NextMark Q2 report on datacard quality reveals perfect scores galore

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Edith Roman and ePostDirect, as well as Complete Mailing Lists, all achieved perfect scores in  in the 500-plus managed lists category, according to NextMark Inc., which published its second quarter 2009 Data Card Quality Report on July 9.

A list manager's score is the average of all the data card scores in their portfolio, and companies are grouped by how many lists they manage. Six companies in the 250-499 category also achieved perfect scores: Lighthouse List Co., List Bargains, Dunhill International, Media Source Solutions, The List Experts and List Connection. List Bargains received positive comments on its datacard quality, said company president Amy Benicewicz.

"People have told us we're one of the few list companies where they can get the full story of the data, the sources, the strengths, selects and current information," she said.

"What the score does is prevent marketers from making a poor purchasing decision," said Chris DeMartine, director of business development for NextMark. "A quality data card [gives marketers] reliability and confidence in the list and the list manager."

NextMark is quick to note that the datacard quality doesn't necessarily correlate to the quality of the list itself, but DeMartine said that it is important for companies' bottom lines.

"The datacard is the marketing tool for the list. You can have a highly responsive direct mailer list, but if you don't update the datacard or do a good job presenting it, they product is going to suffer," he said. "It's like serving a T-bone on a trash can lid. The first impression for the mailer is the datacard."

Benicewicz said that from the list manager's perspective, the effort spent on a datacard could say something about the list's quality.

"I think it shows that the list manager values their database," she said. "If the manager is making the effort to provide the best data on the datacard, chances are they wouldn't do that for a bad list. They're taking the steps needed to manage a quality list."

For the study, individual datacard scores are calculated using a weighted average of 13 attributes, with an emphasis on recent updates.

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