ListBargains drops seven e-mail lists

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ListBargains released seven e-mail lists on November 13.

Canine Companions @ Email features dog owners identified through online registrations, purchases and self-reported survey data. The 9.8 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

Corporate Credit Card Holders @ Email includes small business owners, corporate executives, sales and marketing personnel and professionals. The 150,000-universe list is available beginning at $200/M.

Pain in the Neck…and Other Places @ Email contains self-reported pain sufferers who have requested information on their condition via a health Web site or online survey. The 1.5 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

ROI Express Higher Education Responders @ Email prospects have registered with online education portals or responded to a survey to receive information about continuing their education online. The 2.3 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.

Trailblazers Travel Destinations @ Email and Trailblazers Travelers to Foreign Lands @ Email both feature travelers. The former has a universe of 3 million; the latter, 360,000. Both are available beginning at $150/M.

Finally, Trendsations Continuing Education @ Email contains people who have responded to offers for information on continuing their education online or on campus. The 7.5 million-universe list is available beginning at $150/M.


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.


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