News Byte: Acxiom Introduces New Operating System

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Howe: Acxiom will invest in AOS
Howe: Acxiom will invest in AOS

Acxiom yesterday introduced Audience Operating System, a stab at giving marketers a singular view of the customers by uniting disparate data sets such as first-party and third-party, structured and unstructured, plus quantitative consumer information.  The company claims that AOS can also serve as a platform for second-party data sharing between enterprises.

“Countries build different stuff and make trade agreements so they can share the best of everything,” said Acxiom President and CEO Scott Howe in explaining AOS at Advertising Week in New York yesterday. “Now free trade comes to our space. Unless we have free trade of data, we aren't equipped to make the best decisions. All the information has to be available to marketers in one place.”

AOS consists of three layers. A data layer allows marketers to ingest and unify virtually any kind of data. An operations layer cleanses, matches, and contextualizes the customer information.  An applications layer helps clients build applications through access to development partners such as Adometry, CrowdTwist, and MediaMath.

“It's like going from dos to WYSIWYG.  It makes data easy to visualize,” said Howe. “It also frees marketers from having to access analytics programs from publishers like Google and Facebook to plan their campaigns. They can focus on their own standards, not the publishers' standards.”

Howe said that the basic subscription fee for the SAAS platform comes pre-loaded with seven applications and can be modified to suit marketers' needs.


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