List: Horse Stable Gift Shop Buyers - DSA Direct, LLC

Horse Stable Gift Shop Buyers are mostly female direct mail buyers of novelty gift items that include T-shirts, jewelry, home décor, prints, and stationary products.

List: Macy's Package Insert Program - Media Resource Group

Reach Macy's customers by placing your insert inside outgoing package shipments which mail daily. These people have purchased items including apparel, home goods, cosmetics, glassware, accessories, and more.

List: American Teenager Mail Order Buyers - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Just updated, this list consists of parents of children ranging in age from 13 to 18 who are proven mail order buyers. These mostly female parents have a median income of $54,200 with an average age of 45 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Survey America Gourmet Coffee Drinkers - Kroll Direct Marketing

The Survey America Gourmet Coffee Drinkers online survey respondents file provides you with fully compliant email addresses of consumers who have answered online survey questions about their coffee drinking preferences.

List: Medical Prescription Drug Users for Heart Disease - Complete Mailing Lists

This robust database consists of individuals who are currently using a prescribed medication for Heart Disease.

List: Uno Alla Volta Buyers - Infinite Media

Target affluent buyers from Uno Alla Volta, the premier gift catalog offering unique products produced "One at a Time." Customers have purchased items such as jewelry, collectibles, accessories, and home accents.

List: Airline Stock Buyers Accredited Investors Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE DIRECT brings to market Airline Stock Buyers Accredited Investors Mailing List. These investment prospects can be tailored to be an exact fit for your direct mail offerings by net worth, market activity, and portfolio.

List: The Marketing Menu - Marketing & Sales Training Masterfile - Hart & Benjamin

The Marketing Menu maintains a proprietary database of prospects and customers for its direct marketed publications, and to develop leads for its consulting services.

List: InteliTrack Consumer Database Healthcare Masterfile - Infogroup

The InteliTrack database provides self-reported information via permission-based cookies and lead generation partnerships of various websites people visit, advertisements they click on, and surveys they answer.

List: Design Toscano Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

These upscale buyers have purchased from this unique collection of replica European sculptures, architectural artifacts, hand carved furniture, suits of armor, swords, and gift items from around the world.

List: Steel Stock Investors Accredited Investor Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE Direct's Investors Database - Accredited ACTIVE TARGETED Investors - is a new and rewarding experience now available for all investment and financial related offerings!

List: Ultra Affluent Investors Millionaires & Multi Millionaires - Infinite Media

America's Ultra Wealthy indulge in expensive hobbies, exclusive vacations and luxurious lifestyles. This financial list is perfect for luxury marketing to the mass affluent.

List: Elegante' High Fashion Apparel Buyers @ Email Address - List Connection Inc.

Many women want to be seen by others as making an elegant fashion statement. These savvy apparel buyers have an average income of $75,000+ and are known to vacation in only the best of destinations.

List: Active Connecticut Hunters and Fishermen - All That Marketing LLC

These active outdoorsmen and women have purchased a license to hunt or to fish in the state of Connecticut. Both resident and non-resident hunting and fishing license holders are available as well as special license types.

List: Survey Shoppers Today - Nations Voice Plus

Our Survey Shoppers Today mailing list is comprised of individuals who enjoy participating in survey taking. These consumers relish the opportunity to take advantage of all the different deals that surveys offer.

List: RH - Formerly Restoration Hardware - Belardi/Ostroy

The RH - Formerly Restoration Hardware file is an exceptional source for stylish, affluent buyers who consistently respond to high quality offers and fundraising appeals.

List: Health Conscious Millennials - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Exclusive from JF Direct Marketing, we have over 10.6 million Health Conscious Millennials who can be reached by name at postal address and are an ideal fit for most healthy eating, exercise, and apparel offers.

List: Top Tier Consumer Sports Multibuyers - ARK List Company

ARK Company has identified multibuyers in Consumer Sports market segments. These active buyers have demonstrated consistent value by responding two or more times to catalogs, direct mail, and online offers.

List: Datastream Automobile Lease Expirations - Datastream Group, Inc.

Datastream's Automotive Lease Expiration List is compiled from multiple sources, including service agencies, major car clubs of America, warranty companies, aftermarket repair facilities, and insurance agencies.

