List: Home Decor and Household Product Buyers - List Service Direct, Inc.

This transaction-based file targets consumers who have purchased home decor and household items to maintain their homes.

List: Everyday Photographers - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Everyday Photographers is filled with avid photography hobbyist who understand that taking pictures helps you to hang on to those memories a little longer.

List: Dom Perignon Champagne Buyers - Kroll Direct Marketing

The Dom Perignon Champagne buyers file is an extract from the Luxury Couture, Watch & Jewelry Buyers in the U.S. Database.

List: Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Travel Enthusiasts - Byrum & Fleming

The Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Travel Enthusiasts list offered by Byrum & Fleming consists of individuals who have indicated that they want to receive travel offers pertaining to Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual travel and more.

List: Bible Belt Christian Conservative Donors - Complete Mailing Lists

This highly responsive database consists of Christian Conservative Donors residing in America's 'Bible Belt' - the 17 southern states that have historically voted for conservative candidates and causes.

List: Winning Readers USA - JR Direct

These active readers take the time each month to learn about the latest promotions through our paid publications.

List: DataZapp Xtreme Movers -

Target these Xtreme Movers who just moved at least 100 miles away from their prior address. These prospects lack familiarity with local services and vendors, hence presenting great opportunity for the business who knocks their door first.

List: Burberry Fashion, Accessory, Watch and Jewelry Buyers - Kroll Direct Marketing

The Burberry Fashion, Accessory, Watch and Jewelry Buyers file is an extract from the Luxury Couture, Watch and Jewelry Buyers in the U.S. database.

List: At the Movies - Byrum & Fleming

From Garbo to Redford, these individuals are avid movie buffs. Their favorite pastime is going to the movies, renting and buying movies, and responding to movie theatre offers.

List: Liens and Judgments - Lead Dog Information Services

Data is collected from County Courthouses Nationwide on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

List: InterMedia Outdoors Inc. Gun Owners - Chilcutt Direct Marketing

InterMedia Outdoors Inc. Gun Owners is a combined and unduplicated file of active subscribers to InterMedia Outdoors Inc. shooting titles.

List: Automotive DIY's at Home - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Automotive DIY's at Home is where can find avid do-it-yourselfer grease monkeys who choose to do their own auto repairs, citing saving money or an aging vehicle as the primary reasons for choosing to do their own repairs.

List: SurveyPoint Postal Transactional Data - Infogroup

The SurveyPoint Database provides direct marketers with a new stream of consumers who have an immediate need, interest in, or recent purchase from a wide array of products and services.

List: Aaron's Sector Investors - Franchise Opportunity Seekers - Infinite Media

Target determined business franchise opportunity seekers. These are the risk takers who are looking for information and services that keep them ahead of the curve when it comes to their financial well being.

List: The Fire Store - Choice Media

Through packages of purchased product, reach career and volunteer firefighters, police and EMS in addition to enthusiasts for this area. They are a multi-channel online retailer of specialty tools and equipment for this group.

List: Yconic Emails - Cornerstone List Management

This list consists of email addresses of subscribers to It is an opt-in email database of Canadian students looking for information and funds for school/university.

List: Church Leaders from StatSolutions - Response Solutions LLC

The Church Leaders list from StatSolutions allows you to reach religious leaders who preach Sunday sermons, provide ministry to worshipers, and are active in religious functions that benefit the congregation and church.

List: Die Hard Sports Fanatics - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Exclusive from JF Direct Marketing, Die Hard Sports Fanatics are fans of all of America's big five professional sports leagues.

List: Pendleton - Belardi/Ostroy

Pendleton crafts high quality wool clothing & blankets with designs that endure. Shop our site for world-class fabrics still woven in our American mills.

List: Millennial Personas - Social Shoppers - Media Source Solutions, Inc.

Millennial Personas - Social Shoppers are a new vertical unto their own. They now shop as they live - online.

List: Complete Meeting & Convention Planners - Complete Mailing Lists

This database consists of Professionals who plan Meetings & Conventions for their Corporations & Associations.

