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From the mood set by its abundance of purple and sparsity of text to its emphasis on traveling in style, Virgin America's email is high flier. Completing the picture is an elegant drawing of a woman enjoying a flight and a time-sensitive deal emphasized by a subtly repeated call to action. The clarity of the cash-versus-points pricing on the main offer, and a secondary deal for an upgrade, bump this email to first class.


Recipients of U.S. Airways' vacation-focused email may be surprised that flights aren't the main focus—all-inclusive travel is. A commanding photo of a man and a woman relaxing on a beach overlooking crystal blue water is alluring enough to encourage recipients to read through the four text-heavy travel options highlighted in the email. The subject line and call-to-action are enticing, as well; but the email's 12:15 p.m. weekday arrival is a flight hazard.


Funjet Vacations'
email is no laughing matter. The subject line—“Exclusive Deals to Cancun + Cozumel”—is straightforward, though not compelling enough to stand out. The main image, a gorgeous beach scene, is overlaid with the primary deal that would have been enough to encourage recipients to click for more information. Instead, below it is a distracting selection of other options placed such that recipients will have a hard time knowing where to look next. The bright spot is that it was sent just prior to the 8 p.m.–midnight prime sending window.



Spirit Airlines' email is more confounding than trying to find lost baggage. The image of doodles of planes flying over photos of flowers is confusing at best: Is it an email for travel or gardening? Although the “We've got you covered from Spring to Fall” subject line might encourage recipients to scroll to find the fall deal—well-hidden below the spring-focused image, call-to-action, and copy—the text-heavy format makes it look more like an article than an offer. Spirit should return to its seat and fasten its seatbelt.

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