QuickTake Merges Phone Surveys With E-Mail, Banner Ads

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QuickTake, a division of Greenfield Online Inc., Wilton, CT, announced a service yesterday that lets firms customize and run automated phone surveys and then view results in real time via the Web.

The surveys use a speech recognition system provided by NetByTel Inc., Boca Raton, FL, that contacts recipients and records their answers. A prerecorded voice reads the questions, while the voice recognition technology logs respondents' answers.

The service is mainly targeted at marketers and sales directors. Marketers can use the system for customer advisory boards -- lists of customers who agree to review a company's performance on a regular basis. Sales directors can use the service to keep tabs on mobile, regional or national sales forces.

The phone offering enhances the overall QuickTake package, which had centered on consulting and campaign management for e-mail and banner ad survey solicitations. Companies now can combine all three channels in their campaigns or choose one or two of the services.

In any case, QuickTake customer representatives meet with new clients to set up secure, private-label Web pages where they will be able to manage the campaigns. The meetings also are meant to establish target audiences.

QuickTake will only use opt-in lists -- its own, the client's or a third-party supplier's -- for phone and e-mail ventures. QuickTake also offers third-party networks for banner ads.

Phone pricing begins at $4.75 per outbound call, while e-mails start at 75 cents per message sent, although pricing scales according to the size of an order. Banner ads cost $1,350 per 250 responses received.

Visit www.quicktake.com for more information.

You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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