List: Complete Retired Teachers at Home - Complete Mailing Lists

This database consists of Retired Educators at their home address. Many are still actively involved in some aspect of their vocation and carry influence within their former schools.

List: Dwell Magazine - ALC

Dwell Magazine serves a unique community of engaged, affluent and responsive individuals who want their homes to be both design-centric, and comfortable.

List: American Teenager - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

American Teenager are the parents of children ranging in age from 13 to 18. The average age of these parents is 46 and they can be selected by mmyy.

List: Wolferman's - Belardi/Ostroy

Home to the "world's finest English muffin," Wolferman's gourmet gifts are prized by fancy food aficionados around the country. A member of Harry & David's family of fine foods and gifts, Wolferman's is the leading purveyor of specialty foods sold through its catalog and online.

List: Mormons in America - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Mormons in America consists of men and women who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who range in age from 18 to 90 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Short Form Pay Day Loan Responders - Net60 Inc.

These Cash Advance/Payday loan seekers need cash quickly to pay monthly bills such as car payments, utility bills, credit card payments, etc., before they receive penalties for late payment.

List: Americans Supporting the Separation of Church and State - Political Fundraising Lists

These Enthusiastic Supporters advocate for the Separation of Church and State in our country.

List: American Single Parents -

The American Single Parents file is comprised of single moms and dads who are raising one or more children.

List: Conservatives of America Email List - Alliance Strategies Group, LLC

Members of this list seek to ensure our country remains the City on the Shining Hill as President Ronald Reagan envisioned. They advocate for strong Constitutional governance, limited government, and low taxes.

List: American Tweens - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

American Tweens have more buying power than ever to the tune of $200 Billion per year. Reach the parents of these American Tweens. The average age of these Tween parents is 41 and they can be selected by mmyy.