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List: The Reward Zone - Midway Direct Marketing

The Reward Zone file is generated online from several websites. Basically individuals can qualify to earn rewards, merchandise or gift cards after completing certain promotional offers or surveys.

List: Nurses - By Specialty - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

The only Nurses list available by specialty & with coverage in all states! This file is comprised of 100% direct mail buyers of professional-level books on Nursing.

List: Diabetes Today - Focus USA

The Diabetes Today file consists of consumers who suffer from diabetes and welcome traditional and alternative products, supplies, services and information to help them manage their diabetes and live healthy, active lives.

List: Beer Buyers - The Information Engine

Active consumers buying beer from leading national retailers. They are adults who are avid broadcast and spectators sports fans and are active participants in local team sports, hunting and fishing.

List: Wine Club Buyers - Nations Voice Plus

The Wine Club Buyers file provides you with buyers who have purchased a variety of wine products from their club membership.

List: Democratic Discerning Donors - NEXT List Company

Democratic Discerning Donors are well-to-do, high-dollar contributors to Democratic and charitable direct mail campaigns throughout the United States.

List: EPACO's Best Republicans - EPACO Direct

These moderate Republicans have shown an overwhelming propensity to support Republican issues and candidates.

List: Herrschners Catalog Mail Order Buyers - All That Marketing

Herrschners is the largest direct marketer of arts and crafts. Herrschners markets kits and supplies through mail order catalogs targeted at the DYI crafter.

List: Subprime Auto Loan Seekers - Response Strategists

Reach credit challenged consumers who are ready to buy a car and are actively searching for an auto loan to help them seal the deal.

List: Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants - Nations Voice Plus

Our Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants mailing list is comprised of elderly individuals who have participated in sweepstakes contests.