List: Safety Success Response Database - Lists That Work

The various companies in this database have purchased safety and hazardous materials training programs and materials for their employees. They are good prospects for office supplies, promotional items, seminars, training materials, videos, books, and much more.

List: Five Star Gourmet & Fine Dining -

This file consists of U.S. consumers who enjoy the finer things in life, such as gourmet food, caviar, champagne, and exceptional dining experiences. Suggested usage includes Credit Cards, Resort Travel, and Restaurant & Dining Information.

List: Shopmax Golf Buyers Masterfile - McCarthy Media Group, Inc.

Shopmax is proud to be one of the leaders in the golf industry, manufacturing their quality Kick X-9 line of MA-9 Powermax Drivers, Irons & Synergy Wedges. Join over half a million amateur golfers and bring your Medicus swing trainer to the range, learning how to swing in tempo and on plane.

List: Shanghai Oil & Gas Accredited Investors Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE DIRECT brings to market Shanghai Stock Exchange Players Accredited Investors Mailing List. These investment prospects can be tailored to your direct mail offerings by net worth, gender, and portfolio.

List: Wine & Cheese Fanatics from Listopedia Consortium - Marketing Advisory Group, Inc.

This file contains individuals who are actively using the computer and have opted in to request information on various consumer offers. They have indicated that they love wine and cheese by providing detailed information to a lifestyle questionnaire.

List: Ready to Buy - Gun Buyers - Lighthouse List Co.

This self-reported age 21+, third-party-verified database is perfect for a variety of hunting and fishing offers and other gun related topics.

List: Casino Gamblers - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Casino Gamblers is where "Black Chip Players" can be found. These individuals range in age between 18 and 85 and are the Gold, Platinum, and Junket Players to Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Cruise Ships or local casinos playing slots, craps, blackjack, and all sports.

List: Aaron's Sector Investors: Franchise Opportunity Seekers - Infinite Media

Target determined business franchise opportunity seekers. These are the risk takers who are looking for information and services that keep them ahead of the curve when it comes to their financial well being.

List: Stimulator Male Potency Buyers - The List Place, Inc.

Buyers of the Stimulator, an all natural sexual enhancement supplement made of a complex herbal formula. These sexually active, mature men are an ideal audience for health, fitness, and male potency/virility offers.

List: Coldwater Creek - Belardi/Ostroy

Coldwater Creek is a catalog and online specialty retailer of women's apparel, accessories, and home décor. They remain focused on their core customer by offering many favorite styles along with unique and new looks.

List: Galleria of Product Buyers - Masterfile - Infinite Media

Impulsive direct response and TV generated individuals that enjoy spending money on a variety of products for their home, their health, their looks and so much more.

List: Cyprus Stock Exchange Players Accredited Investors Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE Direct's Investors Database - Accredited ACTIVE TARGETED Investors - is a new and rewarding experience now available for all investment and financial related offerings!

List: Continuity Discount Shopping Club Members - Net60 Inc.

These consumers agreed to pay a monthly fee to join a discount shopping club. The discount buying club offers its members discounts on shopping, lifestyle, and travel purchases.

List: Educators Next Step - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

They might be an expert in chemistry, history or teaching kids how to read, but they might not know a lot about a new career after teaching or retirement planning.

List: CLMG Vitamin & Supplement Buyers - Infinite Media

This list is comprised of health-conscious persons who shop and buy vitamins and supplements at least 6 times per year. This demographic is an excellent target for healthy eating, exercise, gyms & spas, and diet products.

List: National Allergy Supply - SMD Media Services, Inc.

National Allergy Supply is one of the nation's largest asthma, sinus, and allergy products suppliers. Customers are purchasing a array of allergy relief items, including Allergy Bedding, Air Purifiers, Replacement Filters, Home Allergy Products, Vacuums and more.

List: Plunge Digital Small Businesses Postal and Email File - Carney Direct Marketing

Plunge Digital Small Businesses Postal and Email File targets businesses with 49 or less employees. Small business owners have unique needs from practical to technical, making them excellent prospects for a wide variety of offers.

List: Business Movers by GrayHair Direct - DSA Direct LLC

Business Movers by GrayHair Direct offers uniquely sourced businesses that have recently changed their address. GrayHair Direct manages data solutions and provides address management services for major firms.

