New e-mail lists from ListBargains

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ListBargains has released five new e-mail lists, each targeting a different group.

Trailblazers Cruise Travelers @ Email are self-reported lovers of cruise vacations. Suggested usage includes cruises, cruise apparel, entertainment, gambling, spas, vacation plans, memberships, insurance, books, magazines, car rentals, travel accessories, luggage, Internet travel sites, discount travel clubs, entertainment clubs, rewards programs, travel books, credit cards with travel premiums, photography and leisure offers. The 12 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

Open for Business Retailers @ Email includes business owners at retail establishments nationwide. Selections include apparel, food and gardening proprietors. The 3.5 million-universe list is available beginning at $200/M.

Healthpro Medical Professionals @ Email reaches medical professionals including doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and physical therapists. They have responded to self-reported e-mail surveys, transactional responses and Web site co-registrations, opting in to receive third party offers. The 1.2 million-universe list is available beginning at $200/M.

Business Quest Opportunity Seekers @ Email prospects have responded to an offer for information on how to start up a business or franchise and be their own boss. The 4.8 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

Today's Homeschooling Families @ Email reaches families who have registered at homeschooling sites, responded to homeschooling offers, or have self-reported that they are homeschooling. The 120,000-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.


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