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List: Wine Club Buyers - Nations Voice Plus

The Wine Club Buyers file provides you with buyers who have purchased a variety of wine products from their club membership.

List: Democratic Discerning Donors - NEXT List Company

Democratic Discerning Donors are well-to-do, high-dollar contributors to Democratic and charitable direct mail campaigns throughout the United States.

List: EPACO's Best Republicans - EPACO Direct

These moderate Republicans have shown an overwhelming propensity to support Republican issues and candidates.

List: Herrschners Catalog Mail Order Buyers - All That Marketing

Herrschners is the largest direct marketer of arts and crafts. Herrschners markets kits and supplies through mail order catalogs targeted at the DYI crafter.

List: Subprime Auto Loan Seekers - Response Strategists

Reach credit challenged consumers who are ready to buy a car and are actively searching for an auto loan to help them seal the deal.

List: Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants - Nations Voice Plus

Our Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants mailing list is comprised of elderly individuals who have participated in sweepstakes contests.

List: Dads Who Throw Turkeys -

These are beer drinking, league bowlers.

List: Allergy Sufferers - Dunhill International List Co.

This database is comprised of individuals suffering from Allergies.

List: Great American Dental Club Responders - Lighthouse List Co.

The Great American Dental Club offers consumers access to discount savings on individual and family dental services.

List: Lovers of Animals - Donors - ALC

A diverse audience, these donors come from all walks of life with a common bond of a love for anmals & pets.