List: Mormons in America - JF Direct Marketing Inc.

Just updated, Mormons in America consists of men and women who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who range in age from 18 to 90 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Touch of Class Wiland Direct Modeled File - Belardi/Ostroy

Wiland Direct members can apply their models to Touch of Class names to connect with their ideal customer type for the highest rate of response. This opportunity is open to any participant in the Wiland Direct Database.

List: Recreational Marijuana Users - Kroll Direct Marketing

Quantum Medica has developed the largest, integrated Marijuana Smokers Database to specifically service marketers with products that are relevant to marijuana smokers.

List: Facebook Users - Total Data Solutions

This list contains real Facebook users who enjoy spending time sharing their pictures, stories, and playing games online. This social network is constantly growing and is a great resource for many products and services.

List: Turning 65 - List Giant

This database consists of individuals throughout the United States who are turning 65 within the next year.

List: Business Executives from Germany - Universal Business Solutions

As U.S. laws change, and costs and competition increases, global opportunities appear. Your business has to go global today to succeed and to survive by reaching Business Executives from Germany.

List: Real Estate Agents - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Realtors are active and have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their area. Agents can be reached by name at postal address and are an ideal fit for most offers.

List: Soho Active - New Small Businesses - Contact Marketing

These new small businesses are in the early stages of formation. They are out there buying office products to equip their newly created business.

List: What's Trending in Continuity - Sound Beach Marketing Partners LLC

Book & Music Clubs are out. Essential products for everyday use are in. These active buyers respond to direct response offers, ordering everything from customized meal plans to men's & women's clothing.

List: Active Coin Collectors - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

New to market, we have over 8 million Active Coin Collectors who can be reached by name at postal address and are an ideal fit for most investing, hobby, and family offers.

List: American Parkinson Disease Association Donors - RMI Direct Marketing

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) is the country's largest grassroots organization serving more than 1 million Americans with Parkinson's disease, their families, and their caregivers.

List: Work At Home Alert - Opportunity Seekers Postal List - Carney Direct Marketing

Reach eager individuals who are looking for new ways to earn money without ever having to leave house. This file reaches budding entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities for full-time, part-time, or just to earn some extra income.

List: Generation X Home Improvement DIY Households - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Born between 1965 to 1981, the Generation X DIY mindset is about more than just doing projects on their own - they want to make it their own. These Do-It-Yourself homeowners range in age from 35 to 51 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Computer Training Course Buyers - Zenith Mailing List Company

This is a high-impact list for direct marketers seeking computer professionals at business addresses for offers such as books and journals, hardware and peripherals, software, telecommunications, seminars and conferences, consumer catalogs, and more.

List: Nutraceutical Buyers - List Giant

Health-conscious consumers who buy natural dietary supplements and organic, functional, nutrient-rich foods to naturally fuel their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

List: The Cooking Class - List Service Direct, Inc.

These cooks truly enjoy the art of cooking and spending time in their kitchens. They subscribe to one or more of the food channels, attend cooking classes and purchase cookware to create their favorite recipes.

List: Everything Alaska - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Everything Alaska is filled with families and individuals who have chosen to take advantage of modern living on the edge of wilderness, and are constantly searching for products and services that will enable them to enhance their Alaskan lifestyle.

List: Epic Government Contacts - Cornerstone List Management

This is a list of federal, provincial and municipal government contacts who have attended educational seminars. Prices are in Canadian funds.

List: Detox Diet - Horizon Lists

The Detox Diet file consists of consumers who have decided to take control of their dieting habits. These people have responded to a variety of diet plans online and thru direct mail.

List: Vermont Country Store Masterfile Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

Since 1946, The Vermont Country Store has brought yesteryear's hard-to-find products to today's quality conscious consumer. Their catalog and website product categories include Apothecary, Apparel, Food & Candy and For the Home.

List: Senior Fishermen - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Reel in the prospects with our New to Market, Senior Fishermen. Exclusive from JF Direct Marketing, Senior Fishermen is filled with anglers ranging in age from 55 to 85 who appreciate the great outdoors and everything fishing who can be selected by mmyy.

List: All American Credit Seekers - Net60 Inc.

This list consists of individuals who have found themselves in a "credit crunch." They have responded to various credit offers via telemarketing and direct mail.

