List: Multiple Property Owners -

The multiple property owners file is comprised of individuals and families who own more than one property.

List: Creative Irish Gifts Blow In Program - Belardi/Ostroy

Creative Irish Gifts offers a wide range of authentic Irish and Celtic gifts, women's fashion accessories, home décor, jewelry, holiday items, food, books, video, children's apparel, and much more

List: Gay and Lesbian Living - List Service Direct, Inc.

These gay and lesbian consumers have registered for various gay and lesbian events, rallies and social gatherings.

List: The J. Peterman Company - All That Marketing LLC

These upscale male and female buyers have purchased apparel and uncommonly good stuff from The J. Peterman Owners Manual catalog.

List: Business Movers by GrayHair Direct - DSA Direct, LLC

Business Movers by GrayHair Direct offers uniquely sourced businesses that recently changed their address.

List: Wealth Window - Art & Antique Collectors - ALC

Consumers purchasing collections of art and antiques command significant amounts of discretionary income.

List: Party Supply Shoppers - Midway Direct Marketing

The Party Supply Shoppers mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing consists of consumers who have shown an interest in purchasing party supplies.

List: Retired U.S. Military Personnel of Florida - SmarTTargeT Marketing

Retired U.S. Military Personnel at home. Database consists of retired Brave and Honorable Men & Women of all branches of our military services.

List: America's Voice - Swing Voters - Political Fundraising Lists

The America's Voice Registered Voters database is the premier source for individuals who take part in our nation's political process.

List: Defenders of Wildlife Enhanced - Infogroup

Defenders of Wildlife has been working more than 60 years to protect wildlife and their habitat and is supported by well-educated, affluent member/donors nationwide.