List: Business Movers by GrayHair Direct - DSA Direct, LLC

Business Movers by GrayHair Direct offers uniquely sourced businesses that recently changed their address.

List: Wealth Window - Art & Antique Collectors - ALC

Consumers purchasing collections of art and antiques command significant amounts of discretionary income.

List: Party Supply Shoppers - Midway Direct Marketing

The Party Supply Shoppers mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing consists of consumers who have shown an interest in purchasing party supplies.

List: Retired U.S. Military Personnel of Florida - SmarTTargeT Marketing

Retired U.S. Military Personnel at home. Database consists of retired Brave and Honorable Men & Women of all branches of our military services.

List: America's Voice - Swing Voters - Political Fundraising Lists

The America's Voice Registered Voters database is the premier source for individuals who take part in our nation's political process.

List: Defenders of Wildlife Enhanced - Infogroup

Defenders of Wildlife has been working more than 60 years to protect wildlife and their habitat and is supported by well-educated, affluent member/donors nationwide.

List: Fisher-Price - Belardi/Ostroy

As the most trusted name in quality toys, Fisher-Price has been helping to make childhood special for generations of kids.

List: Warren Buffett Bank Stock Investors Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE-Direct brings to market elite investors who are highly active in the daily market.

List: Sharper Image Direct Buyers - Belardi/Ostroy

The Sharper Image catalog and website offers high-ticket electronics, personal care, fitness equipment, unique gifts, home furnishings, housewares, jewelry and travel accessories.

List: Consumers by Education Level - Dunhill International List Co.

This file features consumers by the level of education they have achieved.

List: Catalog Credit Membership Buyers - ALC

These consumers want to Buy Now and Pay Later so they applied for a $1,000 line of credit to purchase a wide assortment of merchandise from an online outlet.

List: - Infogroup is one of the top motorcycle gear stores online.

List: Subprime Auto Loan Applicants - Nations Voice Plus

Our Subprime Auto Loan Applicants database consists of subprime consumers seeking auto financing.

List: Hearing Impairment Sufferers - Dunhill International List Co.

This database is comprised of individuals suffering from reduced or deficient hearing ability.

List: Sports Collectors & Shoppers - Focus USA

These individuals buy and collect sports memorabilia.

List: Affordable Insurance Applicants - DSA Direct, LLC

Affordable Insurance Applicants are seeking competitive rates for health, life, home and auto insurance.

List: Sales and Marketing Executives in the USA - Bethesda List Center

Reaching sales and marketing executives to announce your products, goods and services has never been easier.

List: Salesian Missions - Ethnic Donors - Estee Marketing Group, Inc.

Nonprofit organization caring for disadvantaged children in over 130 countries including the U.S.

List: Today's Teen - Focus USA

The Today's Teen file consists of households with teenagers who have made multiple purchases over the past few months.

List: Shari's Berries - Belardi/Ostroy

Shari's Berries ships out the finest gourmet chocolate covered strawberries available on the market.

List: Seniors Sweepstakes Bonanza - Midway Direct Marketing

The Seniors Sweepstakes Bonanza mailing list consists of elderly individuals who enjoy playing sweepstakes games.

List: FootSmart Blow-In - Belardi/Ostroy

FootSmart Blow-in Program: FootSmart is the largest direct retailer of foot and lower body healthcare products in the U.S.

List: Spanish Speaking Households - Focus USA

This file is a subset of our Master Hispanic Database of 12 million households

List: Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs - Total Data Solutions

Establishments primarily engaged in the sale of prepared food and drinks for on-premise or immediate consumption. Caterers, industrial and institutional food service establishments are also included in this list.

List: Allergy Sufferers - Dunhill International List Co., Inc.

This database is comprised of individuals suffering from a damaging immune response by the body to a substance, especially pollen, fur, a particular food, or dust, to which it has become hypersensitive.

List: Napastyle Buyers - Updated Counts!

Look no further for buyers of unique collections of hand-crafted home goods and artisinal specialty foods that celebrate a casual entertaining style.

List: Dining Out - Frequent Restaurant Goers - Focus USA

This list consists of people who enjoy eating out, have the means to do so and are inclined to dine out more often than the general population.

