List: The Marketing Menu - Hart & Benjamin

The Marketing Menu maintains a proprietary database of prospects and customers for its direct marketed publications, and to develop leads for its consulting services.

List: FocusOn Business Movers - New & Existing - Focus USA

Whether businesses on this file have moved locally or out of state, they are in need of a plethora of products and services. With this file we can identify the business "move type": new, existing and unknown.

List: Healthy Seniors On the Go - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Healthy Seniors On the Go consists of men and women ranging in age from 55 to 95 who are trying to stay healthy and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Compliance Advocate Newsletter - Hart & Benjamin

Compliance Advocate Newsletter tracked state and federal legislation, compiled databases of violations, and offered guidance and consultation to clients.

List: What on Earth - ALC

What on Earth offers a collection of fun wear & delightful diversions. From casual apparel to gifts and home décor, these buyers are purchasing high-quality, unique and expressive gifts for all occasions.

List: Credit Repair Chest - Credit Repair Seekers - Carney Direct Marketing reaches consumers actively seeking help to repair their credit. They are matched with a credit repair service suited to work with their credit history.

List: Addictive Behaviors, Alcohol and Drugs - Byrum & Fleming

The Addictive Behaviors, Alcohol and Drugs list offered by Byrum & Fleming is comprised of professional responders who provide counseling, referral or education to their students, employees or patients.

List: Weight Control Responders - Byrum & Fleming

The Weight Control Responders list is comprised of 69% females and 31% males, who have purchased programs and products for health, weight control, and beauty purposes.

List: Republicans By Congressional & Senate District - Infinite Media

Target Americans affiliated with the Republican Party by Senate & Congressional District. These are men and woman who proudly wave the Republican banner and pride themselves for holding conservative values.

List: Concerned Citizens for Animals and Pets UK - JR Direct

Identified from highly responsive direct mail files, these concerned citizens have indicated their wish to be contacted about charities specializing in the welfare of domestic animals and animals in the wild.