List: Sample and Rebates Responders - Nations Voice Plus

Our Sample and Rebates Responders database consists of individuals who have recently responded to an online offer to receive free gifts.

List: ALC B2B - Meeting Planners - ALC

Reach key executives at associations and corporations, who plan meetings, conventions, conferences, and trade shows.

List: Emily's List - Belardi/Ostroy

EMILY's List donors are dedicated to building a progressive America by electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.

List: Sexually Adventurous and Alternative Lifestyle Adults - Kroll Direct Marketing

Each of these individuals have responded to an online survey regarding their sexual preferences and alternative lifestyles.

List: The Occupation Source - List Service Direct, Inc.

This unique file reaches individuals by their occupation. This comprehensive list can target top level CEO's, lawyers, doctors, HR managers, upper management, middle managers, construction workers and many more.

List: Investment Talk Show Listeners Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE Direct brings you the ultimate Investment TALK SHOW Leads. NYSE Direct's Investors Database is a new and rewarding experience now available for all investment and financial related offerings!

List: Ignatius Press - Trinity Direct

Ignatius Press is the largest Catholic publisher in this country. Founded by Father Joseph Fessio, S.J. Ignatius has introduced to this country works by many European theologians.

List: Executives with a Postal and Matching Email - Kroll Direct Marketing

This is a multi-channel database of executives located at their business address.

List: Fresh Finds Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

Fresh Finds provides its customers with a unique collection of innovative and hard-to-find stylish essentials for the home.

List: Hispanic Accredited Investor Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE-Direct brings to market elite investors who are highly active in the daily market. This highly responsive investor data is only available though NYSE Direct.

List: Plunge Digital Career Minded Postal & Email File - Carney Direct Marketing

Plunge Digital Career Minded Postal & Email File targets individuals interested in pursuing a new career or improving their existing career.

List: Luxury Couture, Watch & Jewelry Buyers in Europe - Kroll Direct Marketing

The Luxury Couture, Watch & Jewelry Buyers in Europe database is the largest multi-channel file of its kind available in the marketplace.

List: Reliably Red State Republican Donors - All That Marketing LLC

This is a committed group of political donors with the discretionary income to make significant financial contributions to the campaigns of Republican governors and legislators who achieved resounding victories in recent elections.

List: Bob Livingston Book Buyers - Think Ink

The Bob Livingston Letter has been continuously published since 1969 - making it one of the longest standing alternative health and wealth newsletters in existence.

List: Magazine Multi-Buyers Novelty Products by DSA - DSA Direct, LLC

What defines an enthusiast? Someone that immerses themselves in what they read and buy. Reach avid multi-buyers of publications as well as buyers of novelty products by category.

List: Travel Seeking Consumers - ACU Media Group

Travel Seeking Consumers file consists of individuals looking online for vacation packages. These consumers are signing up to receive information on a short term vacation packages typically 3 days and 2 nights.

List: Vacation Destination - Hawaii Cruise Travel Enthusiasts - Complete Mailing Lists

These eager outdoor adventurers share a universal love for cruise travel. This segment of travelers has enjoyed discovering all of the allure of our 50th state.

List: Child Birth Preparation Class Attendees SLM - Response Solutions LLC

Target new and expectant parents who have attended a child birth preparation class to gain information about pregnancy, birth, having a new baby and becoming a new parent.

List: Vibrant Senior Health Product Buyers - ALC

Staying healthy and fit is a priority for these seniors who purchase a variety of nutrition, health and wellness products to support their active lifestyle.

List: Vegetarian Living Subscribers - Complete Mailing Lists

This database is comprised of a unique collection of subscribers to a Vegetarian lifestyle. Many of these individuals are also active in animal welfare and preserving our environment.

List: Rental Car Users by Marigold - Marigold Technologies

Marigold's Rental Car Users file provides an ideal demographic for travelers that have rented an automobile at least three times within the last year.

List: Teachers Who Travel - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

With their work schedules, paid holidays and above average income, Teachers are excellent prospects for Travel offers.

