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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Owners

New manager: SmarTTargeT Marketing

Previous manager: New to market

List type: Postal

No. of names: 2,046,273 postal

Cost: $80/M mail

Description: This list features Harley-Davidson motorcycles registered in the U.S.

Selects: Include by age, county, MSA, ethnicity, model type, gender/sex, marital status, phone number, SCF, state, ZIP code, mailstream sort and zip disk

Contact: Jackie Velazquez, SmarTTargeT Marketing, 6800 SW 40th Street #304, Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305/667-6665

Fax: 305/667-3508

Email: jackie@smarttargetlists.com


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.


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