Mason Companies awards DMM insert management

The Mason Companies turned over management of its catalog blow-in program to Direct Media Millard May 10. The file is new to the market.

Inserts can be blown into Mason's Auditions, B.A. Mason, K. Jordan, Maryland Square, Mason Easy Pay, Masseys Credit and Wissota Trader footwear catalogs. Placement in the 33.5 million yearly catalogs begins at $33/M.

Auditions' customers are mostly female buyers who spend an average of $87 per order. They have an average age of 50 and a household income in the $40,000 range.

B.A. Mason's customers are 59% male. Their average age is 65 and average household income is $40,000. Buyers spend an average $87 per order.

Maryland Square customers are female with an average age of 55, an average income of $50,000 and an average order size of $93.

Mason Easy Pay buyers spend an average of $115 per order. This mostly male audience has an average income of $50,000 and an average age of 50.

Masseys Credit customers are 88% female with an average income of $35,000.  Their average age is 50 and they spend $118 per order.

Wissota Trader is a mostly female audience. Buyers' average age is 65 and they have an average household income of $50,000.  They spend an average of $80 per order.

Finally, K. Jordan customers are mostly women age 40 to 55.  They have an average income of $50,000 and spend $130 per order.

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