List: Buildings - MeritDirect

Published by Stamats Communications, BUILDINGS delivers a highly responsive list comprised of major building owners, property/facilities management and development professionals involved with corporations, institutions, and government agencies who construct, modernize, and manage more than 4.9 million buildings.

List: Gun Owners - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

American Gun Owners are men and women ranging in age from 18 to 90 who proudly believe that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. We have over 16 million Gun Owners in America who can be reached by name at postal address and are an ideal fit for most offers.

List: Business & Legal Resources E-Newsletter Subscribers - Institute Lists

First Time Available! For over 35 years BLR has been providing business news, compliance updates, insight and advice that help organizations of all sizes and industries succeed.

List: Complete Certified Nursing Assistants - Complete Mailing Lists

Certified Nursing Assistants handle routine work in the general care of patients. These state licensed professionals work under the direction of nursing and medical staff. They are excellent prospects for continuing education, journals and other professional literature, uniforms, seminars, recruitment, and much more.

List: Midwest Gun Hunters - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Midwest Gun Hunters are hunters ranging in age from 18 to 90 who can be selected by mmyy. In addition, demographic and lifestyle selection is available including income, dwelling type, occupation, ethnicity, hobbies, donor interest, buying interests, and much more.

List: Wealthy Seniors - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

A continuously updated selection from the Wealthy Americans Database. These Americans are enjoying their later years as a result of hard work and shrewd investments.

List: Complete Retired Teachers at Home - Complete Mailing Lists

This database consists of Retired Educators at their home address. Many are still actively involved in some aspect of their vocation and carry influence within their former schools.

List: Dwell Magazine - ALC

Dwell Magazine serves a unique community of engaged, affluent and responsive individuals who want their homes to be both design-centric, and comfortable.

List: American Teenager - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

American Teenager are the parents of children ranging in age from 13 to 18. The average age of these parents is 46 and they can be selected by mmyy.

List: Wolferman's - Belardi/Ostroy

Home to the "world's finest English muffin," Wolferman's gourmet gifts are prized by fancy food aficionados around the country. A member of Harry & David's family of fine foods and gifts, Wolferman's is the leading purveyor of specialty foods sold through its catalog and online.

List: Mormons in America - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Mormons in America consists of men and women who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who range in age from 18 to 90 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Short Form Pay Day Loan Responders - Net60 Inc.

These Cash Advance/Payday loan seekers need cash quickly to pay monthly bills such as car payments, utility bills, credit card payments, etc., before they receive penalties for late payment.

List: Americans Supporting the Separation of Church and State - Political Fundraising Lists

These Enthusiastic Supporters advocate for the Separation of Church and State in our country.

List: American Single Parents -

The American Single Parents file is comprised of single moms and dads who are raising one or more children.

List: Conservatives of America Email List - Alliance Strategies Group, LLC

Members of this list seek to ensure our country remains the City on the Shining Hill as President Ronald Reagan envisioned. They advocate for strong Constitutional governance, limited government, and low taxes.

List: American Tweens - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

American Tweens have more buying power than ever to the tune of $200 Billion per year. Reach the parents of these American Tweens. The average age of these Tween parents is 41 and they can be selected by mmyy.

List: Active Republican Voters -

The Active Republican Voters file is comprised of registered Republican Party Voters in the United States. This opt-in file of registered voters reaches Republicans with a wide variety of political interests and involvement, including active voters, party donors, political news, and much more.

List: Fisher Price - Belardi/Ostroy

Available for the first time on rental, Fisher-Price reaches parents with young children who are interested in toys that are designed to encourage developmental skills, enrich active imaginations and lay the foundation of lifelong learning.

List: Dentists in the USA - Bethesda List Center

Dentists make excellent buyers of many products including dental and office supplies, health insurance, computer systems, and forms and publications.

List: Upcoming Young Drivers - Amerilist

Is your brand looking to connect with teenagers who are about to start driving? Households with young drivers are excellent targets for insurance providers, driving schools, and pre-owned car sales.

List: In Vogue Teens - Focus USA

U.S. teens have a great deal of purchasing power. With few or no expenses, these teens have over $100 of disposable income a week, and they spend most of it on apparel, shoes, and accessories.

List: Direct-Mail Sweepstakes Subscribers - Midway Direct Marketing

The Direct Mail Sweepstakes Subscribers mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing consists of sweepstakes enthusiasts.

List: Vitamin Research Products Masterfile - Conrad Direct, Inc.

The Vitamin Research Products Masterfile is comprised of nutritional supplement buyers from True Health, Health Resources, and Vitamin Research Products.

List: Ardent GOP Multi Donors - Preferred Communications

Ardent GOP Multi Donors are upstanding citizens whom generously made multiple $25+ donations to various Republican and conservative causes.

