Millard Group cuts workforce

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Citing a soft economy and a desire to shift the focus of services and products it offers, list company Millard Group has laid off seven employees.

“This is a delicate thing for us,” said Millard Group president Ben Perez. “Any kind of cuts can be difficult.”

Perez said the shift in the company's focus involves offering more online products and services in lieu of more traditional efforts such as direct mail. Also, the economy played a role, he added.

“I don't think any of us [in the list industry] expected the market to be as soft as it is,” he said.

Several senior-level employees were among those let go, including VP of list compilation Joanne Petrone and Vicki Haley, a department manager in list brokerage.

The seven employees had worked out of their homes, or in Millard Group's New Jersey and New Hampshire offices.

In November 2005, InfoUSA, now InfoGroup, acquired Millard Group. Millard was founded in 1977.


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