List: Cradle To College - Families With Children - Focus USA

This list of families with children covers the whole spectrum from cradle to college students.

List: Monster Homeowner Database - Listdata Inc.

This extra large database of homeowners from MarketTouch contains every possible selection variant.

List: Registered Independent Stockbrokers - Scarlett Marketing Solutions

These Professional Independents are registered throughout the U.S. by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) to sell notes, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, certificates of interest, etc.

List: American Girl Magazine - Belardi/Ostroy

American Girl magazine celebrates girls and all that they can be.

List: College-Bound High School Seniors -

College-Bound High School Seniors reaches students ages 18+ who are planning on attending college after they graduate high school.

List: Cuisine at Home - Chilcutt Direct Marketing

Published by August Home Publishing, Cuisine at Home is a publication dedicated to providing wonderful recipes and step-by-step information including color illustrations about cooking and food.

List: Nederlander Organization Broadway & Concert Event Buyers - ALC

The Nederlander Organization is one of the largest privately held entertainment companies in the world today synonymous with great entertainment since 1912.

List: Canadian Brides to Be - Focus USA

These Canadian Brides to Be are getting ready for the big day! These newly engaged women are eager to start planning their wedding day and honeymoon.

List: Talbots Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

For over sixty years, Talbots has been a leading specialty cataloger of women's classic apparel. The Talbots collection includes high-quality sportswear, versatile career separates, casual wear and special occasion classics.

List: Shop Gourmet Cooking - McCarthy Media Group, Inc.

Shop Gourmet Cooking is your one stop shop to reach these culinary buyers and requesters. At Gourmet Cooking their mission is to help people cook consistently better, healthier and have more fun doing it

List: 21+ "Single" Status Consumers List - Response Solutions LLC

The 21+ "Single" Status Consumers mailing list allows marketers to reach individuals with a marital status of "single" who purchase products and services both online and offline.

List: Entertainment Earth Catalog Buyers - Updated Counts!

Entertainment Earth offers an ever expanding selection of over 21,000 licensed products, ranging from popular toy and gift items to high-end limited edition pieces and hard-to-find collectibles.

List: The Horse Show - Chilcutt Direct Marketing

The Horse Show file is comprised of families and individuals who have a wide vareity of equine interests, ranging from recreational riders, competitive sports riders, children's riding lessons and professional equine therapists.

List: Printers Paradise - Infinite Media

Printers Paradise is an online custom printing company offering small and medium size businesses easy access to a full line of value oriented printing products.

List: Recent College Grads - Focus USA

These recent college graduates have spent years in school and they are ready for their new lives.

List: Labor of Love Hobby Publication and Product Buyers - Response Solutions LLC

The Labor of Love Hobby Publication and Product Buyers list reaches consumers who have made two or more purchases of books, magazines, or products on their favorite hobbies.

List: Hammacher Schlemmer Wiland Direct Modeled File - Belardi/Ostroy

Hammacher Schlemmer is famous for introducing new and innovative products that solve everyday problems or enhance their customer's lifestyle.

List: Smartphone Buyers - Focus USA

The Smartphone Buyers file delivers consumers who have recently purchased a new smartphone. These individuals rely on their devices to stay connected at all times.

List: Chadwicks - American List Counsel

Chadwicks provides women with well-made classic styles at exceptional values.

List: Link2Me Military Personnel Homeowners - American List Counsel

Powered by LexisNexis, Link2Me identifies a large universe of active United States Armed Forces personnel as well as veteran men and women who own their own homes.

List: Marital Status Changes - Recently Divorced - Focus USA

These men and women have recently divorced.

List: AMA Physicians - Complete Mailing Lists

This popular list is the American Medical Association's masterfile of all physicians - both members and non-members - in the United States and its' possessions.

List: - Choice Media is the leading online retailer and distributor of genuine brand name fragrances and skincare at a discounted price with products for men, women, and children.

List: Big City (Metro Area) Baby Boomers - NEXT List Company

These direct mail respondents were born between 1946 and 1964 (inclusive) and have given donations to social cause organizations or political campaigns during 2014-2015.

