Index: Significant drop in list rental prices

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There was a significant decline in the rental prices of lists for most major categories, according to the Worldata Winter 2008 list price index.

Consumer magazines showed the largest price decrease and percent decrease from the previous year, according to the index. The second largest price decrease and percent decrease occurred in permission-based email B-to-C lists.

“With the exception of conference attendees and membership lists, all prices are continuing to see a drop, both in business and consumer categories,” said Ray Tesi, SVP, Worldata. “The US economy is in a shaky state, and direct marketing files are reflecting that.”

The consumer magazines category, dropped $15/M from the previous year to $93/M. The second largest price decrease occurred in Permission-Based Email B-to-C lists, which dropped $13/M from the previous year, to $122/M. Consumer files are seeing the hardest hit in today's economy.

Permission-based international e-mail lists, which Worldata started tracking last quarter, saw a decrease of $13/M from the fall.

The conference attendees/members category is the only category that showed a price increase over the previous year, with a straight average price of $131/M, a $3/M increase from last year.

The lowest price decreases occurred within the database/masterfiles category, newsletters and public sector categories, each dropping $1/M from last year.

Permission-Based Email B-to-B is the highest priced category, with a winter 2009 straight average price of $285/M, a decrease of $2/M from last year.

Donors remained the lowest priced category, with an average list price of $85/M, a $4/M decrease from last year.


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