Anti-Spam Zealots Shout Before They Know All the Facts

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It's enough already. It's amazing how one reporter's misstatement of the facts regarding our epend service can awaken so many uninformed anti-spam zealots. Apparently these people have nothing else to do.

Lucky for 21st Century Marketing that our history, reputation and client base are solid, impeccable and informed, respectively. Unlucky for the direct marketing industry that these zealots feel a need to blast a company without knowing or understanding the facts, under the guise of some lofty mission to protect us all. What a spam sham!

It's also unfortunate that the direct marketing press doesn't know where to draw the line between reporting the views of its readers and responsible editorial.

I would hate to imagine that the media is prolonging this erroneous line of thinking at the expense of our company, which the media know has taken a long and public stand against spam.

David O. Schwartz

President, 21st Century Marketing

Farmingdale, NY

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