List: Religious and Bible/Devotional Buyers from SELF HEALTH - List Services Corp.

NEW TO MARKET, NEW TO LSC! Reach individuals that are passionate about their religion and any interests that pertain to it!

List: No Credit Check Payday Loans - Nations Voice Plus

Our No Credit Check Payday Loans database is comprised of individuals applying for short term cash loan. Majority of these individuals are low level income consumers desperately in need of some money.

List: IBC73 Pharma Intelligence - Informadata

Pharma Intelligence has been at the forefront of the life sciences, pharma, medical, biotech, and scientific industries for over 25 years.

List: Home-Based Women Entrepreneurs and SOHO Enterprises - HR Direct

These enterprising women have started businesses at home. They have supported their enterprises by buying books, office supplies and information resources that will help them succeed.

List: American Senior Cruise Enthusiasts -

The American Senior Cruise Enthusiasts file is comprised of seniors ages 62+ who actively enjoy taking cruise vacations.

List: Qatalyst Active Military - Qatalyst Media

Qatalyst Active Military is composed of those currently serving their country in the Army, Air Force, the Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

List: - SMD Media Services, Inc. offers thousands of items via their on-line baseball catalog and is dedicated to providing the largest and broadest selection of baseball products in the world.

List: American Donors Concerned with Poverty - Political Fundraising Lists

These bighearted charitable donors offer their thoughtful support to candidates and causes concerned with the issue of Poverty. This one-of-a-kind database allows candidates to reach out to Voters and Donors who are active in the political process and cast their votes based on issues.

Listing: Pain Gel Relief Buyers - Midway Direct Marketing

The Pain Gel Relief Buyers mailing list is comprised of individuals who have recently purchased a pain gel. These individuals are having a difficult time coping with general pain conditions and are searching for pain relief solutions.

List: America's Farmers Market - Complete Mailing Lists

This multi-sourced, highly responsive database allows marketers to reach Farmers and Farm Operators. This information has been gathered and verified with the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.

List: Gardeners in America - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Gardeners in America are men and women who have a green thumb and range in age from 22 to 85 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Ocean Conservancy - Conrad Direct, Inc.

Ocean Conservancy promotes healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems and opposes practices that threaten ocean life and human life.

List: America's Military - Active Personnel - Complete Mailing Lists

This comprehensive database consists of patriotic Americans currently serving in the United States Military. The file enables marketers to reach active personnel with their offers via postal and email campaigns.

List: AAA Credit Card Turndowns List - Datastream Group, Inc.

Not having enough credit, bad credit or questionable credit is the reason these consumers are looking for help. The Credit Card Declines consumers are eager to prove their credit worthiness.

List: NewsmaxShop Product Buyers - ALC

Newsmax is an award-winning monthly magazine providing its audience of conservative baby boomers a non-biased approach to in-depth current events, political, economic and cultural reporting.

List: Freebies, Coupons, Deals & More - Nations Voice Plus

Our Freebies, Coupons, Deals & More database is composed of individuals looking to take advantage of free giveaways on a variety of products.

List: Hammacher Schlemmer Mail Order Buyers - Belardi/Ostroy

Hammacher Schlemmer is famous for introducing new and innovative products that solve everyday problems or enhance their customer's lifestyle. Hammacher Schlemmer customers are enthusiastic mail order shoppers who spend an average of $135 per order.

List: Three Generation Households - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Three Generation Households are multi-generational families that consists of Grandparents, Parents, and their Children. We have over 2.6 million Three Generation Households who can be reached by name at home address and are an ideal fit for most family and health care offers.

List: Advocates for Child Protection Donors - Political Fundraising Lists

Advocates for Child Protection Donors are earnest in their support of public and private organizations that serve vulnerable children and families.

List: Jewish Millionaires - Negev Direct Marketing, Inc.

The ultimate list of prosperous, well-to-do Jews. These individuals are highly successful and they are both avid consumers and generous contributors.

List: Hispanic Living - List Service Direct, Inc.

