News Byte: InsideView Intros Two New Products

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B2B marketing gets targeted.
B2B marketing gets targeted.

InsideView CMO Brian Kelly says that the two products his company added to its marketing solution today are bellwethers of an opportunity for targeting in B2B marketing.

“B2B marketers are getting good at top of the funnel activities; now they need to work on the middle,” Kelly says. “They're switching gears to ‘Target.' They're saying yes, give me all the companies in my profile in the Northeast, but also tell me who just opened a new office or got new funding and who in my company knows them.”

The first of the company's new products, InsideView Clean, de-duplicates and updates existing marketing databases so that the second, Target, can better enable segmentation and list building based on social insights and professional connections.

“Most companies and data providers haven't changed their approach to building their databases,” Kelly says. “Their accuracy is in the 60% range and they've settled for that. Now market forces have emerged to force them to change their ways.”


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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