24/7 partners with Mindset for psychographic targeting

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In order to help brands target people with the “right psychographics,” 24/7 Real Media, a digital marketing company, has partnered with Mindset Media. 

Through the partnership, 24/7 Real Media's clients will have the option of using Mindset Media's Mindset Buys service, said Jim Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Mindset Media. The offering enables brands to target ads based on specific personality traits, he said.

“Simply put, it's the ability to target individuals based on what makes them themselves,” said Ari Bluman, SVP of North American sales and operations for 24/7 Real Media. “From a direct marketing perspective, obviously being in front of the right audience that buys a product or is moved by a message is essential,” he said.

24/7 Real Media, a WPP company, is headquartered in New York. Its clients include British Airways, Forbes.com, Vogue.com and the Weather Channel.

“With [24/7 Real Media's] large audience reach and targeting capabilities, mixed with this unique targeting filter, it allows these brands not only the ability to target in a new, innovative way, but also a lot of scale and reach,” Bluman said.

Working with data from Nielsen Online, Mindset Media has identified 20 different elements of personality, which include assertiveness, openness, spontaneity and pragmatism. The goal is to create mass audiences of people who tend to have the same personality type, Meyer said. People are targeted on an anonymous basis.

Mindset Media may offer the service to other networks in the future, but 24/7 is its first partner, Meyer said.


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