'X-Men' Storm Onto the Scene to Build Studio's Database

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20th Century Fox is building a database of consumer names using an interactive CD-ROM included in 1 million copies of the video release of "X-Men."

In just a month after the release, more than 160,000 people have completed the registration form on the RewardsDisc and supplied their consumer information, which then unlocks special footage from the film, including deleted scenes from the movie and the film's trailer. The movie, released in theaters this summer, starred Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

The program, targeting a young male audience with its included offers, is designed to gather information such as age and gender as well as interests and buying behavior for other targeted Web-based marketing campaigns. Also, 4 million request cards were inserted into videocassettes and DVD packages that consumers can fill out and mail back to receive a copy of the interactive RewardsDisc.

John Squires, director of integrated products at Naviant, Newtown Square, PA, said the response rate to the CD-ROM has been three times higher than the request card. Naviant is the integrated marketing tool provider that designed the CD-ROM and is storing, cleansing and delivering the consumer data to 20th Century Fox on a monthly basis.

If a RewardsDisc respondent is in the Naviant Hi-Tech Household Database, the information it contains will be combined with the information from the RewardsDisc registration form and it is then sent to the studio. Those not in the Naviant database will be added only to the 20th Century Fox database.

Squires said there was no information yet on how many respondents were in the Naviant database or the 20th Century Fox database. He said the movie studio plans to run the program again with Naviant on other video releases.

The RewardsDisc includes links to several Web sites, including the "X-Men" Web site, the Marvel Comics site and the studio's home page. Among the special offers included on the CD are "risk-free" issues of PC World magazine, a free mouse pad, Mountain Bike magazine and a free trail finder guide as well as Men's Health and BackPacker magazines. Before any of the material is unlocked, the consumer must complete the registration form and choose one of the magazine offers.

Aside from the normal registration information, such as name, home address, e-mail address and gender, the other questions are designed to help identify the user's buying habits. Questions include:

o How many times did the user see the movie?

o How many times was it rented before it was purchased?

o Was it given as a gift?

o Was it viewed on DVD?

o Does the viewer own a DVD player?
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