Thomson Debuts Wealth ID File for Marketers

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A division of information-services giant Thomson Corp., Toronto, has brought to market the Thomson Financial Wealth Identification file, which lists stockholders and officers of publicly traded companies. Thomson Financial Wealth Identification, New York, a unit of Thomson Financial, Boston, this week mailed 25,000 postcards announcing the file to direct marketers.

The file, which Thomson has been compiling for the past 16 years by analyzing public filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Washington, DC, includes more than 431,000 "insiders," or individuals who have a policy-making position with a publicly traded company or who own at least 10 percent of a public company's stock. It is growing by about 3,000 names a month.

Arthur Wallace, senior consultant with Thomson Financial Wealth Identification, New York, said the file is being targeted to marketers of such high-end merchandise as art dealers and jewelers and to publishers of business magazines.

"We want someone that's selling a pristine product," he said.

The list has been used by banks and brokers for several years as a means to identify their wealthiest customers, Wallace said, but has only recently become available as a mailing list to merchandisers. It is one of several financial tracking and information products offered by Thomson Financial.

In addition to business addresses and phone numbers, the self-reported list includes home addresses for more than 306,000 names and also can be segmented for recent stock transactions. Wallace said home phone numbers will not be part of the file, and it will not be available for appending home numbers.

He said Thomson is exploring the possibility of using the file to create a larger, compiled file using ZIP+4 data, which he said could increase the file's size by about 12 times.

You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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