List: Focus Master Home Improvement - Focus USA

Current total annual spending for residential renovation and repair is more than $300 billion. Approximately one-third of all homeowners plans 3 or more home improvement projects annually, including interior decorating, remodeling, landscaping & gardening as well as expansion and necessary maintenance.

List: Ted Cruz for President Donors - Pinnacle List Company

A strong constitutional Republican, Cruz battled hard as an outsider and strict conservative candidate. These donors are highly-responsive and motivated by appeals that aim to return our nation to its foundational roots.

List: Alumni By College & University - Infinite Media

Reach an educated, accomplished, and affluent audience of business and professional leaders. They are college and university alumni who have made their mark, and represent discerning prospects, responsive to offers of the finer things in life.

List: Energia Male Potency Buyers - List Connection Inc.

Male virility and performance are key concerns for the Energia Male Potency Buyers. They are seeking ways to improve their sex life by taking supplements, using creams and vitamins.

List: Fine Restaurant Goers from Listopedia Consortium - Net60 Inc.

This file consists of consumers who enjoy gourmet foods, wines and dining in the finer restaurants. They look for the latest superb dining experience and take great pleasure in fine cuisine. These consumers live a lifestyle where dining out is a regular occurrence.

List: Super Home Mom - Net60 Inc.

Reach out to these single mothers who signed up to receive coupons, shopping discounts, government help, distance learning & education offers, degree and job opportunities, work form home offers, education scholarships, & housing assistance.

List: Republican Backers - Nations Voice Plus

Our Republican Backers mailing list is composed of GOP supporters nationwide. These registered Republican voters are looking to take back the White House in 2016.

List: Infogroup In-Contract Home Sales Database - Infogroup

Infogroup-In-Contract Home Sales Database are residential homeowners who have recently signed a PENDING SALE contract with a buyer. Typically 70% of these in contract movers will move into the same county in their state.

List: Millennial Donors - Focus USA

93% of those aged 18-35 have donated to non-profit organizations. These Millennial Donors want to give, yet charities rarely put effort into soliciting young adults. Millennial Donors have the ability to contribute stable returns over a longer period than older donors.

List: Notaries/Notaries Public in the U.S. - Bethesda List Center

This list reaches many of the Notaries Public in the country. A Notary is empowered to put a person under oath so that the document they are signing is attested true.

List: Direct Marketing Association (The DMA) - Statlistics

The DMA is the leading trade association for businesses and organizations interested in direct, interactive, and database marketing.

List: Insurance Plans for Seniors - Midway Direct Marketing

The Insurance Plans for Seniors mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing is comprised of seniors who are looking for additional health coverage.

List: Architects and Landscape Architects in the U.S. - Bethesda List Center

Reach the architectural and landscape architects industry. This is a list of fee-paying architects and landscape architects.

List: Focus Master Occupations - Focus USA

Over 120MM Americans are employed full time. Our Focus Master Occupations file allows you to select broad occupational categories such as blue collar or very detailed occupational categories such as chef or CEO.

List: Drug & Alcohol Education - Zenith Mailing List Company

These professionals purchased booklets, videos, posters, CD-Rom interactive training programs, and related services to educate employees, students, patients, and their families on substance abuse, addictive behavior, tobacco, alcohol, co-dependency and all the other issues facing populations troubled by these addictions.

List: The Marketing Menu - Hart & Benjamin

The Marketing Menu maintains a proprietary database of prospects and customers for its direct marketed publications, and to develop leads for its consulting services.

List: FocusOn Business Movers - New & Existing - Focus USA

Whether businesses on this file have moved locally or out of state, they are in need of a plethora of products and services. With this file we can identify the business "move type": new, existing and unknown.

List: Healthy Seniors On the Go - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Healthy Seniors On the Go consists of men and women ranging in age from 55 to 95 who are trying to stay healthy and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Compliance Advocate Newsletter - Hart & Benjamin

Compliance Advocate Newsletter tracked state and federal legislation, compiled databases of violations, and offered guidance and consultation to clients.

List: What on Earth - ALC

What on Earth offers a collection of fun wear & delightful diversions. From casual apparel to gifts and home décor, these buyers are purchasing high-quality, unique and expressive gifts for all occasions.

List: Credit Repair Chest - Credit Repair Seekers - Carney Direct Marketing reaches consumers actively seeking help to repair their credit. They are matched with a credit repair service suited to work with their credit history.

List: Addictive Behaviors, Alcohol and Drugs - Byrum & Fleming

The Addictive Behaviors, Alcohol and Drugs list offered by Byrum & Fleming is comprised of professional responders who provide counseling, referral or education to their students, employees or patients.