List: Republican High Dollar Donors - Conrad Direct, Inc.

Donors who supported Republican candidates in statewide races and individuals who contributed to conservative causes.

List: MDM Magazine Subscribers - Midway Direct Marketing

The MDM Magazine Subscribers mailing list from Midway Direct Marketing allows you to target individuals who have subscribed to magazines.

List: Catalog Shoppers - Focus USA

More than two thirds of consumers make catalog purchases. These on-the-go individuals, whether they are young single professionals, parents with children or retired seniors, appreciate the time saving convenience of shopping by mail.

List: ADMS Affluent Investor Masterfile - Infinite Media

The Affluent Investors Master File is comprised of wealthy individuals with large investment portfolios who are active investors and buyers of all types of investment oppotunities and financial products.

List: Classical Music Buyers - Focus USA

Classical music buyers tend to be affluent and well-educated professionals. Approximately 80% of classical listeners vote and enjoy domestic travel.

List: Gourmet Food Lovers in the USA - Bethesda List Center

This list identifies gourmet food lovers in the US. These "foodie" gourmets spend time and money pursuing the good life.

List: Go Cash Loans Postal, Email & Phones - New List!

Application is made online in less than 2 minutes! Short of cash and need help making it to the next payday, this is the site to go to!

List: Motion Picture Investors Mailing List - NYSE-Direct

NYSE Direct brings you the ultimate MOTION PICTURE INVESTOR Leads.

List: CigArrest - McCarthy Media Group, Inc.

CigArrest Stop Smoking Guaranteed! There is only one original - CigArrest.

List: Affluent Democratic Donors - Focus USA

These generous Affluent Democratic Donors are actively making charitable political contributions. They give more than the average donor to the Democratic Party and its candidates.

List: FLORIDA MONTHLY MAGAZINE - Chilcutt Direct Marketing

Since 1981, FLORIDA MONTHLY MAGAZINE has focused on the state's history and heritage, outdoor activities, travel and vacations, food, dining, Florida's scenic beauty, greenways and trails, state parks, homes and gardens, and every other aspect of life and travel in Florida.

List: Laughter and Tears Enthusiasts - Contact Marketing

A diverse group who go see a live theater production to be entertained and escape their troubles; to enhance their knowledge of the world around them, or simply to have fun.

List: Blinded Veterans Association - Packer List, Inc.

These are compassionate and giving donors helping to provide counseling and assistance to War-Blinded Veterans.

List: America's Auto Buyers - Focus USA

This list identifies and targets automobile buyers who are in the market for a specific make and model of a vehicle.

List: A Few Good Vitamins - Contact Marketing

Our "A Few Good Vitamins" list helps you reach a vast spectrum of vitamin users.

List: Estate Planning Database - Infinite Media

The recent volitility of the real estate market and the overall global ecomomic outlook has hundreds of thousands of wealty individuals requiring the services of a qualified estate planner more than ever.

List: Specialty Food Buyers - Focus USA

Reach highly responsive buyers who have recently purchased gourmet and specialty food products.

List: Will Kits Mail Order Buyers -

Estate planning adults who purchased a series of Quick-N-Easy Will Kits, Living Wills and Living Trusts enabling them to save the cost of an estate attorney and legally make their estate and financial arrangements according to their specific instructions.

List: Pet Lovers from Freebie Promotions Postal, Email & Phones - Updated Counts!

Individuals who love their pets and joined the online newsletter for the latest pet care, grooming tips, pet activities, training techniques and much more!

List: Premium Pet Food Buyers -

The Premium Pet Food Buyers file is comprised of individuals and families who provide the very best in terms of nutrition and tasty gourmet treats for their beloved pets.

List: Excel Publishing - Hart & Benjamin

Publishers of the Air Travel, Spas & Resorts & Dining Guides.

List: Travel Aficionados - Virtualist

These responders are expert travelers.

List: Canadian Auto Owners - Focus USA

This file of auto owners in Canada is an excellent source of auto owners.

List: Active Female Golfers -

The Active Female Golfers file is comprised of women who are avid golfers and golf enthusiasts.

List: US & Canadian Postal & Email - Updated Counts!