This market has been one of the fastest growing consumer groups in the U.S. for decades. We now have the capability to target Spanish speaking consumers, transactional buyers, new Hispanic moms, voters, new movers, online buyers, and much more.

List: Medicare Supplemental Inquirers - Caribe Marketing Inc.

These fiscally conservative seniors have inquired about Medicare supplemental insurance online through websites and surveys. These responsive consumers have also replied to the following: life insurance, auto insurance, refinancing, financial reinsurance, workers' compensation, and many more.

List: Complete Federal Government Employees at Home - Complete Mailing Lists

Now it is possible to reach one of the most Complete listings of Federal Government Employees at Home Address on the market. Their occupations include Education, Transportation, Foreign Affairs, Law Enforcement and more.

List: Updated: Printers Paradise - Infinite Media

Printers Paradise is an online custom printing company offering small and medium size businesses easy access to a full line of value oriented printing products. They spend an average of $108 per purchase and buy an average of 2.4 times per year.

List: Prevoxin Diet Buyers - SMD Media Services, Inc.

Reach responsive DRTV buyers with Prevoxin Diet Buyers. This file is a great fit for a variety of offers including: general merchandise, gift, anti-aging, health, diet, beauty, magazines, and more.

List: Construction Marketplace Masterfile - The Information Refinery, Inc.

The Construction Marketplace Masterfile is a comprehensive response file managed exclusively by The Information Refinery. Contacts are subscribers to industry magazines, trade show attendees, catalog buyers, and/or registrants to leading industry Web sites.

List: Back to School Buyers - Opt In E-mails - Byrum & Fleming

K - 12 and college students will be going back to school in the next few weeks. Parents will be spending billions as their kids head back to the classroom. This is a great time to capitalize on the marketing dollars that will be spent on back to school purchases.

List: Plus Size Fashionistas - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Plus Size Fashionistas consists of plus size women apparel buyers ranging in age from 18 to 99 who can be selected by mmyy. In addition, demographic and lifestyle selection is available including income, dwelling type, occupation, ethnicity, hobbies, donor interest, and much more.

List: CLMG Vitamin & Supplement Buyers - Email & Postal D/B - Infinite Media

This list is comprised of health-conscious persons who shop and buy vitamins and supplements at least 6 times per year.

List: Yale University Press - ALC

100% direct mail buyers of scholarly, academic and professional and reference books. Names are from the direct mail generated, in-house customer list of Yale University Press - one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious university presses.

List: Strafford Continuing Education Buyers - Institute Lists

Strafford is the foremost provider of Continuing Legal Information (CLE) for practicing attorneys and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for practicing accounting and tax professionals. This list includes buyers of continuing education webinars and courses.

List: Precision New Business / New Addresses - Infinite Media

The Precision IMA database proudly introduces a new segment. New Businesses with their New Address. Updated almost daily from Telcos from across the country this file is sure to produce good results.

List: D&B Cottage Industry File - D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) Third Party Solutions

Over 4,100,000 companies operate out of the personal residence of the principal. These entrepreneurs are prime markets for business products, as well as consumer offerings.

List: Office Equipment and Stationery Database - Jacob Cameron Publishing

Jacob Cameron Publishing Company specializes in consulting services, information products, books and manuals that address the administrative support needs of managers in all industries.

List: Leadership Mastery Series - Hart & Benjamin

The 5-Minute Mentor Leadership Mastery Series was created especially for fast-track supervisors and managers on their way to the executive suite.

List: Latino Owned Business Masterfile from D&B - Mailing Lists Xpress

The Latino Owned Business Masterfile from D&B fastidiously gathers and delivers critical contact data for U.S. businesses owned and/or operated by members of the Latino community.

List: Doctors by Specialty in the USA - Bethesda List Center

Select from over 130 Doctor Specialties that make this list a comprehensive resource for mailers. Physicians have spent 12-15 years of education and specialized training before they can practice.

List: Food & Wine MOB's - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Food & Wine MOB's consists of men and women food and wine mail order buyers ranging in age from 21 to 90 who can be selected by mmyy.