List: Weight Control Responders - Byrum & Fleming

The Weight Control Responders list is comprised of 69% females and 31% males, who have purchased programs and products for health, weight control, and beauty purposes.

List: Republicans By Congressional & Senate District - Infinite Media

Target Americans affiliated with the Republican Party by Senate & Congressional District. These are men and woman who proudly wave the Republican banner and pride themselves for holding conservative values.

List: Concerned Citizens for Animals and Pets UK - JR Direct

Identified from highly responsive direct mail files, these concerned citizens have indicated their wish to be contacted about charities specializing in the welfare of domestic animals and animals in the wild.

List: Parents of College Bound Students - Profile America List Company, Inc.

Parents of high school students who are preparing to attend college are interested in products and offers that will help them be productive and successful during their college years.

List: Single Parent Online Network - Net60 Inc.

The Single Parent Online Network Club provides information for single parents including discounts, government help, individual and family resources, education scholarships, & housing assistance.

List: Anti-Establishment Masterfile Donors - Diamond List Marketing

These donors are fed-up with the establishment politicians and their inability to do what they say they will do.

List: Health Services Workforce - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

This newly updated and greatly expanded database consists of a variety of Health Service Professionals at their home addresses.

List: Medicaid Qualified Households - Data Decisions Group

Based on household size, income and location these persons seek financial assistance for health insurance.

List: Complete Ethnic Consumer Households - Complete Mailing Lists

This enhanced database is one of the most Complete lists of Ethnic Consumers on the market.

List: Barrister Funding LLC Attorneys - Marketing Data Interactive

The Barrister Funding Attorneys file offers marketers access to a listing of attorneys by area of specialty on a national level.

List: Travel for Fun - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Travel for Fun consists of individuals and family travelers who range in age from 18 to 99 who can be selected by mmyy.

List: Charitable Contributors from Nederlander Broadway & Event Buyers - ALC

The Nederlander Organization is one of the largest privately held entertainment companies in the world today, synonymous with great entertainment since 1912.

List: Consumers Over Their Credit Limit - Nations Voice Plus

Our Consumers Over Their Credit Limit mailing list is comprised of individuals who have exceeded their credit limit.

List: Health Care Education Database - HR Direct

Buyers of health care and health education posters and charts, video tapes, books, directories, newsletters, classes, seminars, continuing education courses, booklets, pamphlets, training materials, educational aids, reproducible aids, educational materials, software educational games and self-improvement programs.

Title: Belvoir Special Reports - Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.

Purchasers to Belvoir Health Publications Special Reports are receiving detailed 80-120 page reports that deliver practical information on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of major health concerns in clear easy-to-understand language.

List: America's Voice - Senior Registered Voters - Political Fundraising Lists

The America's Voice Registered Voters database is the premier source for individuals who take part in our nation's political process.

List: Professional Buyers Guide - Complete Mailing Lists

The Professional Buyers Guide is a highly responsive database consisting of specialized practitioners who purchase goods and services through various mediums.

List: Generous Republican Donors - Infinite Media

The Generous Republican Donors list consists of individuals and families that have donated to conservative candidates and issues in the last 12 months.

List: EPACO's Best Conservatives - EPACO Direct

A well-established, proven fundraising list, EPACO's Best Conservatives has been used successfully for close to forty years by scores of major American charities and political causes and organizations.

List: Lawyers - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Lawyers consists of professional men and women that have a passion for the law who range in age from 24 to 80 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Universal Education Seekers - Contact Marketing

Reach these proactive knowledge (and degree) thirsty men and women who registered online seeking help in finding a college or trade school that can help them obtain a degree.

List: Complete Executives in Healthcare - Complete Mailing Lists

This database represents one of the most comprehensive listings of Healthcare Executives at their place of business.

List: Archaeology Magazine - ALC

AIA's award-winning magazine enters its seventh decade of publication bringing the excitement of archaeological discovery to a popular audience.

List: Switzerland Business Executives - Blue Mail Media Inc.

Our Switzerland business executives email list comprises of all the marketing executives from different industries.

List: Active Pro-Marijuana Political Supporters - National Data Solutions

Active US citizens in support of medical and/or recreational marijuana legislation and use in the U.S.

List: Horse Lovers & Equestrians - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Horse Lovers & Equestrians is filled with folks who love and can't get enough of their horses who range in age from 18 to 80 and can be selected by mmyy.

List: American Racing and NASCAR Enthusiasts -

The American Racing and NASCAR Enthusiasts file is comprised of individuals who are passionate and dedicated enthusiasts of their favorite pastime: Racing!

List: Complete Healthy Living Choices - Complete Mailing Lists

This list consists of individuals who have made healthy living a conscious choice.

List: Parents by Child's Age - Dunhill International List Co., Inc.