The Real Housewives of Orange County brings this exciting celebrity website: for individuals to join their monthly club to purchase wines, wine accessories, tee shirts, various gift baskets, etc

List: Book, Tape, Video Buyers, and Seminar Attendees Database - HR Direct

This is a database of direct mail buyers comprised from the customer mailing lists of various publishers and direct marketers.

List: Health Book Buyers Database - A Different Source

These active consumers and professionals sought information about all facets of health, including alternative health programs and procedures.

List: Newlyweds E-mail Masterfile - Take 5 Media Group

These brides and grooms have tied the knot and walked down the aisle and are ready to begin their lives. From buying new appliances to home décor these newlyweds are in the buying mood and still living in their honeymoon phase.

List: Judicial Watch Donors - Conrad Direct, Inc.

Judicial Watch is a non-profit public interest organization dedicated to fighting corruption in government.

List: Jennifer Convertibles Furniture Buyers - EMG

Retail and Web buyers of sofas, sofa beds, recliners, bedroom furniture and other pieces to furnish your home.

List: Aaron's Sector Investors - Infinite Media

Aaron's targets high value investors who are continuously seeking investment opportunities to increase their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

List: Pet Product Purchase Database - The Information Engine

Reach the consumers who own and care for animals. Consumers identified from in-store credit card or check purchase.

List: J. Crew Masterfile Enhanced - Belardi/Ostroy

J.Crew is an iconic American brand known worldwide for its sophisticated, fun clothing and accessories to live, work, play and even get married in.

List: The Reward Zone - Midway Direct Marketing

The Reward Zone file is generated online from several websites. Basically individuals can qualify to earn rewards, merchandise or gift cards after completing certain promotional offers or surveys.

List: Nurses - By Specialty - Fred Woolf List Co., Inc.

The only Nurses list available by specialty & with coverage in all states! This file is comprised of 100% direct mail buyers of professional-level books on Nursing.

List: Diabetes Today - Focus USA

The Diabetes Today file consists of consumers who suffer from diabetes and welcome traditional and alternative products, supplies, services and information to help them manage their diabetes and live healthy, active lives.

List: Beer Buyers - The Information Engine

Active consumers buying beer from leading national retailers. They are adults who are avid broadcast and spectators sports fans and are active participants in local team sports, hunting and fishing.

List: Wine Club Buyers - Nations Voice Plus

The Wine Club Buyers file provides you with buyers who have purchased a variety of wine products from their club membership.

List: Democratic Discerning Donors - NEXT List Company

Democratic Discerning Donors are well-to-do, high-dollar contributors to Democratic and charitable direct mail campaigns throughout the United States.

List: EPACO's Best Republicans - EPACO Direct

These moderate Republicans have shown an overwhelming propensity to support Republican issues and candidates.

List: Herrschners Catalog Mail Order Buyers - All That Marketing

Herrschners is the largest direct marketer of arts and crafts. Herrschners markets kits and supplies through mail order catalogs targeted at the DYI crafter.

List: Subprime Auto Loan Seekers - Response Strategists

Reach credit challenged consumers who are ready to buy a car and are actively searching for an auto loan to help them seal the deal.

List: Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants - Nations Voice Plus

Our Senior Citizens Sweepstakes Entrants mailing list is comprised of elderly individuals who have participated in sweepstakes contests.

List: Dads Who Throw Turkeys -

These are beer drinking, league bowlers.

List: Allergy Sufferers - Dunhill International List Co.

This database is comprised of individuals suffering from Allergies.

List: Great American Dental Club Responders - Lighthouse List Co.

The Great American Dental Club offers consumers access to discount savings on individual and family dental services.

List: Lovers of Animals - Donors - ALC

A diverse audience, these donors come from all walks of life with a common bond of a love for anmals & pets.

List: Bloomberg Businessweek Donorbase - ALC

Bloomberg Businessweek is where affluence meets influence and is the preferred read of C-Suite executives, savvy investors and affluent consumers.

List: Herb Quarterly - Herb Enthusiasts - New List!

Target highly responsive herbal enthusiasts. These dedicated health-conscious herb lovers are interested in horticulture, healthy cooking, natural health and organic living.

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