Corporate Marketing Inc. Tackles Prerecorded Message Campaign

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Corporate Marketing Inc., Dallas, a business-to-business list broker, has taken a new approach in its direct marketing efforts by launching a nationwide prerecorded message campaign.

The company began sending 30-second messages last month to its inhouse list of prospects, including companies that are involved in business-to-business marketing. Corporate Marketing hired VoiceCast International, Omaha, NE, a subsidiary of Telemarket Resources Inc., to deliver the messages.

A minimum of 7.2 million messages will go out during a 12-month period. VoiceCast has sent approximately 100,000 messages and plans to pick up the pace with the goal of sending 600,000 messages each week.

Corporate Marketing previously used fax broadcasting and direct mail to market its lists. Its 35-person sales force at its corporate headquarters fields inbound calls.

"Basically, we started finding a lot of resistance to fax broadcasting," said Kevin Taylor, president/CEO of Corporate Marketing. "We have not run into any of that with voicecasting. I guess it comes across as less intrusive."

The message -- which is delivered by VoiceCast sales manager Debra Kempcke --describes the company and closes with an offer of a 40 percent discount on the purchase of a list if the prospect responds before the end of the work week.

VoiceCast is using 24 scripts in the campaign, each altered slightly based on the different target groups. Corporate Marketing sells lists for a variety of industries, including catering, telephone, janitorial services and construction.

The messages are delivered during the first three days of the week. Using a tight deadline adds an element of urgency, Taylor said.

"I think, in a 30-second message, you need to leave an offer that gets the prospect's attention," Taylor said.

During the first six weeks of the campaign, between 0.5 percent and 1.5 percent of the calls have resulted in sales. The median order amount has been approximately $350, while the top order was about $5,000.

Because of the low cost of the calls, the campaign has resulted in a 10-to-1 return on investment, Taylor said. Ed Sempek, Telemarket Resources executive vice president, would not reveal the cost per call and said the rate varies from client to client.

Corporate Marketing plans to test a message using a male voice to see if response rates change. The company also plans to include the URL of its Web site in the message in an effort to drive traffic there.

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