List: DTS Psoriasis Sufferers - LZL, Inc.

Survey responders to DTS Members Survey, who have indicated they have Psoriasis. All have completed surveys in the last 3 Months.

List: Negev Direct's Jewish Demographic Database - Negev Direct Marketing, Inc.

Build your own list tailored to your specific campaign needs from a national database of demographic data. Only Negev Direct offers you a choice of two Jewish selection levels based either on surname or our enhanced level based on first name, surname and census data.

List: Free Your Gift.Com Mailing List - 5-Star Lists, Inc.

These are active Internet explorers who visited and who filled out a form for free gifts, such as Video, IPODS, snowboards, DVD players, metal detectors, etc.

List: Herbal Groups Joint Pain Buyers - SMD Media Services, Inc.

Herbal Group, Inc. is a marketer of all-natural herbal supplements formulated to aid consumers with the effects of aging. These eager buyers prefer the all-natural and holistic approach rather than the traditional or pharmaceutical approach.

List: Alan Greenspan Private Placement Investor Leads - NYSE-Direct

NYSE-Direct brings to market elite investors who are highly active in the daily market. This highly responsive investor data is only available though NYSE-Direct.

List: Gamer Tag - List Service Direct, Inc.

These serious gamers spend a lot of their time playing video games and enjoying the thrill of competition. Brand new is our programmatic marketing, which serves up digital ads direct to the gamers.

List: Registered U.S. Voters -

Comprehensive list of registered voters, registration dates, party affiliation, and demographics. This database can be targeted by precinct, county, state and party affiliation.

List: New Births and Prenatals - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

A continuously updated file (monthly), taken from birth records and other public data sources. This file is recommended for all offers spotlighting the needs of babies and their parents.

List: Judicial Watch Supporters - Conrad Direct, Inc.

These are supporters to Judicial Watch, a non-profit public interest organization dedicated to fighting corruption in government.

List: Owners of Classic & Older Cars - Dunhill International List Co.

These owners say that owning a classic car is a labor of love. Nostalgia, combined with the joy of driving and an appreciation of craftsmanship, makes every hour put into getting a classic car into top form worth the time and money.

List: Hammacher Schlemmer Z24 - Belardi/Ostroy

The Hammacher Schlemmer file is now selectable through Direct Marketing Technology's Z24 Database. This database is an opportunity for direct-marketers to reach segments of the Hammacher Schlemmer file through non-traditional selects and profiles.

List: Active Wine & Cheese Enthusiasts -

The Active Wine & Cheese Enthusiasts file represents subscribers living in the U.S. that have indicated a love of Fine Wine and Cheese. Mostly upscale consumers, these individuals have discriminating palates and are looking for quality products to indulge in.

List: Music Enthusiasts from Listopedia Consortium - Marketing Advisory Group, Inc.

The Travel Enthusiasts file consists of individuals who are avid listeners of many types of music. This list is selectable by specific music interests.

List: Brand Name Medicine Buyers - Complete Mailing Lists

This highly responsive database consists of individuals who have shown a propensity for purchasing Brand Name Medicines as opposed to generic brands.

List: Vegetarian Today - ALC

Vegetarian Times has been rebranded and is now Vegetarian Today. Each issue is full of recipes and complete menu ideas with delicious, test-kitchen approved recipes and easy to find ingredients.

List: Irish American Households - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Exclusive from JF Direct Marketing, Irish Americans are individuals with Irish heritage who range in age from 18 to 84 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Future Entrepreneurs Money Makers - Nations Voice Plus

Our Future Entrepreneurs Money Makers mailing list is comprised of individuals who are interested in new business ventures. These individuals are highly motivated self starters willing to work from home and online.

List: VFW Non-Member Donors - Cooking - Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.

Reach non-member donors to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States that are Cooking enthusiasts. They love to cook for their family and for entertainment.

List: Complete Single Parents - Complete Mailing Lists

This highly responsive database is a comprehensive listing of Single Parents. This file helps identify prospects who need specific products and services, and are actively looking for options.

List: Marco Rubio Email Donors - Preferred Communications

These individuals have made donations via email to Marco Rubio's 2016 Campaign for President or his most recent victorious 2016 Campaign for Senate.

