. Purchases were made on 4.8 percent of all visits compared with 7.3 percent in the second quarter. Also, the conversion rate fell from 4.3 percent to 2.8 percent as average order value grew 44 percent to $167 in the third quarter versus $116 in the prior three months.

In another finding, cart abandonment continues to offer an opportunity to use re-targeting to capture lost sales dollars, DoubleClick said. For every dollar in sales, $4 was abandoned in the third quarter versus $5 during the second quarter. The average abandoned cart size increased from $358 in the second quarter to $370 in the third quarter. And the average abandoned unit was twice as expensive than a purchased unit.

Search confirms its status as a powerful sales tool, driving 7 percent of all sales in the third quarter. This was consistent with second-quarter performance. For example, 52 percent of visitors came from a referring Web address such as an e-mail link or search engine. On-site search, or search fields within a site, drove sales of multiple units with lower values - an average of $47.78 in the third quarter versus $58.98 in the second.

The data was collected via SiteAdvance across its clients' e-commerce sites and reflects 61 million visitors, 90 million visits, 738 million page views, 5.6 million total carts, 1.7 million purchased carts and $285 million in sales.

No individual site influenced the statistics, DoubleClick said. The company roughly has 35 users of SiteAdvance, including J. Crew, and However, not all clients may have been part of this benchmark study.

The next DoubleClick online holiday activity report is due in early January.


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