These consumers require products and services to help with raising their children, to provide safety and security for their family and enhance their often limited leisure time.

List: Symphony Space - ALC

Symphony Space has established itself as one of New York's most eclectic venues for the performing arts.

List: Help Fix My Credit Score - Midway Direct Marketing

The Help Fix My Credit Score mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing puts you in contact with individuals looking to improve their credit.

List: Woodworkers in America - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Woodworkers in America are folks who range in age from 18 to 95 who enjoy woodworking as a hobby and as a second source of income and can be selected by mmyy.

List: Insurance Agents & Brokers Database - Infinite Media

This database enables reaching a broad range of insurance agents and brokers. Included are licensed professionals directly involved in selling all types of insurance.

List: Political Precision - ALC

Political Precision is the most current and comprehensive voter data available. It is powered by Aristotle, enhanced by ALC, and has fueled every successful U.S. presidential campaign for decades.

List: North American Law Firms - Altman Data Marketing

North American Law Firms is one of the largest multi-state business-to-business network of lawyers, composed of separate state networks designed to create and identify avenues of new business opportunities, publish directories and provide a source of current legal business, and financial information.

List: Action Minded Conservative Investors - Infinite Media

Action Minded Conservative Investors are typically stock and bond buyers and traders in listed securities, investors in safe, conservative income producing real estate, CD's, annuities, money market funds and other fixed income securities.

List: Complete State Licensed Professionals - Complete Mailing Lists

This highly responsive database represents one of the most Complete listings of State Licensed Professionals available.

List: Retired People - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

A continuously revised file of individuals who list themselves as retired from their occupations.

List: Scrubs & Beyond - Belardi/Ostroy

Scrubs and Beyond is a top notch catalog specializing in name brand and exclusive designs of medical uniforms for the healthcare industry.

List: ALC Political Precision - ALC

Political Precision is the most current and comprehensive voter data available. It is powered by Aristotle, enhanced by ALC, and has fueled every successful U.S. presidential campaign for decades.

List: Jewish Seniors - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Jewish Seniors is made up of Jewish Americans over the age of 50 who can be selected by mmyy.

List: Corporate Computer Systems Planners 2016 - Integrated Management Solutions Inc.

Corporate computer systems planners, hardware/software engineers in companies with an active Web site that are doing e-commerce business transactions online.

List: Complete Motorcycle Owners - Complete Mailing Lists

The Complete Motorcycle Owners database is one of the most comprehensive databases of Motorcycle Owner data in the U.S.

List: Jeb Bush Presidential Email Supporters - Pinnacle List Company

These supporters of Jeb Bush's 2016 Presidential campaign believe in unifying America through teamwork and collaboration!

List: Nurses Gift Shop Buyers - DSA Direct, LLC

Nurses Gift Shop Buyers consists of buyers of nurse's novelty gifts, apparel and home décor.

List: Diabetes Health Magazine Subscribers - Leon Henry Inc.

Back on the market! Diabetes Health Magazine has been publishing for 25 years and their subscriptions come through Doctors & Nurses who work with diabetic patients as well as holding forums and meetings for the diabetic community.

List: Verified Churches in America - Response Unlimited

This church list is not like every other church list on the market. This is actively cleaned and maintained so that the churches that you receive are actually churches at the exact location.

List: Arthritis Today - Infogroup

Arthritis Today, the magazine published by the Arthritis Foundation, provides the most current and trustworthy advice on treatments, fitness, nutrition and daily living tips from the world's top doctors and health experts.

List: Food & Wine Buyers - Focus USA

The consumers on the Food & Wine Buyers file love to eat and drink. Whether it's for a special occasion, everyday eating, or a change in diet, they are searching through magazines, catalogs and online for new products.

List: Joint Venture Investors - Infinite Media

These Joint Venture Investors have exceptionally high investment portfolios ($500,000+) and incomes (estimated above $150,000) and are wisely investing it.

List: Infogroup Consumer Database TargetReady Models - Infogroup

TargetReady Models are a series of pre-developed categorical models. These models are built using a full array of demographic and psychographic data elements. They are used to predict generic consumer behaviors and attitudes.

List: The Kansas City Steak Company - Belardi/Ostroy

The Kansas City Steak Company is a family-run business based in Kansas City, Kansas, that manufactures and markets premium beef, poultry, seafood, and other foods for foodservice and home delivery.

List: Hispanic Seniors - JF Direct Marketing, Inc.

Hispanic Seniors consists of Hispanic Americans ranging in age from 50 to 99 who can be selected by mmyy. American seniors are living longer, are in better health, and possess more resources than at any time in history and the same is true for the Hispanic population.

List: Republicans by Choice - Response Unlimited

These survey responders want to make it clear that they are "Republican" through and through!

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