List: Amazon Web Services Users Email & Mailing Lists - Blue Mail Media

Marketers can now bring about significant difference to their organizational sales and revenue with our Amazon Web Services Users email list for marketers to stay connected with old and new customers through systematically designed email, direct mail, event and telemarketing campaigns.

List: Trailblazer Direct Political - Email, Postal, Cell Phone & SMS Messaging - Infinite Media

New Selects - Political Party Affiliation! Reach via SMS text message or via e-mail. The political season is upon us.

List: Corporate Health and Wellness - HR Direct

Health care education in one of corporate America's top priorities, and these professionals have purchased a wide variety of media to improve the quality of corporate life.

List: Personal Creations - Belardi/Ostroy

The Personal Creations Catalog is the 'go to' source for consumers looking for personalized items for home and family. This growing file is ideal for mailers looking for a responsive audience of direct mail buyers.

List: IEN - Industrial Equipment News - Statlistics

Industrial Equipment News (IEN) is a print and digital magazine that finds answers for the challenges industrial engineers face every day. Industries reached are food/beverage processing, chemical processing, pharma/biotech processing, and electrical manufacturing, among others.

US Monitor Founder Marty Sass Dies

US Monitor Founder Marty Sass Dies

Marty Sass was one of the original Mailing List Brokers

List: HR Executives Mailing and Email List - Blue Mail Media Inc.

Contact HR executives of any company worldwide with our unique HR Executives List. Based on your requirement our professional experts can build an HR email address of companies exclusively for you.

List: New to the World/New to the File Database from D&B - Mailing Lists Xpress

The New to the World/New to the File Database from D&B reaches businesses that are either brand-new to the world or are recently formed and new to the D&B file.

List: AAA Business Opportunity Buyers - 5-Star Lists, Inc.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a fresh direct response list at a discounted price, for a limited time. The list consists of opportunity seekers who are interested in making quick, easy money, and/or starting a home based business.

List: U.S. Hockey Fans - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

U.S. Hockey Fans consists of a loyal and passionate group that is helping hockey continue to grow in America. They range in age from 18 to 90 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Center for the American Taxpayer - Washington Marketing Group, Inc.

This list contains nearly 300,000 donors with an average contribution of $26 who support passage of the Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, tax reduction, private ownership of social security accounts, and who contributed to an independent campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton in her New York Senate race.

List: New Era Republican Political Donors - MSNI, Inc.

This first time available political donor file reaches the new "Sanders" type of political donors selectable by actual donor amount.

List: Health Product Responders - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Health Product Responders consists of individuals that have purchased or responded to healthy living offers who range in age from 20 to 85 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Dream Giveaways Via Sweepstakes Responders - Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.

Dream Giveaways is comprised of Donors who have actively responded to direct marketed sweepstakes offers from charitable organizations to win prizes by making a donation.

List: Sunseekers Travel Club - Nations Voice Plus

Our Sunskeers Travel Club mailing list consists of individuals looking to take an affordable vacation. These individuals are modest travelers who have a penchant for searching for cheap travel deals, saving on hotels, airfare and other accommodations.

List: America's Voice - Registered Voters - Political Fundraising Lists

The America's Voice Registered Voters database is the premier source for individuals who take part in our nation's political process.

List: Jewish War Veterans - Negev Direct Marketing, Inc.

Donors to the nation's oldest veteran's organization, these sensitive contributors believe in freedom and dignity for all peoples and honor for the guardians of democracy - America's veterans.

List: Happenings "The Psychic Experience" - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Happenings "The Psychic Experience" are compassionate individuals ranging in age from 18 to 90 who recently paid admission to a "Psychic" fair or "Happening" and can be selected by mmyy.

List: National Ropers Supply - All That Marketing LLC

Buyers from the National Ropers Supply catalog are mail order buyers who are cowboys and cowgirls. NRS World has the western lifestyle covered! They have all the clothes and boots to wear, tack to use, the arena to ride in and the trailers to get there.

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