List: Seniors Who Travel - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Seniors Who Travel consists of family and individual senior travelers that range in age from 50 to 90 who can be selected by mmyy. We have over 24 million Seniors Who Travel of which 12 million are over the age of 65.

List: Chadwicks of Boston - Belardi|Ostroy

Chadwicks of Boston brings its catalog and online buyers beautiful timeless looks, all at amazing prices.

List: Women's Apparel Emporium - Higher End Mature Shoppers - List Connection Inc.

The Women's Apparel Emporium Mature Shoppers fall into a category of their own. They love to shop and buy classic, trendy, or seasonal clothing for themselves.

List: New U.S. Business Database - Telcom - Infinite Media

This file is unparalleled for its accuracy and for the speed with which new U.S. businesses are identified - within three days of their new business phone line connection.

List: Accredited Investors Worldwide - Dunhill International List Co.

This is a newly compiled list of past and present investors in the world stock markets. The file is predominantly male. All are interested in finance and investment opportunities and are risk oriented.

List: Complete Commercial Property Owners - Complete Mailing Lists

This Highly Responsive database consists of one of the most comprehensive listings of Commercial Property Owners. Included are individual- and corporate-owned properties zoned for business, industrial, hotels, retail establishments, and more.

List: Democratic Donors to GOP Causes - Preferred Communications

When asked to choose between their party and their country's future, these Democrats tossed party affiliation aside to help elect GOP leaders who stand for fiscal responsibility and conservative values.

List: The Wine Enthusiast Catalog - Belardi/Ostroy

The Wine Enthusiast catalog - the ultimate source for everything wine!

List: Stand United - Religious Charity Multi-Donors - Political Fundraising Lists

Stand United contributors are difference makers. These caring individuals are passionate about helping others and contribute to a multitude of organizations.

List: Committed to a Better America: Hunting & Fishing Enthusiasts - Turnkey Solutions Direct Marketing

These donors responded to political PACs and candidates that support the Second Amendment. These hunters and fisherman are always looking for new equipment, clothing and technology to enhance their outdoor experience.

List: America's Military - Veterans by Branch of Service - Complete Mailing Lists

This comprehensive database consists of dutiful Americans who have served in the United States Military. The file enables marketers to reach these dedicated individuals with their offers via postal and email campaigns.

List: NEW -- Active Donors and Contributors from Penton

Penton's active contributors and donors file is comprised of close to 700,000 business decision makers that actively contribute to worthy causes.

List: Pajamagram - Belardi/Ostroy

PajamaGram features the softest, most luxurious pajamas from an assortment of over 200 styles for women, men, infants and toddlers, and boys and girls.

List: Business Self-Starters at Home Address - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

The American dream is alive and well and can be found in Business Self-Starters at Home Address. These are independent business men and women that have ventured out to reach their dreams of working for themselves.

List: Sundance Catalog - Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

Since launching in 1989, Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog has become renowned for its rich assortment of handcrafted art-inspired merchandise reflecting the heritage of the American West.

List: Ocean Conservancy - Conrad Direct

Ocean Conservancy promotes healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems and opposes practices that threaten ocean life and human life.

List: Compassionate Seniors - Children's Cause Donors - Political Fundraising Lists

This collection of kindhearted senior contributors offers their support to a variety of causes that are near to them.

List: American Buddhist - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Buddhism in America is primarily made up of native-born adherents, whites and converts. Exclusive from JF Direct Marketing, American Buddhist consists of individuals in America ranging in age from 18 to 90 who practice Buddhism as a way of life and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Quantum Medica - Alzheimers Sufferers - Kroll Direct Marketing

The Quantum Medica Alzheimer's Sufferers file is a database extract offered from the Quantum Medica Patient Ailment Condition Masterfile. It is the largest multi-channel direct to patient (DTP) solution that is 100% opted in.

List: Shape Savers Diet Buyers - Impulse Media Inc.

The Shape Savers Diet Buyers list is comprised of individuals who have weight issues at the forefront of their thoughts. Conventional diets have not been effective for them, so they have decided to respond to solicitations.

List: Southwest Training Institute HR & Training Professionals - Infogroup

Southwest Training Institute is a full-service learning & development company. They offer the most comprehensive and practical curriculum for building the management skill set required by 21st century business leaders and human capital decision makers.

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